Let Him Have the Baby for Once!

THIS IS HOW SCREWED UP THE WORLD OF GENDERS HAS GOTTEN!!! -- A woman became a man and a man became a woman and this couple is married.  And now they're having a baby.  But it's THE HUSAND WHO'S PREGNANT!  So now, with a couple, you can't even count on the woman being the one who's pregnant! Please read this article. ... Read More of This [.....]

The LBGT and their Slippery Slope!

In out first installment of "Incredible Dumb-Asses Unite!", the award goes to the LBGT community, for creating one very large and very confusing slippery slope, that will inevitably lead to the elimination of gender roles and even of genders themselves! Of course, when discussing the issue of homosexual marriage, for example, the "slippery ... Read More of This [.....]

Promiscuous? No Worries!

Disclaimer: This article addresses the 98%-99% of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood for matters of convenience and not the 1%-2% that are done out of medical necessity. It is also specifically about the young, teenage girls that Planned Parenthood (PP) has recently been marketing to. Did you know that Planned Parenthood (PP) ... Read More of This [.....]

Fighting Drug Abuse???

I do believe that fighting drug abuse is a very important task and I applaud law enforcement and doctors and everyone else involved in this worthwhile cause! But I was reading an article which went in part as follows; "Operation Medicine Cabinet is an opportunity for citizens to discard unused or expired prescription medications. ... Read More of This [.....]

Liberal Distraction Tactic

A friend of mine sent me an email with the following statement in it; "The truth is the truth, good, bad, or indifferent." Well my friend, I certainly agree with that! Hence the motto for this blog: "Telling you the truths that might piss you off!" But my question in response to your email would be; "Are you sure that's what you ... Read More of This [.....]

New Healthcare Not Affordable!

Go broke or break the law? This letter appeared in the Seattle Times. They did not print the name of the writer: Mr. President, twice the cost for half of the coverage. Is that affordable care? [A User’s Guide: 20 Things to Know about the Affordable Care Act, Section J, Sept. 22]. Today Mr. President, I learned from Group Health ... Read More of This [.....]