Abortion: A Woman’s Right?

Before beginning, let’s first be clear about why abortions are performed. While the Pro-Abortion camp tries to put these images of horrible circumstances in our minds, to claim that women desperately need readily available abortions no questions asked, the truth is, they’re just playing a bait & switch game with you.

In truth, in questionnaires filled out by the women themselves at pro-abortion places like Planned Parenthood, et al and with the results sorted by their own go-to people (info provided upon request), it is a statistical fact that over 98% of all abortions here in the U.S., are done for matters of convenience and not for any actual health reasons, nor because of rape, incest, etc..

It is this 98% of abortions that I am talking about here.

Note: Throughout this article, you will see me refer to those who call themselves “Pro-Choice”, as “Pro-Abortion”.

I do so because that’s what they are and that was the name that they originally gave themselves. And that’s even what the signs they carried said.

It was only when their arguments didn’t hold up and the tide began to turn back on them, that they started calling themselves “Pro-Choice” and labeled the “Pro-Life” movement as “Anti-Choice”. It was their way of hiding from the issues, by using a smear campaign that made the Pro-Life movement out to be against any choices for women at all, as their shield.

On with the article…..

Today, many women claim that it’s their “right” to abort their unborn babies. They even deny that it’s a human life. Some have even compared having an abortion to taking an aspirin to get rid of a headache, or to clipping their fingernails. In other words, the baby is compared to unwanted waste.

But is that really a valid comparison? I mean, I’m no biologist, but I don’t know of any headaches that get a driver’s license in 16 years if you don’t kill them. Nor do I know of any fingernail clippings that graduate from high school in 18 years. :)

And since legally, it is a murder charge (that you could get a life sentence for), if you kick a woman in the stomach and her unborn baby dies, then it has already been legally determined that an unborn baby is a human life. You’re certainly not in any danger of being charged with murder for handing someone an aspirin to kill their headache.

And just so we get it clear, since it would happen in the progress of committing a felony (assault on the mother), that means that the charge can be upped to a capitol offense. And that means a possible death sentence!

That’s a whole lot of punishment for getting rid of something equivalent to a headache, or some nail clippings, don’t ya think?

Clearly it’s a human life. It is a baby, folks!

So how is killing this baby called murder (rightfully so), except if the mother, who’s supposed to protect it, wants this same baby dead? Then suddenly, it’s okay? How is that in any way logical, or reasonable?

Getting beyond how sick it is that it’s the mother who wants the baby dead, I simply do not get how this can be considered okay. How is it okay, just because mommy says to kill it? If anything, that should be even more wrong! In fact, it should sicken us!

Mothers have a moral responsibility to take care of and nuture the child growing inside of them. And it should be a legal responsibility as well. If the law punishes those who cause the baby’s death, then why does it not include the mother who harms her own growing child?

I mean really, what kind of law is it that says; “Don’t murder this unborn child, unless you’re the mother and then you can kill it!”?

Any idiot can see that there’s very plainly a contradiction between the laws here. And anyone who says they can’t, needs a pair of glasses!

Women who are pro-abortion would say in response; “It’s my body, so it’s my right!”.

Well, first of all, that’s dodging the issue. But besides that, if women want to abort their own bodies, then yes, I suppose that is their right. But the problem is, that it’s not their body that they’re aborting. It’s the baby’s body.

Second of all, no one has the right to commit murder. Especially against their own child!

How does any mother come to the conclusion that her own baby is just an inconvenience standing in the way of having a good time, or a career and therefore it must die? I simply do not understand that type of sick, warped thinking. And if any woman applied that logic to killing anyone other than their unborn child, they would be locked up for life!

And don’t let them fool you into thinking that it’s not murder because the baby hasn’t been born yet.

First of all, we’ve gone over this already and the law says that it is murder.

Secondly, in late term abortions, otherwise known as “partial birth abortions” (because the baby is partially born before the abortion procedure is performed), the baby is in the process of coming out and the doctor can see the baby’s head, when he/she stabs the baby’s skull and forces it open, killing the baby and then sucks the baby’s brains out. It is after this, that the doctor pulls the baby out the rest of the way. The baby isn’t fully extracted from the mother until after the baby is killed, so that they can cling to the lame legal technicality that says that it’s okay, because technically, until the whole baby comes out, it hasn’t been born yet. The dead baby is then tossed away as biological waste; as trash.

If it isn’t legally a baby because it hasn’t fully come out of the mother yet, then logic dictates that once it does come out, then it is a baby.

So of course, this prompts the logical question; Since it’s legally a baby once it comes out of the mother, then what are all those parts that you just tossed away as “biological waste”? Since it’s now out of the mother, isn’t it now a ripped apart baby?

Clearly, everyone knows that this was a baby and not fingernail clippings! And calling it biological waste is not going to change that!

And again, the line has already been drawn in the legal sand. It is a human life. And women constantly repeating the claim that it’s their right to kill their babies, does not make that claim true. No woman, nor anyone, has the right to murder a poor defenseless little baby.

Look at a baby in a crib. How well can that baby defend itself? The unborn baby has even less ability to defend itself.

But hey, you did it! Are you proud of yourself? You “took your life back”! Good for you! And all you had to do, was kill a baby to get it! What a bargain! WooHoo!

How can it possibly be right to murder a poor, innocent little baby, just because it has not yet completely left the womb?

Why that’s simple! Mommy wanted it dead! She needed her “life” back!

And remember, if you’re a liberal, the only justification you need is “I want”, or “I don’t want”!

I’m sure that many hate me for being so blunt about this subject. But the truth is the truth. And the motto of this blog is;

“…telling you the truths that might piss you off!”.

And what I hate, is the hypocrisy of the pro-abortion crowd! It’s okay to do it, but not to say you did it?

Have you ever really thought through exactly what it is that is taking place during an abortion?

What these women want, is to be able to have a grotesque, limb ripping, skull prying, brain sucking murder, committed right inside their wombs and have everyone pretend that it’s a good thing!

But in truth, how could it get any more grotesque than that?!

And isn’t it amazing how these same women, who seem to have no problem with their babies being ripped limb from limb and their heads caved in and their brains sucked out, would heavily object to a baby seal getting its head caved in by men with clubs?

“Don’t club that baby seal to death! How horrible! Those are horrible people who do that! Somebody should bash their heads in with a club!”

But when it comes to abortion…

“Oh, by the way, please rip my baby apart inside of me and pull it out limb by limb, because having this baby would keep me from making more money and partying! Oh and by the way, I’m a good person! Didn’t you hear me yell at those men for clubbing baby seals?”

No hypocrisy there, huh folks? No contradiction between those two statements by a pro-abortionist, right?

Yea, that’s putting your morals in order! Your moral compass is pointing dead to north, girl!

And on top of all of that, they want you, me and everyone else, to say that it’s their “right” to do this to their unborn children!

It’s not even acceptable! In fact, it’s despicable! So how can it possibly be their “right”? How can it be right, period?

How twisted ones morality can get, when something gets in the way of their money and their freedom to do whatever they want, huh?

The truth is, that these women are simply trying to have it both ways. They want the law to charge anyone (besides them) with murder, who causes their unborn baby to die. But if they are the ones who want that very same baby to die and they have it killed while it’s still inside them, then they want that to be considered their “right” and you’d better not dare interfere with it!

Now, logically speaking, how does that make any sense at all? Think that legal situation through very carefully!

How do laws, this inherently contradictory to each other, even exist at the same time?

It doesn’t make one bit of sense! And yet, here they both are, on the books at the same time!

How could anyone possibly make it so that killing a human life is murder, except if Mommy and her doctor do it?

Yet that’s exactly what abortion is!

A mother’s ability to say;

“Killing my unborn baby is murder! Unless of course I do it!”

I’m sorry, but I have to ask the same question again; “How does anyone get that self-contradictory view made into the law of the land?” Yet, again, that’s exactly what it is now!

“So then, you want to force her to have the baby!”

Notice how the pro-abortion camp falsely tries to lay any and all blame that they think they can at your feet and try to immediately make you out to be some unreasonable, tyrannically minded person, who’s trying to “force” women to be pregnant.

That’s interesting, considering that you didn’t get her pregnant! :)

And furthermore, I know that for someone to say that to me, would be nothing more than a false claim, built on the false premise that I could force any woman to have a baby. I would have to respond by saying; “Thanks for your faith in my abilities, but I’m simply not that powerful.” :)

It’s also built on the false premise that there’s something inherently wrong with women having babies. That’s how they make it sound, when they say that. But there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with women having babies!

News Flash: It’s kinda how we all got here, dontcha think? :)

No, we (pro-lifers), are not “forcing her” to do anything. In fact, she got pregnant without any help from us at all! :)

And this idea that if she has the baby, then the blame lies with everyone except her, the person who fornicated, is ridiculous at best! This is just another “win at all costs” distraction tactic by the pro-abortion camp.

To be blunt, she spread her own legs. And the guy involved obviously took part as well. And so now, both her and the guy need to take responsibility for this baby and to care for it!

But the pro-abortion camp wants to pretend that the girl is an “innocent victim”. Excuse me, but how is any fornicator “innocent”? And how is this girl a “victim”? The baby is a gift, not an attack!

I’m sure that many women would have no problem calling the accompanying weight gain, weird cravings and hormone fluctuations, an attack. :)

And I’m sure that many women might look at it as a punishment for having sex with their husbands, when the newborn baby chooses 3 AM every night to scream as loud as it can, making these poor mothers vow to never have sex with their husbands ever again! :)

But all kidding aside, babies are not some group of supervillains out to attack and punish women! And the truth is, that these women who gave birth love their babies and see them as a gift, not a punishment. Nor do they see themselves as “victims”, but rather, as blessed! And any mother who looks down into their baby’s crib and sees their sweet little face, knows this to be the truth!

And to say that a woman is a victim, simply because she is pregnant through consentual sex, is to say that the baby is the attacker that violated her and forced her to be pregnant against her will. Such thinking turns the baby into an evil perpetrator; an impregnating rapist, whose goal is to “force her” to give birth. It means that all babies make up some kind of “invading army”, that goes around taking the bodies of women hostage.

Ridiculous! What a dark view of the gift of life the pro-abortionists have, huh? These people want to turn a baby into a penalty that women are victimized by, as if having a baby is a punishment, instead of the joy that it is.

What kind of twisted thinking sees a beautiful, innocent little baby as a punishment; as an attacker?!

That’s one twisted view of babies! :)

And how come these same people don’t talk to their own mothers the same way about themselves? How come when their mothers say to them, “I love you!”, they don’t respond by saying;

“But Mom, don’t you understand that you were my victim?! That I was and still am your punishment?!”

Oh no! Of course they won’t say that to their mothers! Because they know it’s not true! If it were, then their mothers would not love them and yet they do!

Yes folks, their arguments are pretty silly when they’re broken down and examined, huh? :)

Of course, sadly, some of them actually believe that they’re making good arguments. :)

But make no mistake. If they were able to make their case by dealing with the issues, then they wouldn’t keep trying to divert you away from them. They wouldn’t use the tactics that they do.

The truth is, that what the liberals want, is for teens to have sex freely (they encourage it), without any consequences. This helps promote abortion as a “public service”, which is their goal.

And in the mean time, no one is stopping to realize the type of thinking required to come to that conclusion. It requires that one look at babies as medical waste, to be tossed away as garbage!

And in case you think I’m exaggerating, that is exactly what happens! The babies are literally ripped apart, limb from limb and taken out a limb at a time, their heads are stabbed and ripped open and their brains are literally sucked out!

Just think about that for a minute! Get that image in your head for a minute and face up to what an abortion can look like! You’re laying there, while your unborn child’s skull has been stabbed into, his/her skull has been pried open and your doctor is watching your baby’s brain being sucked out!

And even before that, if the doctor is able to do it without bringing the baby all the way down the birth canal, then the doctor reaches up inside of you and literally starts ripping your baby apart in your womb, pulling your unborn baby out, piece by piece and still sucking his/her brain out, but from inside his/her mother’s (your) womb!

And as these “pieces” are pulled out of the mother, they are thrown into buckets, or whatever. The “parts” are then transferred into trash cans with special liners. And printed onto the outside of these trash cans are the words; “Biological Waste”.

That sounds like babies being treated like garbage to me!

I know that there will be people reading this, who will become very angry with me for putting such images into peoples’ heads.

But here’s the thing… Trying to hide the reality from people is just something that liberals want done, to make abortion more palatable! But what I described, is how it has happened millions of times! And so the real question is; If abortion is no big deal, then why are the pro-abortionists so determined to keep images like these from expectant mothers?

“We don’t want to upset young, pregnant girls with such graphic imagery! And how dare you harm innocent young girls that way, by showing them that type of imagery!”

So wait a minute. Let me get this straight! …

It’s okay to do it to the young, expectant mother, but it’s not okay to show them pictures of what it is? Huh?!

The one performing this procedure on the young mother is not “harming” her, but the one who just shows her pictures before she decides is harming her?!

Huh?! I’m sorry, but I think that the one who’s actually performing the procedure on her will be doing a lot more to shatter her supposed “innocence”, than someone who simply tells her what that very same procedure entails!

Pregnant women are normally wired to protect their unborn child. This is normal. It’s nature! Thus, it’s hard enough for me to understand how any mother-to-be could wish death upon her unborn child, let alone help to kill it and toss it away like trash, making their unborn child’s grave a $5 trash can liner!

Maybe treating the baby like trash makes it easier for them to convince themselves that they didn’t just murder their own baby, I don’t know. What I do know, is that they’re certainly not acknowledging exactly what it is they’ve done!

And what stands out here as well, is the hypocrisy of the liberals. It is the liberal crowd that takes the pro-abortion view!

And what confuses me, is that it is the liberals that love to claim that they are all about preserving life, whether it be starving children in Africa, or drug addicts, or all they way down to animals and even to trees.

Yet, when it comes to the lives of unborn babies, which are legally and medically defined as human life, then, all of the sudden, they do a 180° turn and somehow, this human life no longer matters! The baby becomes of less value than even a tree, because they would do more to help preserve the trees, than they would their own unborn child! They might chain themselves to a tree to save it, yet be pro-abortion, thereby placing more value on the tree, than on the unborn baby!

And why? Because it’s Mommy who wants the growing child inside her dead! And if Mommy says; “Kill my baby!”, then suddenly it’s good and right and moral and just to kill that baby!

How can anyone not see the hypocrisy here? How can any woman think that this is “their right”? Think about it! They’re claiming that ripping their baby’s apart limb from limb, is their “right”!

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get that. How can it be a mothers “right” to murder her child, for any old reason, as the liberal rant goes?

Of course, to try to get around this, the liberals claim that our rights come from the law. But that doesn’t eliminate the hypocrisy problem! And besides, that claim is easily disproved.

How? Simple!

You see, a while back, black people didn’t have any “rights” under the law.

Now if the liberals truly believed that our rights are only those that the law gives us, then liberals would be all for slavery and the idea of black people as slaves, because that was the law at the time. Therefore, to be consistent with their claim that our rights come from the law, they would have to have been supportive of black people as slaves!

So when liberals fought for the North, they were hypocrites, because they were fighting for the idea of basic human rights for blacks, against the law’s legal ownership of slaves.

And so by liberals (pro-abortion) standing up against the idea of slavery and against other laws that seek to take away our basic human rights, they prove both that they’re hypocrites when they claim that our rights come from the law and of course, that they know that our rights do indeed come from a source that’s higher than the law.

You see, if the liberals were true to their claim, then they would have just said;

“Well, their rights are given to them by the law, so I guess they’re just out of luck!”

But the hypocritical liberals didn’t do that, did they? No. Because they know that our rights come from a higher source, that’s why.

As everyone does know, while the law may allow, or disallow certain things, our basic human rights do not come from the law. The laws that state those basic human rights are not the cause of these rights, but simply a reflection of the acknowledgement of said rights.

That is why the Founding Fathers wisely put these things into our founding documents. And that we are endowed by our Creator, with certain unalienable rights. Rights like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

And so, for those who would say that unborn babies have no rights under the law, I would say that neither did the black people in the time of slavery, but things have changed, haven’t they?

It’s because no matter what the law says, we all have basic human rights!

And now, we are working on the rights of the unborn babies not to be murdered by their mothers! Their basic, human right to life! The most basic and fundamental right of all!

Plus, the pro-abortion camp becomes the hypocrite again, when they conveniently forget that abortion used to be illegal. The unborn did have the legal protection for their right to life at one time.

And now it is unborn babies who are treated like property and killed by their own mothers with impunity. But just as the laws that sought to strip black people of their basic human rights could not stand forever, neither can Roe v Wade.

And that is because our rights do not come from the law, but from God.

And if the Pro-Abortion camp truly believed that their rights came from the law, then they wouldn’t have fought to make abortion legal! Roe v Wade would never have happened!

Therefore, they are the biggest hypocrites in all of history, since they don’t honor their own supposed principle of “the law tells me yes or no”.

They would say that the legal system allows them to challenge laws and so we shouldn’t complain.

But then they’re hypocrites again when the pro-life movement challenges Roe v Wade and they complain!

Abortion is their right they would say and that’s why Roe v Wade was brought about!

Okay, but if your rights are given to you by the law and before Roe v Wade the law said that abortion was not legal, then how could the reason for you bringing Roe v Wade about, be because abortion was your “right”?

I.e., there was no law saying it was your “right” and you claim that your rights come from the law.

Do you see this folks? They argue in a circle! A circle of endless hypocrisies and self-contradictions!

And besides this, unborn babies do have protections. The hypocrisy is, that they have protection from everyone except their own mothers! This means that if these babies could somehow know ahead of time (while still in the womb) to be afraid of certain people, the one person they should definitely be afraid of, is their own mothers! How can that possibly feel right to anyone?

It’s their own mothers that want them easily killed, dead, dead, dead!

Now what does that say about the pro-abortion crowd as a whole?

But most important of all, what does God, our Creator have to say about all of this?

Well, contrary to the claims of many, God did not support abortion and He was not silent about life before birth!

“Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

God said this to Jeremiah.  But why?

Because God considered Jeremiah to be a life, even before he was born! God said that He ordained Jeremiah, while he was still in the womb.

I think that, in of itself, says all that needs to be said about when God considers us to be a human life!

Or can you cite a verse in which God ordained a headache, or some nail clippings to be a prophet, or a preacher, et al? Of course you can’t. :)

And the bottom line is, God ordains humans to carry out his work, not “less-than-humans”!

Now imagine if Jeremiah’s mother decided to have an abortion. Or what about John the Baptists mother?

And by the way, don’t you remember that when both John the Baptist and Jesus were still in the womb and their mothers were standing there talking to each other, that John recognized the unborn Jesus’ presence and leapt in his mother’s womb?

“And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost!” – Luke 1:41

And now, imagine if Mary, the mother of Jesus Himself decided to have an abortion! What then?!

I think this has settled the argument of exactly what abortion is. But it does leave one question unanswered.

What is our part as Christians in all of this? Shouldn’t any woman who would do this sort of thing be condemned as a murderer?

I would say no to that, if her heart is truly repentant toward God in Jesus Christ. God will have forgiven her and it is our Christian duty to do the same and to welcome her as a sister in Christ!

We have all sinned and if we all got what we truly deserved, then we’d all be condemned! And the truth is, every human is in need of God’s forgiveness!

But then, why be so hard in this message?

It’s because of more than one reason:

First, human life begins at conception. And why does the Pro-Life crowd believe that? Simple. Because it’s a medical fact. Human life begins at conception. Ask any doctor, outside of an abortion discussion and just as a matter of biology and they’ll tell you the same thing.

Second, there is no outrage and there should be! The truth is, that it is only through an honest, candid look at exactly what an abortion is, that people can truly understand what a horrible, outrageous and grotesque act of murder an abortion is!

The pro-abortion crowd would have you thinking that we’re dealing with a couple of cells, the size of the point of a needle here (which is still human life), when in fact, that is not typically what we’re dealing with at all!

Third, how can one ask God for His forgiveness, if they don’t know exactly what their sin is? How can they even know that they’re in need of forgiveness, if they do not know exactly what they are guilty of?

It is for these reasons, in addition to educating people regardless of which side of the issue they fall on, that I am so blunt and descriptive about abortion. Because it is important to have truthful information; Although technically, I wasn’t anywhere near as descriptive as I could have been!

But what should I do? Sugar coat it? That’s the type of “separation from the facts”, that has made it so easy for women to walk into abortion clinics to murder their babies in the first place.

And I’m sorry, but I’m more worried about saving lives, than hurting someone’s feelings by telling them the truth! I’m not going to hide the facts, in order to make more women want to kill their babies!

And the things those offended by such descriptions should remember, are that:

1) You’re the ones who want to do it! But you don’t want anyone to describe it? So let me get this right; It’s okay to do it, but not to say it? Huh??? Does the word, “hypocrite” mean anything to you?

2) If what an abortion actually entails were not that bad, then no one would get upset by an accurate description of one! Hell, they’d put it right in their pamphelts!

“Yes, that’s it, folks! Come on down and we’ll suck that baby’s brains right out of its skull for ya and toss that waste those Pro-Lifers call a baby right into the trash! Swoosh! 2 points! Yea!”

I wonder why that never makes it into the pamphlets? Hmmm…

I know, I know. That seems a bit rough. But truth be told, the liberals seem to be so cavalier about abortion, that you’d almost expect something like that to appear in one of their pamphlets! It’s like the baby, a human life, is nothing! Like it doesn’t and shouldn’t even exist! Like it has no value and therefore shouldn’t be discussed!

And that and knowing what an abortion really is, makes me just as sick, if not sicker, than that “baby basketball” joke makes you and others, I’m sure! And that was my point in writing it!

People do often ask me if there is any one thing that I say to those in the Pro-Abortion camp, when they ramble on about what a burden a baby is for a woman; a mother and how horrible children are. Is there one thing that I say to them that seems to shut them right down?

Well, yes, there is. And I find that they usually fall silent once I’ve said it to them.

So what is it? Simple! :)

When they start going on and on about how horrible it is to be burdened with a baby and how it’s such a great thing that women can abort their babies and not have to go through such a terrible experience and blah, blah, blah, I look at them and say;

“Well, thank God your mother didn’t feel that way about you!”

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