Climate Change? Or the Return of Christ?

Well, the Futurists strike again! Their last “Jesus is returning!” news item didn’t pan out, so now they’ve latched on to something else!

Like I said, the Futurists are all about trying to force fit the daily news into the Bible and telling us all about how whatever’s on the news that day is really Bible prophecy about the return of Christ. John Hagee takes this about as far as you can go with it and since his last claim about the news didn’t pan out (not that he, nor any other Futurist will ever admit that) and there’s nothing “big” on the news right now that he can attempt (badly) to twist into the Second Coming of Christ, he’s decided to attach that event to an ongoing issue; “Climate Change”!

Here’s a statement from the Hagee camp:

* “The Bible says that whenever we approach the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, that there would be strange weather patterns. Jesus said this in Matthew the Twenty-Fifth chapter. So we have a decision to make: do we believe what an environmentalist group says and choose to live in a world where we’re attempting to make everything as clean in the air as possible, or do we believe what the Bible says, that these things were going to happen and that rather than try to clean up all of the air and solve all of the problems of the world by eliminating factories, we should start to tell people about Jesus Christ who is to return?” *

Ok, first of all, no one has advocated “eliminating the factories”. While I’m sure that there are environmentalist groups who would love to see a world without factories, even they recognize that factories are a necessary evil and that’s why they rally to clean up how they operate, rather than “eliminate them”.

Secondly, Hagee is advocating not even believing that these factories are creating a problem in our air! According to Mr Hagee, we shouldn’t even believe scientists about things like weather. I think the meteorologists on our local news channels might have something to say about that! :-)

I’m sorry Mr Hagee, but any idiot can look at a smokestack and know that what’s coming out of there is not good for our environment! And if Mr Hagee wished to keep claiming that they are not bad for our air, then I challenge him to prove it, by going up to the top of any one of these smokestacks and sit there for even one hour and breathe wht’s coming out of them!

But let’s assume that the Futurist view is true and Jesus has yet to come. Why is it a choice for Mr Hagee and those in his camp? Why do we have to choose between cleaning up the air and telling people about Christ? Has Hagee ever thought about doing both? Of course not! And why not? Because to Hagee and those like him who preach that the daily news is the prophecies of the Bible coming true before our eyes, they simply cannot possibly be wrong! Their egos won’t let them acknowledge that possibility. And no matter how many news events that they claim are Bible prophecy, that turn out to be just another day in the news, neither Mr Hagee, nor any of the others will ever admit that they were wrong about anything they’ve claimed, not even once.

I do recognize that there is an ongoing debate about the changes in the climate and what’s causing it. But neither side is saying that there has not been any change to our environment. And it’s Hagee’s attitude that gets me! Read what he said. He doesn’t want people to live in a world where we even bother attempting to make anything better! I’m sorry, but didn’t God say something about being good caretakers of the earth that He gave us to live on? Hello???

The Futurist view is a fatalistic one, that spreads doom and gloom and has zero desire to help others in practical, “human” ways and which has zero desire to make the world a better place to live. Well, I’m sorry, but it is our Christian duty to help others in whatever way we can and I am reminded of what Jesus said about this exact thing (feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc.).

Of course, Hagee tries to make his statement sound justified, by saying that we should be warning people that Christ is about to return. But as I said, why is it a choice between telling people about Christ and helping to make the world a better place, which Hagee clearly stated that we should not bother to do? Why can’t we tell someone about Christ, while we hand them a sandwich? Why can’t we tell someone about Christ, while we work with them on trying to clean up factory emissions? Why does Hagee feel that cleaning up our environment eliminate the possibility of telling people about Jesus Christ?

The truth is, that it doesn’t. But there is something that it does eliminate. And that is the message that they’re selling. The message that “Jesus is coming in our time/generation”. The truth is, that if Jesus were coming in any other generation, then they have no ministry! And the funds flowing in stop! You see, they don’t call on the faithful for money to help people build a house for their family to live in, because that would be contrary to their message! After all, who needs a house to plan a life in, when Jesus is coming back any day now anyway? Get it? So they call for money “to spread the Gospel”, which to them, is the message that “Jesus is coming back soon”, by which they mean, “in our time today”. I guess Jesus doesn’t care if we eat until then. :-)

Isn’t it amazing that when these people quote the Bible where it says that “Jesus is coming back soon”, that it means “any day now” when they’re talking about us today, but when you point out that Jesus said that almost 2,000 years ago, then, all of the sudden, it means, “almost 2,000 years”? Yup! Then they start telling that “what Jesus really meant, was our time today”. Isn’t it amazing how that word can’t mean anything but our time today when end timers say it today, because after all, “soon = soon”, but when Jesus said it almost 2,000 years ago, well, then “soon = almost 2,000 years”?

For those of you who have not been agreeing with me about how important of an issue this “end times” debate is, are you starting to get it now? Hagee wants us to go and tell people who do not believe yet, all about this. Not about how Jesus lived and what He preached for daily living, nor even about all of the other important issues raised in the New Testament. But rather, about how Climate Change means that Jesus is returning now. About the end times being today. Forget about feeding people, or cleaning up the environment just in case they’re wrong. You just keep spreading the message that we should not bother doing any of that, because Jesus is coming!

Basically, he wants us to run around telling people; “Forget doing good things to help people! Just believe what I said right now, or you’re screwed folks, because here He comes!”.

Are you beginning to see the problem here? Are you beginning to understand now just how important what you believe about the end times is and just how big of an issue it really is? How it shapes your entire world view? Especially about what you should be telling people and about how you should be treating others right now, today?

You see, in the Futurist world, you needn’t bother tryng to do anything to make the world a better place, because it’s just not going to matter anyway. In the Futurist view, there is no hope! Any kind of hope for our generation is gone in their minds.

But here’s the question that they’ll never ask themselves, no matter how many times they preach their false messages about today’s news broadcast (and tomorrow’s and the next days and the next, etc., etc.);

“What if I’m wrong about this issue on today’s news broadcast equaling the fulfillment of Bible prophecy and the return of Christ?”

Let’s be real here. Since they do this with every single political, military, or environment story they see, or read about in the news, claiming that each one of these news stories is about the return of Christ, it means that they’ve been wrong every time, for tens of thousands of times now! And that’s just counting the last “X” number of generations, since the Futurism craze has taken hold (Futurism was not always the mainstream view within the church)! Do yourself a favor. Search the Internet for end times predictions and even just the number of famous ones that you’ll find in a web search will blow your mind!

But have you ever once seen/heard them admit that? That any, even one of their “predictions” were wrong? No, of course not! They don’t even acknowledge that what they said would happen, did not happen!

For example, how many military conflicts have you seen on TV, immediately followed by; “Uh oh! Here comes Armageddon!”.

But did Armageddon happen folks? No. Of course it didn’t. But were there any admissions of an erroneous prediction; of an erroneous teaching, which is what it was? Of course not!

The thing is, I wouldn’t be so hard on them about this, but they bring it on themselves, because they don’t leave any room for being wrong. I.e., when they preach their predictions, they state them as absolute fact and don’t you dare doubt it! In their minds, they simply cannot be wrong! It will happen, you can count on it and that’s that! And if you don’t believe them, then you’re going to be “left behind”, or “doomed forever”, or you’ll “burn in Hell”, or whatever it is that their particular Futurist doctrine says will happen to you for not falling in line each and every time.

And we haven’t even discussed how these end timers twist Scripture into a pretzel trying to make their doctrines work and have absolutely no problem with adding words to those very same Scriptures, then claiming that; “The Bible says so!”.

Look at the examples I gave above. Like for the word “generation” and the word “soon”. They tell us that what Jesus “really meant was…”. And when just talking about their doctrine without that being challenged, talking about those same passages, they’ll tell someone that, “The Bible says… “. But in reality it doesn’t and they’re adding words to it, like “the generation alive at the time when these things happen”. Where did Jesus say all that?!

These people first assume that their doctrine is true and then because they assume it’s true, arrows become missiles, horses become tanks, prophecy becomes what you saw today on the news. And the saddest part is, that when point out their method of operation to them (even with kindness), they will deny that that’s what they’re doing. They either cannot see it, or can but are afraid to let go of their doctrine, because they think that letting go of their end times doctrine means letting go of Christianity. Like I said, ones end times view is of extreme importance, because the Futurist churches today are equating the end times view that they preach, with whether or not one is a Christian. Either you conform to it, or you are not saved! I can’t count how many times Futurists, after losing a debate, claim that I’m not a Christian, in an attempt to change the subject from how they have added words to the Scriptures!

And John Hagee just gave us a perfect example of this! Look again at John Hagee’s latest “prediction”. He says that Matthew 25 says his claim is true!

To quote the statement again;

“The Bible says that whenever we approach the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, that there would be strange weather patterns. Jesus said this in Matthew the Twenty-Fifth chapter.”

Really?! Where are the words; “strange weather patterns” found in Matthew 25? And I’m not being overly literal here. I’ve read Matthew 25 hundreds of times and I haven’t seen one single word about Climate Change in it! Read the entire chapter and show me even one single word about it in there. The truth is, there isn’t anything about the “weather” at all in that chapter. Not one single word about it!

The truth is, because of all the failed predictions, people are laughing at Christianity today. And the truth is, that believers are leaving the faith over these very same failed predictions! You can only hear about news broadcasts just so many times; “This is it! Bible prophecy being fulfilled! Jesus is coming back now!”, before you get sick and tired of Him not returning and decide that it’s all a farce! And yes, that is entirely the fault of the Futurists! They are the ones making the predictions and claiming that they cannot be wrong about it each and every single time!

Did you know that Matthew 24:34 is the most oft quoted reason for ministers leaving the pulpit? Specifically, it is the Futirist interpretation that’s causing this to occur with so many ministers. For generations they have been taught that Jesus was talking about “this generation”, meaning the one they’re in and that each day the news was “Bible prophecy being fulfilled and signaling the return of Christ” and it just kept not happening and they just got sick and tired of it and they could no longer look their congregants in the eye and keep making the same claims. And they would go back to read that Scripture (and others) again and again and it just became clearer and clearer to them that Jesus was not talking about some “far off” generation, but that one right there.

But you see, since they had been taught the contradictory idea tat Jesus was speaking in a physically literal fashion, instead of the same way that God had spoke to His people in previously fulfilled prophecies all through the Old Testament (Isa 13 & 34, for example), they figured that if Jesus was speaking about the same generation that He lived in and it was clear that He was, then He must have failed to return. And they assumed this, because they also realized that there are not three or four returns of Christ, as various Futurist doctrines claim without admitting it (1,000 year reisgn, Rapture, etc.). There was indeed one return and since He said it would occur within that same generation, He must have failed and was not who He said He is.

Don’t believe that? Starting reading some Atheist web sites. What many folks do not realize, is that these people did not start out as atheists. Many of them (probably most of them) started out as Christians. And they specifically left the faith because of all of this end times stuff. And they specifically make fun of the Christian faith, because of this end times stuff!

And what these Futurists don’t get, is that they’re 100% fully justified for doing so! These so called “predictions” are a joke! So it’s no wonder these people make a joke out of the Christian faith!

And these people leave the faith, because they aren’t even aware that there is an alternative to repeatedly looking like an idiot to the world. That alternative being Preterism. Look into it. But do yourself a favor and look at more than Futurist web sites. And try to see that just like the evolutionists, they assume their doctrine first and then try to force fit the Bible into it. And that is the difference between Preterism and Futurism. Preterism has the opposite approach. It looks at Scripture (“this generation”) first and then the doctrine forms.

God bless!

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