Abortion ‘Bait & Switch’ by Liberals!

I was reading a story that started out very sadly!  It told the story of a young couple (Kyle & Abbey), who was waiting on a baby that was currently within her womb. And from all I’ve read, this was a loving couple, who very much looked forward to the arrival of their sweet newborn girl and who treasured the idea of this new life and building a family.

But when they went in for a checkup and to ask the gender of their baby (they found out it was a girl), the technician left to get the doctor, who walked in and stated that he was “concerned”. So he referred them to a “high risk fetal medicine specialist”, who told them that their baby was dying inside the womb. Her brain was growing outside the skull and was failing to divide as it should. He then informed them that there was no hope. The baby would not make it to term. She would die inside her mother’s womb.

Of course this was devastating news to this nice young couple! What do they do? Remember, this couple wanted this baby. This was devastating news to them!

But being that there was absolutely no hope for this child, they felt that the only proper course of action was to terminate the pregnancy; to have an abortion.

This must have been agonizing for them and I truly feel very badly for them! But are there any circumstances in which an abortion could be considered to be a valid option to someone who, like myself, is a pro-life advocate?

You see, for me, abortion is definitely murder. But the question here is; “Are there any exceptions to this? Are there any circumstances under which an abortion could be considered something other than the murder of an unborn child?”.

Many people would say that exceptions must be made in the cases of rape, or incest. I do not agree.

In the case of rape, that is obviously a terrible thing! But how is murdering the innocent baby, thereby punishing an innocent third party for someone else’s crime, the right solution?

Look, if you are impregnated through a rape, then when it comes to punishment, kill the guilty rapist, not the innocent baby!

And as for incest, that is also a terrible, terrible thing! But again, how is killing the baby the right solution? Yes, the baby might be born with birth defects. But most aren’t and besides, that isn’t why these women have an abortion. They have the abortion, because they don’t want to deal with what they’ve done. Remember, it’s not rape, or it would be put in the rape category.

The truth is that these are just liberal bait & switch tactics. They know exactly how reprehensible abortion is and they know that they have no valid argument that they can make. So what do they do? They throw some terrible events in front of you that make up an extremely small percentage of the abortions that are performed, knowing that people won’t think about that and therefore, won’t argue against them.

I.e., they know that you won’t say no, because if you did, you’d seem like a really bad person to the rest of the walking dead and they know you’re afraid to go against the sacred religion of political correctness, which means that you’ll start nodding your head in agreement with them.

This is the “bait”. Then comes the “switch”! They then proceed to pretend that this is the case for why abortion must be readily available for all women, so how could you be arguing against it like you do? You bad, bad, evil person, you! :)

The reality is, that anyone who calls themselves “Pro-Life” and makes exceptions for rape and incest, is a hypocrite! The baby is innocent and it’s still murder! And talking about birth defects is just more “bait & switch” tactics by the liberals, since birth defects are not the norm and a baby with birth defects is not a valid justification for making it legal for any women who wants to murder any unborn baby any time she wants, for any reason. But that is what the liberals are trying to keep legal. Not just abortions “in cases of rape or incest”.

In other words, your hypocrisy is revealed when you claim to believe that all human life is sacred and state that this includes the unborn and then go along with the idea of killing that baby because of what the rapist did, thereby punishing the baby for the rapists crime, or because it may have a birth defect. If you’re willing to do that, how can you claim to value the baby’s life?

And this is not about the mother’s health either. Remember, this is a bait & switch tactic they’re using.

Women abort the baby in the case of rape, because, according to them, “it would be a constant reminder of the rape”.

The truth is, they don’t need the baby to remember that they were raped! It’s not like they’re going to forget they were raped, because they had an abortion. Instead, they’ll have two traumas to deal with now!

And for pro-lifers who think it’s okay to make an exception for abortion in the case of a rape, what is it that you’re really saying here? That if it’s a human life either way, then it’s okay to kill the baby after it’s born too, right?

No? That’s murder? But isn’t it also murder when the baby is still inside his/her mother’s womb?

Do you see your hypocrisy now, my pro-life brethren?

As for birth defects, women abort the baby, because they don’t want to deal with it.

Well, if it’s okay to kill it before the birth, why not after? Wait and see how bad off it is and if it’s more than you want to handle, then kill it later, right? After all, you made the exceptions for rape and incest and it’s a human life both before and after its birth, so what’s the problem with waiting to see if it’s too much of a reminder of the rape, or has birth defects, right? If you truly believe that it’s a human both before and after birth, then logically speaking, it’s murder either way and you shouldn’t have any problem with “after-birth abortions”.

Again, it is a hypocrisy to claim to be pro-life and not be just as protective of the baby before birth, as after. And thus, it is hypocrisy for a pro-lifer to make exceptions for cases of rape, or incest.

If you believe that an unborn child and a born child are human life, then the advice to give, is to give the baby up for adoption, not to kill it! It is not okay to kill a baby to avoid feeling bad! And since it is a baby before birth as well, that is exactly what would be happening in an abortion! The murder of a baby!

But what about the case of Kyle & Abbey? Surely this is one case in which a woman should be able to abort her pregnancy, right?

Question: As Pro-Lifers, do we consider this a murder? Or an act of mercy to all involved, including the baby?

After all, we have to ask what it means for her to carry the child any longer.

In this case, it would mean that she would carry the baby longer, only to have the baby die inside of her and she would be walking around with a dead baby in her womb. You see, let us not forget that the baby was not going to make it to full term. And since it was already at a point where it would start to feel pain, this would be torture for the baby and the mother would suffer, knowing that her baby is going through this! And even more sad; even more devastating, is that this mother’s womb, would become her baby’s grave! I cannot even imagine what that would feel like! I do know that no woman should have to go through that! Ever!

That simply cannot be the right thing! It would be sadistic to make anyone go through this kind of suffering!

I personally believe that to abort this baby before its suffering becomes to great and before her mother’s womb becomes her baby’s grave, would be an act of mercy on both of them, not murder!

We would not even allow an animal to continue in great suffering when nothing can be done. How can we demand that from this baby and her mother?!

No, for me, this is a case where an exception must be made!

But you see, sadly, even this story is being used as just another instance of liberal “bait & switch” tactics!

How? Simple. The article starts off by telling us about Kyle & Abbey’s story. A sad one, to be sure!

But then it goes on to tell us how seven months later, a law was passed there, that meant that abortions could no longer be performed after 20 weeks and how Abbey was lucky with regard to the timing.

And then, of course, the writer of the article starts telling us how all women need to have the option of abortion available to them, even after 20 weeks.

Bait & Switch, folks!

“We’ll tell you the sad story of Kyle & Abbey (the bait) and then claim that proves that all women should have the abortion option readily available, for any reason (the switch)!”

And here’s their weapon to keep you in line! The “liberal lie tactic”!

What is the “liberal lie tactic”? Simple! If you even think about arguing against readily available abortion at any time, for any reason, then we’ll trot out “Kyle & Abbey” and shout from the rooftops how you’re trying to force Abbey to stay pregnant and make Abbey’s womb her baby’s grave!

Of course, people in general are pretty stupid and they won’t violate political correctness either, so all they’ll hear is the lie that the liberals shout and not the truth that you speak.

Don’t believe it? Well, they already used that tactic to get you to agree about cases of rape and incest, knowing it would make you hypocrites, thereby weakening your position. And because you won’t stand up to these tactics and think for yourself, sadly, they’ll get away with it!

The truth is, liberals don’t give a damn about Abbey, folks! If they did, then they’re argument would simply be to exempt situations like hers. That would be a much easier argument to win the lawmakers over with, wouldn’t it? I mean, we can all agree about Abbey’s case and that exceptions should be made in cases like hers, can’t we? But instead, the far-left liberals want it all or nothing, leaving the future Abbey’s stuck while they argue for “abortion anytime, for any reason”, which they won’t get.

So like I said, don’t let them fool you! The liberals do not care about Abbey! They just want to use her to promote their own agenda!

And this is because they know, by their own liberal sources, that in reality, at least 98% of women who have abortions, do it for matters of convenience and not health, nor rape, nor incest! And this number does not come from Pro-Lifers, but as I said, from the statistics gathered from the women themselves, through surveys conducted by the liberal, Pro-Abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood, for example!

The women themselves admit that the reason for almost every abortion, is that a baby would inconvenience them!

“Oh, look at poor Kyle & Abbey! Their baby wouldn’t have survived! That proves that any woman should be able to get an abortion, even after 20 weeks!”


So what do I think of this? Are there any exceptions that I would make, that would allow for an abortion?

Yes! Just like the “rape & incest” people, I have two; when the baby has no chance of survival, or the mother’s life is at risk. And Kyle & Abbey do fall into the former of these two categories.

But I’m not going to “bait & switch” you. This does not mean that abortion for anyone who wants it is okay!

There is a right and there is a wrong here, folks. And when you have to use these types of tactics, then that proves that you’re wrong. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to use them. You could just state your case and people would be on board, because you’re right.

We all despise the people who play bait & switch games, like car salesman have been known to do. So how is it that when the pro-abortionists do it, women don’t feel the same way about them?

And why is it that even pro-lifers remain silent in the face of these lies? Why are many of us average citizens afraid to speak out when such subjects come up; especially when women are around?

Who cares what the liberal pro-abortionists think?! Who cares if people who promote murdering babies don’t like what you have to say?!

It’s time to speak out! To tell the truth! Even if it pisses them off! Or are you just a coward, who lets far-left loud liberals rule your politics and tell you when it’s okay to speak and what you can and cannot say?

As long as you let them, they will!

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