Cheating, Cucking & Feminism!

Wives cheating is up 40%!

We now tell women that they can have it all, that they can work and have a family and deserve to be sexually satisfied. And then when having it all is miserable and overwhelming, having affairs is the new Plan B. They demand equal division of home labor (they don’t count repairs of course) and one wife cheated because even though it was evenly split, she had to take care of the family calendar too (and we let women make decisions, because?).

These women won’t divorce though, because they know, contrary to what Feminism teaches, it’s devastating (they lived thru it as kids).

It’s interesting that in all of these conversations, the women always spoke of themselves: their wants, their “needs”, never speaking about what their children’s wants or needs are and were upset at the idea of spending time being actual wives and mothers.

The bottom line? While men are still expected to put their families first and to selflessly work as long and hard as they must, without complaining, to meet the needs of their family and as many of the “wants” as they can and now, on top of that, perform half of the housework and on top of that, take care of 100% of the “men’s work” at home. Again, without complaint.

Women on the other hand, thanks to Feminism, are taught that they can “have it all” and while men are called “absentee fathers” when they’re working a lot of hours each week and barely grt to even see their own children awake, women are taught that when they do this, it makes them “full time moms and full time career gals”.

Feminism teaches women to be selfish. To put themselves first and that their husband objecting is really “oppression from the patriarchy” and that marriage and family are just weights holding her down from “being all she can be” and that being a corporate drone equals “freedom”.

And of course, during all of this, meaning that she doesn’t have time for a family, she’s taught to say; “I’m all about my kids!”

This is the “modern wife and mother”. This is “progress”, we’re told by the progressives.

And the things is, they’re *choosing* this lifestyle! Oh, yes, did you forget already? Women get to *choose* whether to work or not. Only men *must* work. Even with no children, a woman can stay home and do only half the housework, because you see, even when wives don’t work, they’re still only responsible for half of the housework. Otherwise, to *expect* more is “oppression by the patriarchy.

Note: Remember back in the 70’s-80’s, when women were claiming that the housework they did for men was worth like $60k p/yr ($100k today)?

Question: Why didn’t they all get jobs cleaning houses?

Answer: Oh wait, that’s right! That job actually only paid about $10k p/yr!

Women are choosing to leave their kids with strangers and call that parenting; to throw a frozen dinner at her husband, snark at him to cook it himself and to make sure to get on the dishes and laundry and call that dinner, to never have sex with her husband because she’s “too tired” and make him feel like crap for being tired of hearing that, while having her affair, because she has to do the family calendar.

But it’s okay, because if he cheats, it’s his fault. And if you (she) cheats, well, that’s his faults too. He did “X” to “make her want to cheat”.

And if there is a divorce, have no worries (her)! She’ll get the kids, the house, the cars, the bank accounts, his tax refund, etc., etc., etc.. And she gets to tell everyone how evil he was and to brainwash her children into believing that their father is Satan.

Him? Oh, that’s easy! He gets the child support payments, the mortgage payments, the car payments and visits with his kids once a month, during which this tiny amount of time is spent with him trying to convince his children that he is not Satan.

How lovely!

So what do we have today?

* Women cheating because they have one more household chore than their husband does (they don’t count the fact that all work done on the actual house is done solely by him).

* Women who won’t divorce because they learned from their own childhoods when their mother latched onto the progressive idea that if it wasn’t fun anymore, then divorce was better for them and for the children (no one gave a sh*t how it affected the husband, even though he was emotionally and financially devastated every time). They found out though, that it is actually devastating for children, to have the stability they knew ripped out from under them and their lives thrown into turmoil, all because Mommy was bored and wanted to ride the c*ck carousel, while she’s still in the process of hitting the wall and not yet post-wall.

* Women not caring that much anymore if their husbands find out, figuring if the husband stays out of the concern of being financially devastated, then they’ll have a cucked husband and the best of both worlds, being “Alpha F*cks, Beta Bucks”. And given that she’s a woman, she’ll get to blame her husband for her cheating anyway (He didn’t pay enough attention to me!), sealing in her victim status, while he’s asked; “What did you do to make her want to cheat?”. Yes, once again, society making sure that a woman’s actions are consequence free!

Bottom Line: Women try to claim that saying they should be at home with the children is “sexist”, as if it’s just bigoted men saying it and therefore not true.

But wait a minute… aren’t women the ones with a uterus? I mean, how did they think babies get here?

And aren’t they the ones with the breasts that produce milk that’s far better for their baby than anything in a can? What did they think that white stuff was? Liquified corn flour?

And aren’t they the ones who are softer, gentler and the ones who don’t just tolerate young children, but are drawn to them and to giving birth and actually *become* *children* when playing with them?

How is it “sexist” to state what nature reveals to us? No, I’m sorry ladies, but simple, readibly demonstrable facts do not become sexist, just because you don’t like hearing them.

But of course “today’s woman”, who’s “all about her kids” figures she’s got a career to have and that a nanny (a stranger) is fine.

Or she’ll put off having kids until she’s older, because she bought into the Feminist lie that says “women age like fine wine” and so she’ll hump every guy in town, ending up being a wrinkled, vaginally loose, dead-eyed whore, who’s a faded shadow of herself and who’s now in a rush to have children and is hoping to find a beta willing to wife her post-wall ass up, just so she can use him for his beta bucks, to pay for her IVF sessions that she now needs, due to, you know, being old.

Thanks to Feminism, women are abandoning their God given role to give birth and to nurture their young children, which they call sexist.

Isn’t it interesting though, that these same women have zero problem with their husbands living out the “sexist” role of providing for her and the children.

“That’s what a man is supposed to do! He’s supposed to take care of his family!”, they hypocritically rant. They may even add in a, “That’s why God gave men bigger muscles!”, or, “That’s the way God intended it!”

Oh, really?! So, saying that because you’re a woman and women give birth and breast milk, that it’s your job to have the kids and be at home with them feeding them and nurturing them is sexist. But saying that because I’m a man and God gave me bigger muscles it’s therefore my duty to provide for my family is not sexist?

Ah yes, female logic! :-)

Women aren’t interested in actual equality anyway. See example above. They’re only interested in the “equality” that allows them to cherry pick the good stuff and leave the grunt work for men to do, while demanding “equal pay for equal work”, pretending that driving some paperwork to the office is the same as carrying 100 lb bags of cement.

Tell me now, why is it that we gave women the right to vote? Oh yea, they threatened to stop having sex with their husbands (true)! But hey, you can believe women when they claim that they don’t use sex as a weapon and never try to manipulate men by using sex. Of course you can! :-)

And knowing that women act like little children and throw tantrums when they don’t get their way and make even the most important life decisions on an emotional basis, why is it again that we as men said that we’d let them have a say in anything?

Hmmm… must’ve been a threat to go on a cooking strike. :-)

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