Armpit Hair?  Girl Power!

This (see article) is what the mind-virus “feminism” does to women!

Enter beautiful SuperModel, who gets paid solely to be beautiful while wearing someone else’s clothes. And how does she repay the people who made her a star and pay her $Millions to walk 50 feet?

Simple! By growing armpit hair to make herself repulsive and then make sure that all the world sees it via Social Media.

Meanwhile, “InStyle Magazine”, the magazine that’s supposed to be about stylish dress, thinks that armpit hair, which makes a girl look more manly, is “the ultimate girl power accessory”.

Think about the self-contradiction in that: what makes a girl look like a boy is “the ultimate girl power accessory”?

And what “girl power”, exactly, does it give her? The power to say; “I want to look like a man, which means I think men are actually better.”? The power to lose her income? The power to repulse the men who pay for her snobbish, expensive taste on a date, even though she’s a $Millionaite and still gets $$$ from her $Billionaire daddy? What “girl power”, exactly, does having armpit hair give her???

None! It takes her “girl power” away! I mean let’s be honest here and admit that since the context is the sexes, it’s about her power over mens’ wallets, which armpit hair takes away.

But the truth is, that she knows that she can just shave her pits and instantly get that power back! And she will indeed do that (and probably already has. The truth is that women tend to think armpit hair on them is just as gross as men think it is.

So why is she really doing it? Well, why do women do anything like this? For attention, of course! And to fit in, which is the only reason women show solidarity with anything!

Women are very clique oriented (remember high school?) and they are driven to fit in and right now, man-hating, er, I mean Feminism is the biggest clique going. And so Gigi Hadid wants to show her so called “support”.

Translation: “Make me part of the clique too, please! I don’t like being left out! I want attention too!!!”

But given that women will stab each other in the back in a heartbeat when they’re jealous of someone, Gigi’s desire to “fit in” and for attention have blinded her to this fact and to the fact that women will gladly stab a woman more beautiful than they are in the back!

Yes folks, this is what the mind-virus called “feminism” does to women! It “empowers them” to be fakes who try to publicly flaunt their efforts to turn themselves into men for attention!

And already her sister is under attack for taking pictures with food, because the SJW’s screech; “There are hungry people in the world!”

Problem? Her post clearly states that the food is fake. Of course that hasn’t mattered to the perpetually offended.

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