American Liberal Left Hypocrisy

To quote; Returning once again to the issue of religious expression in proximity to public schools and other public resources:

During a speech at Colorado Christian University on Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia argued that the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit religious references in public places, including schools:

“I think the main fight is to dissuade Americans from what the secularists are trying to persuade them to be true: that the separation of church and state means that the government cannot favor religion over nonreligion.”

Scalia suggested that if Americans want a more secular political system, such as those in Europe, they can “enact that by statute, but to say that’s what the Constitution requires is utterly absurd.”

Haven’t much to add to this, that I didn’t already say in the post about the praying football team.  Except for one thing: It seems a lot of this recent conflict has to do with an unstated “right” not too much explored in generations past and not articulated word-for-word now.  It is up to this new-right’s advocates to push for it, but up to its critics to define what exactly it is:

It is the right to go outside, venture in all sorts of directions, look left-right-up-down and not to see any evidence of anyone who believes differently.  Muslims shouldn’t have to be reminded there are non-Muslims, feminists shouldn’t have to be reminded there are non-feminists, gun-control “advocates” shouldn’t be reminded there are people who believe in the right to self-defense and atheists shouldn’t be reminded there are people who believe.

That one “right”, it seems to me, is the one that is causing all, or most of the trouble.  Which is significant since it isn’t actually written down anywhere, except places like right here.

Such a right is fundamentally incompatible with the sustenance and preservation of any strong and meaningful civilization; especially one comprised of diverse assortments of creeds, national origins, cultures and values.  If we’re really going to be a “melting pot” and not a salad bowl, that one needs to go!

Which really isn’t asking a whole lot, is it?  I mean sure, there are people who believe in it and insist on it; but, they dare not say that is what they want, even as they refuse to settle for anything less.  It’s probably a good rule of thumb, that a right that refuses to say what it is, is a right we don’t need!


In other words, there is no such thing stated in the Constitution as the “separation of church and state”.  Look at it.  You won’t find those words anywhere in there.

The Constitution simply states that the government can’t establish any one religion as “THE Religion that you must follow or die!”, such as a number of nations did in the past with Catholicism, for example and as some countries do today.

The government is not allowed to interfere in religion.  But religion being in government is not only Constitutional, but it has always been encouraged and many of our great men in leading roles in this nation since its founding, have clearly stated that any nation without God, specifically mentioning the Christian faith, is useless and doomed.  In fact our legal syatem is based in Biblical law.

This is why our sessions have always started with prayer, George Washington was sworn in with a Bible (and every president since) and the first act of Congress was to buy 20,000 Bibles for our soldiers!

Today, according to the whining vocal minority that preaches tolerance, yet sues the majority for daring to show that they believe in something, what this country was founded on (and these things are actually happening today), is soldeirs being court-martialed for speaking to other soldiers who ask about their faith, church doors being locked, preaching in public being illegal (unless you’re supporting a far-left cause), Christians never speaking against Islam and all references to God being removed from any public area, not just government spaces.  As I said, all of these things have been and/or are cases in one court or another.

Of course, none of these things should be applied to Atheist organizations that perform fundraising anywhere they want.

Just FYI, while the atheists love to convince people that religioun is what has caused all the wars, in actual, historical truth, it has been atheist nations that have caused more death that all religions

Believe; don’t believe.  Your choice.  But don’t shake signs around and cry oppression and scream for tolerance of all beliefs, while doing anything you can to force anyone who does believe in Christ and who practices the Christian faith into silence.  It’s the highest form of hypocrisy if you’re an American and it is the very oppression that you claim to be under!

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