Atheism Safe! Christianity in Danger!

I have been reading article after article over the years, about atheists fighting against Christianity.  I say “Christianity”, because you never seem to hear, nor read a word about them taking Muslims, or Jews to court.

Their goal is not “equality” as they claim.  Their goal is to make this country completely religion free.  That’s why the most active atheist organization doing the fighting right now is called; “Freedom From Religion”.

Note, “Freedom FROM Religion”!

This organization is NOT about “equality”!

It IS however, all about the COMPLETE removal of religion!

And of course, they’re focused on Christianity, because that, to them, is the one to worry about.  After all, it’s the only religion that says both that man is a sinner and that he cannot fix things for himself.

This organization and those like it, do whatever they can to undermine anything to do with the Christian religion.  Including suing schools if they let Christians meet after school hours, suing colleges to stop giving Christian students money to print their small news sheets (colleges provide money to student groups that print news about their organizations), yet the very same colleges still give money to other religious news organizations, such as to the Wiccan organization.

So apparently, colleges are too cowardly to stand up to a small minority trying to bully them and atheists have no problem with witchcraft newspapers; just Christian news being distributed!

In the latest event, an atheist high school student wanted a 10 Commandments reference taken down in his classroom.

After sending a letter to the school, he was supposedly afraid of persecution.  Of course, the “Freedom From Religion” organization stepped in to try to set up a “Safe Zone” for atheist students to gather and talk in.

It goes something like this quote:

“The Secular Safe Zone initiative is designed to create ‘safe, neutral places for students to talk about their doubts without fear of religious bullying’.  That’s done by recruiting ‘allies’ and training them to recognize and respond to anti-atheist bullying.  The initiative is modeled off of the Gay Alliance’s LGBT Safe Zone program, which was started several years ago, in that it allows mentors at schools to explicitly demarcate spaces where ‘students know that bullying won’t be tolerated’.

School faculty members who affiliate with the program never have to say a thing; they hang the yellow, green, pink, and blue emblem, and students come to them.”

You can smell the hypocrisy here, folks!  Atheists sue schools for letting Christians gather after school hours and yet, here they are, setting up gatherings for atheists to talk about the religion of atheism and to speak negatively about Christianity?!

We all know what these sessions will be!  They will be a place where atheists gather and bash Christians/Christianity!

But not only do atheist students get involved, which is not allowed for Christians. But the schools get teachers involved!  They even call them, “Mentors”!  And they hang up colored symbols where these students can gather!

Not only this, but they’re “taught” to “recruit allies” against Christians who object and falsely label it under the label of “bullying”!

Where’s the allies and “demarcated spaces” for Christians who get ridiculed for their faith, when they refuse to attend keg parties, or watch porn, etc., citing their faith?!

Christians aren’t even allowed to gather to say a prayer silently! They’re even banned from even giving thanks to the Lord when they graduate)!

And what these atheist (and other liberal) organizations do, is start listing all of the worst possible case scenarios as if that’s what definitely will happen, to make themselves appear to be victims who have already suffered, when in fact, not a single thing has happened to them! And they do it so they can get what they want, by as I said, getting it placed under the hot-button issue of bullying!

Meanwhile, they’re laughing at the “stupid Christians”, whose gathering space they’re now using to bash Christians and Christ and God, whom by the way, they call the “sky pixie”!

Folks, what is this “freedom *from* religion? How did we let that happen? It is up to us, ya know.

Whatever happened to “freedom *of* religion”?

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