Beyonce’s Hypocritical Super Bowl Message

I used to have a lot of respect for Beyonce’.  From all accounts, she had a good upbringing, with good values instilled in her.  And you could see this in the way that she did not play the slut, respected her husband and from what we know, treated others with respect as well.  And while I don’t claim to know every word she’s spoken publicly, from what I remember, when asked questions about various subjects, she always tried to say something positive.

But then came Super Bowl 50 and her latest single, “Formation” which she sang at the Half-Time show and which is a flat out anti-cop message, that calls on people to disrespect law enforcement and when it shows groups of police officers in riot gear and when we hear “Stop shooting us”, the video implies one thing: That the police as a whole are all involved in a conspiracy to murder black people.  Ridiculous, at best! And in doing so, she paid homage to the Black Panthers, a violent, militant, anti-social, anti-white, anti-cop group that called on black people to hate and for violence, even invoking their salute! And what do you think that sinking police car what meant to say?

So what is Beyonce’s message, here? Apparently that we should vilify the police and that violence against the police is okay. And as this video shows, Beyonce’s message was one that told blacks to hate peace and love violence!

And what is blatantly hypocritical, is when blacks who cheer for people like Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, who hated Martin Luther King’s message of peace amongst the races, come Martin Luther King Day, will talk about how much they love King and want peace between the races! But it’s actions like Beyonce’s that belie their claim and reveal their true hate filled, venom spewing natures!

I’m sorry, but you don’t get to claim to be about peace, while evoking a history that involved calls to violence and using imagery designed to wind black people up like toys against law enforcement as a whole! Did you think about the results of the message you’re putting out there, while on your way to Super Bowl 50 with your police escort? Of course you did! And you were mentally counting the cash your hypocrisy would bring you! You just apparently figured that people, especially blacks it appears, would be too stupid to catch this! Way to lift up “your people”, Beyonce’!

How do you spell “Beyonce”? “H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E”!

Now let’s look at the facts. You know, those things that left-wing activists never seem to care about, but which are the key and the only path to honest conversations that could produce actual results?

The truth is, that statistically speaking, as a group, more violent crimes are committed by blacks than any other group.  And I mean it’s way out of proportion to the percentage of blacks in our country, which is 13%.

It is also a fact that black neighborhoods are the most (violent) crime filled and far more dangerous for the police to work in, than any other.

Furthermore, black on black violent crime is at epidemic levels and the highest murder rate by far, consists of blacks murdering blacks (as well as others) and these crimes are, by a big proportion, committed by young black males.

These are the cold, hard facts that you never hear from black activists and their white SJW counterparts, when they talk about the percentage of inmates that are black and the number of young black males that die at the hands of police officers.  But is it any wonder that the police are more likely to believe they need to fire at sudden hand movements in neighborhoods where you’re not considered to be a man until you carry a gun?  And where bullets flying is a daily event and where citizens of spend so much time on the floor in their homes to avoid taking a lead bath?

The fact is, that a police officer is far more likely to encounter armed suspects with illegal weapons who commit crimes with them, in these places.  And this practice by activists and the liberal media to portray every one of these black male youths as some sort of “would never harm a fly, completely innocent, angelic being” when there’s a shooting incident, is just plain ridiculous!  If those claims were true, then the police must be the unluckiest organization in the world!  Not even one cop could be that unlucky, let alone the hundreds of thousands of police across the country!

I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that the police as a whole decided to go to neighborhoods where the young males are innocent, angelic beings and start mowing them down, just because they’re black!

Of course it’s not okay for people innocent of a crime, or even guilty of one, but surrendering, to be shot by the police.  But neither is it okay to paint every shooting by police with the same “racist” brush.  Each case must be investigated on its own, individual merits.  And if any police officer acted with malicious intent, those officers must be held accountable and prosecuted according to the law, period!

But you don’t get to rewrite events to suit your agenda. For example, speaking of supposedly “being shot while surrendering”, which Beyonce’s “hands up” movement, symbolized, referring to the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, the problem for Beyonce and the Black Lives Matter movement, is that it’s the perpetration of a lie! And it’s obviously one that they wish to continue perpetrating! But the fact is, that Michael Brown was not some innocent kid, who was being harassed for no reason and who was shot and killed while holding his hands up in surrender. In reality, he was a thief who was caught and who then struggled with the police officer, trying to take the officers gun away from him. And when that failed, he was shot while still trying to come at the officer!

And speaking of officers, here’s Beyonce’, a woman presenting an anti-cop message during the Super Bowl 50 Half-Time Show (maybe not the best place for it), after receiving a “clear-the-highway” type police escort to the Super Bowl!  Huh?! Wasn’t she afraid they might shoot her for being black?  I mean you have to wonder why she would sing such a song at half-time, yet wouldn’t come in to perform at the show without a police escort. A bit hypocritical, no?

The truth is, Beyonce’ was raised privileged and has no clue about “life in the hood” and no actual connection to it. She is simply pandering to the people that do, who are growing up much less privileged than she did, for one reason and one reason only.  To sell albums! To make money off of them and lift herself up, while helping to keep them down, by taking their money for doing nothing but being a lying hypocrite who’s preaching a message designed to evoke hate, not peace, thereby endangering their lives, instead of helping to save them!

If Beyonce’ really cared about her fellow black people, then why didn’t her song consist of a message telling young black males to put away their guns; to stop killing each other and then hypocritically crying out about how so many young black men are dying; to stop resisting and shooting at the police and then wonder why so many black male youths are dying, in a culture where shooting at the police is seen as heroic by other black youths?  But we didn’t hear any of that from her.

Yes, Beyonce’ could have sent one heck of a strong message if she chose to!  A message that might have actually made at least some difference!  But she chose not to.  Why not?  Because that wouldn’t have sold albums!  In fact, it might have actually hurt her some, financially.  So she chose instead to pander to a view that overlooks issues that must be addressed before any meaningful change can happen.  And she did that to capitalize on the current situation, which as a black woman she can do.  And she did that, because to Beyonce’,  black money is more important than black lives!

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