Denny Crane & Abortion

COMMENT: Given the obvious far left leaning of the mainstream media, I was thoroughly stunned that they actually let the Conservative view even be spoken in this episode! At least without it being ridiculed and then the writers having the Conservative character just stand there silent and looking stupid afterward!

SETUP: TV Show “Boston Legal”. Attorneys “Alan Shore” (Liberal), “Denny Crane” (Conservative) and “Shirley Schmidt” (Moderate-Left), discussing a case involving a 15 year old girl seeking a ruling saying that she can get an abortion against her parents’ wishes.

SCENE: Shirley Schmidt declines the case, but Alan Shore (far left) takes the case, against the wishes of Denny Crane (his boss).

SCENE: Conversation between Alan Shore and Denny Crane, then Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt.

LIBERAL PREMISE: What’s important is what’s in the best interest of this pregnant 15 year old girl.

DENNY CRANE: What about the baby’s best interest? Does that matter?

ALAN SHORE: You listen to me right now. If you’re gonna spew your politics all over this, Iet me…

CRANE: Politics? A baby’s politics?

SHORE: Denny, I respect your position on the issue. You need to respect the client’s.

CRANE: No, I don’t. She’s a kid.

SHORE: Nevertheless, she has the right to choose.

CRANE: The right to… What about her responsibility?

SHORE: Look…

CRANE: What about the baby’s right?

SHORE: The fetus doesn’t have a legal right…

CRANE: Fetus. Does that make it sound less human? Does that make it easier, like calling it a procedure instead of an abortion, or what it really is?

Later, when Alan Shore expressed his concern to Denny Crane, that parental consent laws were “chipping away” at the Roe decision, Denny observed;

“You pro-choice people, you need Roe vs. Wade. You’re desperate for it! Not because you’re sure of your opinion, but because you’re not. You need to cling to that ruling as moral validation, for a position you’re not entirely comfortable with deep down.”

Problem for the Pro-Abortionists: A legal ruling in ones favor does not automatically equal moral validation. The law doesn’t seek moral rulings. But those with no valid moral argument cling to them as if they do because of this and because they know that morality is probably not on their side. These were Denny’s point.

Viewers also see Alan Shore and his colleague Shirley Schmidt, struggle with their pasts.

At one point, when Schmidt is wondering if they’re right to engage in a fight against parental rights, Shirley tells Alan;

“And I can also tell you from personal experience, anyone who has gotten an abortion – you never get over it. Trust me. No matter how pro-choice you are!”

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