Nation?  Or No Nation?

Some of this, I have never actually told anyone before, but this is important! I was raised by two (legal) immigrants.  My grandparents.  It was in a home where both people loved this country, because even though they never got rich and my grandfather worked two jobs to keep my sister and I fed and put a roof over our heads, ... Read More of This [.....]

Let Him Have the Baby for Once!

THIS IS HOW SCREWED UP THE WORLD OF GENDERS HAS GOTTEN!!! -- A woman became a man and a man became a woman and this couple is married.  And now they're having a baby.  But it's THE HUSAND WHO'S PREGNANT!  So now, with a couple, you can't even count on the woman being the one who's pregnant! Please read this article. ... Read More of This [.....]

Legal Racism?

Okay, that was a play on words, but it got ya to open the article, didn't it? :-) Okay, so what is the deal with this article?  Well first of all, let me start it off by saying that I'm really tired of seeing all of the issues involving racism and diversity come up.  I would like to write about something else for a change. :-) This ... Read More of This [.....]

Homos Ruined the Winter Olympics!

First, let me say that this is not about hating homosexuals (read my article about me and what it is I believe). Nor is this an endorsement of abusing homosexuals. We all have our sins. I have mine and they're way too many for me to be busy judging the sins of others! And while I do believe homosexual sex acts to be a sin, this ... Read More of This [.....]

The LBGT and their Slippery Slope!

In out first installment of "Incredible Dumb-Asses Unite!", the award goes to the LBGT community, for creating one very large and very confusing slippery slope, that will inevitably lead to the elimination of gender roles and even of genders themselves! Of course, when discussing the issue of homosexual marriage, for example, the "slippery ... Read More of This [.....]

Is Marriage Being Made Irrelevant?

Or, more to the point; "Is Same-Sex Marriage Making Marriage Irrelevant?". When examining this issue by first educating oneself on the purpose of marriage and its benefits to society, anyone who's honest about the subject, whether homo or hetero, would have to say that yes, same-sex marriage is making marriage irrelevant. Of course, ... Read More of This [.....]

Homos Cause Outrage Once Again!

That's right, they're still at it, upping the ante at every turn! Now through the "gay & lesbian" club, "MT Lambda", they have desecrated the American flag! More on this shocking behavior later in this post, but is it really any wonder that homosexuals outrage the patriotic people of this Christian nation, time and time again, with ... Read More of This [.....]