Abortion Hypocrisies

With all of the health code violations that abortion clinics have been experiencing, you’d think that the government would be all over these places. But that just hasn’t been the case. In fact, in California, they’re getting even more lax. Soon, you won’t even need to be a doctor to perform procedures!

California Bill AB154, which has made it through both houses and is expected to be signed by Governer Brown, says that, “a nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, or physician assistant would be allowed to do a suction aspiration or medical abortion on a woman” during the first trimester.

As Rousselle noted; “In California, if an animal needs an abortion, the procedure must be carried out by a licensed veterinary surgeon. It appears now that the State of California views humans as deserving a lower standard of care than a housecat.”

This is the kind of upside down legislative mentality that makes it a crime to disturb the eggs of endangered animals, recognizing the potential life in them as animal life, yet makes potential human life discardable at a woman’s whim. No reason at all need be given. Not only this, but it celebrates her “right” to do it!

What’s really funny about all of this, is that abortion advocates talk about how it’s the mothers “right to choose” (mother?), yet if these very same abortion advocates and “mothers” were working with endangered animals and knew that one of them was about to turn around and destroy their eggs, those same people would take the eggs away from that animal to protect those lives!

Apparently, these people value animal life more than human life! Even the human life growing inside of them!

And while they may talk about how the animal life is endangered, every unborn child that’s about to be snuffed out by an abortion, is endangered!

Furthermore, I highly doubt that the animal would need to appear on the endangered species list, for any one of these people to step in.

In fact, I think that any person who was walking down the beach and saw a turtle smashing its own eggs, would step in to try to save as many baby turtles as possible! And I believe that that’s how they’d think of them!

We all know what advocates for abortion will say. But what stuns me, is why almost everyone else is afraid to stand up and call this what it is. How can anyone who would run to save some eggs, not even speak at all when it comes to human life and instead, nod along as if to agree when women speak about abortion being a right, out of fear of the woman’s reaction?

The truth is, that the biggest hypocrisy here isn’t things like what’s happening because of abortion advocates. The biggest hypocrisy takes place when you claim to be pro-life and want the animals saved and yet, say nothing while human life is slaughtered wholesale and even nod in agreement when abortion advocates talk about it as being a womans “right”!

Have you ever heard of “Ana Rosa Rodriquez”? She was a baby born with one arm, but not due to a birth defect.

You see, her mother decided to have an abortion while she was pregnant with Ana Rosa. She went in for an abortion and during the process, the doctor tried to dismember Ana Rosa and pull her out piece by piece. Her arm was ripped off during this process. But thank God that Ana had other ideas for herself! She came out of her mother, screaming from the pain abortion advocates tell us these babies don’t feel!

Ana Rosa is now a beautiful young woman, who happens to have one arm and most people say; “Oh, that poor child!”.

And why is this important? Because the hypocrisy is that if the abortion had been successful, then it would have been thought of as no big deal, even though Ana Rosa was obviously a human life!

If I could ask some questions of the mother and these advocates, I would first ask the mother;

“Once the child knows how she came to be, how do you ever look that child in the eye? How could you ever convince her that you love her, especially when she knows that she is going to go through life with one arm, because of an intentional decision on your part, to try to kill her and that she is alive, not because of you, but in spite of you?”

I would also want to ask the abortion advocates; “How can you look at Ana Rosa and then claim that the unborn don’t count?”.

In other words, Ana Rosa Rodriquez, by surviving an attempt to abort her, proves beyond any doubt whatsoever, that these are not pieces of waste to throw in the trash! These are babies! Otherwise, how do you explain Ana Rosa’s existence?! How do you explain her birth that day, during an abortion?!

Thank God that that doctor didn’t believe in performing “Live Abortions”!

In case you don’t know, that’s when the doctor kills the baby after it’s been expelled from the mother! And this is something that has happened and is happening way more that you would think! There are doctors who have done a number of them!

It is an hypocrisy that there hasn’t been a peep out of the abortion advocates over this atrocity (live abortions)!

And another hypocrisy here is that there goes their claim by the abortion advocates to adhere to the principle that once the baby is born, that it’s a human life. Apparently they don’t have a problem with this procedure, or they’d make sure they were heard!

And don’t accept any excuses from them about this folks! Because we all know that if there’s one thing that the Pro-Abortion camp knows how to do, it’s to be heard!

And yet, all we have from them when it comes to live abortions, is silence!

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