Are the Oscars Indeed Racist?

Before getting into this, I have to say that I really hate using the word “race”.  The reason is, that I believe that we are all one race.  The human race!  But as there is no escaping using that word in these issues, I will use it as a means of making it easy for everyone to understand what is being discussed here.

The newest “race” controversy is “The Oscars” and whether or not they are racist.  The backlash (which has been heavy) from some black actors (male and female), has been over the fact that none of the nominees this year (2015/2016) are black. They claim that the Oscars are racist because of this and some have even threatened to boycott the Oscars this time around. The two most outspoken names among them are Jada Pinkett-Smith, followed by her husband Will Smith, as well as a few other famous names.

But the question is; “Does that fact alone (that no black actors/actresses were nominated this time around) make them racist?”.  That would have to be the question, since black actors have been nominated and indeed have won Oscars in past years, when their performances warranted it.  The color of their skin was, is and always should be, irrelevant. In fact, not so long ago, Denzel Washington (a great actor) was named; “America’s Favorite Actor”.

Given the above stated facts, I will be up front (as I always am) and state that my immediate, knee-jerk reaction, is to say that this is just another attempt by whiney blacks to try to get what they have not earned, by “guilt tripping” whites into giving it to them!

However, going with ones knee-jerk reaction is never fair to an issue.  So I decided to examine this issue closely and to shake it up a bit and see what remained after doing so.  After all, if the Oscars are racist, then it should be something that is shouted from on high and dealt with on an immediate basis!

So why don’t we begin by examining what has been said and by whom and what blacks claim they want to see happen and then we’ll look at a fact or two and see what’s what, shall we?

Black celebrities are claiming that they just want what is fair.  But what does that word mean in this context?  I mean, isn’t that the all important factor?  What does “fair” mean here?

Yes, of course it is, so let’s examine that claim.

First of all, “fair”, does not mean “half”.  It can’t, because only 13% of the population is black.  Yet black actors are demanding far more presence in the Oscars than that, as well as in TV and the movies.  How does that equal “wanting what’s fair”?

Secondly, fair cannot even mean “13%”.  Why not?  Because the Oscars aren’t given out on a “fair percentage” basis.  They are given out to those did the best job.  That may mean some black, some white, mostly black, mostly white, all black, all white, etc., etc..

So how can blacks be claiming that they want what’s fair, when it’s not done by numbers, but by performances?  To believe the lie they’re telling here, is to somehow swallow the ludicrous idea that every single year, an equal number of blacks and whites will give equally brilliant performances and that’s just plain ridiculous!  And that’s why I say they’re lying.  Because this is something any idiot knows has astronomical odds of happening for one year, let alone having it happen every single year!  And again, let’s not forget that even if it were done by numbers (percentages), it still wouldn’t be half and half, because of the stats of our population here in the U.S.. So how can this claim by blacks that they “just want what’s fair”, meaning making the awards “half and half”, be an honest claim, when it means that the awards would be extremely disproportionate according to the population stats and it would mean disregarding giving out the awards based on performances, which is what the Oscars are an award for in the first place? I’m sorry, but their claim simply does not pass the laugh test!

What the black actors are demanding here, would be like demanding an equal number of black and white artists receive the award for “Best Painting of 2016”.  While you may reach a consensus between experts, where at least most lean toward a particular painting, you’re never going to see a set ethnic diversity in it, because that would mean disregarding the artists work, to make sure that the color of his skin made the decision.  Obviously a foolish approach, yet that is exactly what blacks are demanding here! Again, their claim does not pass the laugh test!

The fact is, that “fair”, in the context of the Oscars, means that those who are deserving get nominated, regardless of color, or gender.  That’s all it can mean and that is the only method that could possibly be fair, since the Oscars are given out based on ones performance.  The quality of the practicing of their craft, period.

The truth is, that because of this, there is no way to claim that Oscar nominations/wins, are “fair”, or “unfair”.  It simply cannot be done, because it’s based on a subjective standard.  It’s an art form.  You can’t put that into a calculator.  There’s simply no way to be objective about it!  Unless of course, you consistently see crappy performances by whites, winning over excellent performances by blacks.  But not even black actors are claiming that’s the case here and not one black actor has pointed to a specific performance by a black actor and stated that that one definitely should have gotten nominated over a specific performance by a white actor. They simply can’t do that.

And that is why they stuck to arguing about “what’s fair” and “diversity” in the context of numbers (how many), without ever mentioning the fact that the Oscars are a subjective thing and without mentioning any one single performance that they could say was “Oscar worthy”, that did not get nominated, comparing it to an undeserving performance by a white actor/actress!  Because believe me, if they could have, then they would have!

But hey, let’s give their claim one more chance, by looking at the numbers, even though it can’t possibly be done by the numbers, shall we? After all, we want to give them every opportunity to make their case for the “unfairness” of the Oscars, right?

As I said earlier, blacks make up approximately 13% of the population.  But since the year 2000, more than 13% have received Oscars for “Best Actor”.  20%, in fact.  And that’s “wins”, mind you.  More than that were nominated.  So if anything, blacks are OVERrepresented at the Oscars, NOT underrepresented!  And this is a fact stated by “Kmele Foster”, from “Freethink Media”, an organization that deals with these statistics.  And he’s a black man, mind you!

Now do you think any black celebrities will even acknowledge these cold, hard numbers, that absolutely disprove their claim, let alone at least stop whining about “fairness”, considering that the Oscars have obviously been MORE than fair to them?  NO!  Of course not!  Because that’s not what liberals do!  They do not let the facts get in the way of their agenda! So far, they have not even acknowledged that these numbers exist after he stated them on air. But even if they are somehow forced to acknowledge that the statistics were publicly stated, instead of dealing with them, they’ll call Mr Foster a “Tom” (as in, “Uncle Tom”) and pretend that means they’ve won the argument and move on! That’s because they’re dishonest and they’ll manipulate emotions, instead of deal with facts!

The fact is, that blacks are looking at movies, TV, The Oscars, etc. and claiming to be looking for “equal representation”, by which they mean “half and half”.  The problem is, that that could never happen, because as stated above, there aren’t as many blacks as there are whites in the United States.  It’s not even close, which makes both their claim of racism and their demand absurd on their face!

The truth is, anything over 13%, means that blacks are represented in Hollywood in a greater percentage than the population, not a lessor one! Yet blacks are constantly talking about the “lack of diversity” in movies and television and wanting an equal number of blacks, to the number of whites in movies and TV.  But how can one expect the numbers to be equal in Hollywood, when they aren’t equal in real life?!  That simply doesn’t make sense, which again, makes their claim and demand flat out absurd!

As I said, my immediate, knee-jerk reaction was to say that this is just another attempt by whiney blacks to try to get what they have not earned, by “guilt tripping” whites into giving it to them.  And after looking at the facts, it seems I was right.  And sadly, it will probably work!  In fact, it has already started to, since now the council is already changing itself to “represent diversity”. even though in doing so, blacks will end up being way overrepresented, compared to the race stats of this nation!  A fact they’ll be happy about!  There goes that so called “desire for fairness”!

There is no racism here, whiners like Jada Pinkett-Smith’s sour grapes over being repeatedly snubbed because she’s just not a very good actress and her whipped husbands comments notwithstanding! Face it Jada; you’re just not Oscar material, girl!

And by the way, Will Smith has previously received two oscar nominations, so as I said, his comments come from his just being whipped, because Will does know better!

And have you seen the Smith’s multimillion dollar mansion by the way?  Yea, they have life real tough being black actors!

And of course, now Will is shoving his talent kid (we all know that kid would be nowhere without his dad!) into every movie of his (Will’s) that he can (yea, I bet the studios had a big say in that, huh?), how much you wanna bet that next year, Will & Jada be complaining about the lack of “age diversity”, because their kid isn’t nominated for an Oscar?!

And let us not forget, Will Smith was also the first rapper to win a grammy! And do you wanna guess what he boycotted that year? Yup! That’s right, you guessed it! The grammy’s! Yea, that must have looked good for Will, huh?! :-)

By the way, as we all know, the rap genre is mostly black. In fact, anyone who was white and tried to break into the rap world, was laughed at and berated and told that they couldn’t be a succesful raper, BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE!!!

NOW TALK ABOUT RACISM!!! But were any, even one black rap artist called out for those comments? Or for the white rappers who they beat down right on stage, for the huge sin (according to blacks) of trying to make it in a “black thing”? No, of course not! They’re black and that means no one can criticize them! You’re racist if you do that, the facts be damned!

And if you try to point to Eminem, then don’t forget about how he was bullied, taunted, berated and beaten for trying to be a rapper back then! You know, the stuff the movie didn’t go into much, because that would mean that there are racist black people and we can’t have that, right folks?! And Eminem is just one man. Only a liberal would think that pointing to him, or even to a few white rappers today, somehow disproves the facts stated here about the rap world since its inception!

But hey, growing pains, right? Okay, so I have just one question then…..

Where are all black rappers today, crying out for “fairness” and “diversity” in the rap world, because there’s not enough whites in it? I mean after all, if blacks are truly serious about “diversity” and that’s not just a rouse, then they’ll be sure to be shoting out loud about how whites are way, way underrepresented in the rap world, right?

I won’t hold my hand on my a*s waiting. :-)

Now personally, I don’t care that the rap world is almost all black. What I do care about though, is the hypocrisy on the part of these blacks! And of course, if whites talked about this, they’d be called “racist” and if blacks did mention it, they’d be called “Tom’s”. It’s truly sad!

Getting back to the Oscars, there are a lot of very good white actors and actresses, who have never even received an Oscar nomination, let alone a win! Are they in the news, whining, trying to rig the Oscars for next year, using a political hot button issue, so that they win next year?  No!  Even the FemiNazis didn’t go that far!

Michael Caine is considered one of the best actors who ever lived and he didn’t receive one until he was well into being a senior citizen. He also spoke out on this issue and told these actors to “be patient”, because if they are that good at their craft, then “their day will come”. He didn’t mean “blacks”. He meant any actor, black or white. He has been a great actor for about 60 years now, yet he didn’t even receive a nomination for the first 50 years of his career and he’s white! Hello??? :-)

I think Clint Eastwood put it best about this controversy when he said; “A lot of people are cryin’, I guess”.

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