Nation?  Or No Nation?

Some of this, I have never actually told anyone before, but this is important! I was raised by two (legal) immigrants.  My grandparents.  It was in a home where both people loved this country, because even though they never got rich and my grandfather worked two jobs to keep my sister and I fed and put a roof over our heads, ... Read More of This [.....]

That’s the Punishment for Rape?!

I came across yet another article about a woman being gang-raped by a group of men in another country and once again, the punishment did not fit the crime. The article starts out by saying; "Hundreds of women took to the streets of Nairobi, Kenya's capital, in a protest march after a teenager was gang-raped and the punishment for ... Read More of This [.....]

Fighting Drug Abuse???

I do believe that fighting drug abuse is a very important task and I applaud law enforcement and doctors and everyone else involved in this worthwhile cause! But I was reading an article which went in part as follows; "Operation Medicine Cabinet is an opportunity for citizens to discard unused or expired prescription medications. ... Read More of This [.....]

Who’s Fault Was Her Rape?

On Wednesday, Slate published a column by Emily Yoffe titled; "The Best Rape Prevention: Tell College Women to Stop Getting So Wasted." Yoffe began the post by naming high profile rape cases in Stuebenville and Maryville and then suggested that if women stopped drinking so much, they'd be less likely to end up getting raped. Suffice ... Read More of This [.....]