Difficult Gravity?

I have made it clear that I believe that this generation for the most part, is about as educated as a box of rocks.  In fact, I can’t even understand how most people land the jobs that they do!

Of course, people hear me say that and figure it’s just me being overcritical.  But I do remember a time when bad spelling was unacceptable and the only stupid question is the one that’s not asked.

And I remember when the newspaper was sorted in order every day by the newspaper company and the Sunday newspaper was sorted manually before it could be sold. I remember working at a store and having to sort every copy of that big Sunday newspaper before we were allowed to sell them!

But I also remember not too long ago, watching a young person trying to sort their own Sunday newspaper and getting confused. Apparently, the alphabet is a big problem for our youth today! :)

And all of us who can perform basic math, have many times, given that extra bit of change to pay for something, to get an even dollar, or quarter(s) for change back and it didn’t use to be a problem. And the cashiers did the calculations in their heads in a couple of seconds.

But the last time I tried to do that, it didn’t go over quite as smoothly. :)

The items came to $9.77. I gave the roughly 16 year old girl $10.02, expecting that she would understand that I wanted a quarter back, instead of two dimes and three pennies.

Guess what? She didn’t. Instead, she looked at what I gave her, looked at me and then looked back at what I gave her, stared at it a bit and then tried to hand me back the two cents, telling me that I gave her too much, as if I had just made the mistake.

I said to her; “No, no, sweetheart. That’s what I meant to give you.”

She looked at me puzzingly and then back at the money again and then at me again, saying nothing.

Not being fully able to believe what was happening, but trying to be polite, I finally said to her; “Trust me. Just punch it in.”

She did. But when the amount came up, she still didn’t get it, until after she had grabbed the quarter and was putting it in my hand. And then came the; “Ooooooohhh!”.

Getting back to spelling, look at the articles written today and you see all of the mistakes!

Don’t get me wrong, nobody’s perfect and I’m not saying that I never make a mistake. But then again, I don’t have a spell checker and I type every post for this blog on my phone in the WordPress app, which again, does not have a spell checker. And when you see an error in one of my posts, it’s a typo, not the lack of ability to spell.

Words are important, folks! They are how we communicate!

Can you imagine if everyone spelled words differently?!

I mean, at least those who write for a living, should be able to spell, don’t ya think? Or at least the editor should be an excellent speller!

Do you remember when the editors job was to catch and correct mistakes and make reporters rewrite the stories when they had grammar problems?  Apparently, they don’t do that anymore. Now they just have the title!

Some may argue that an editor doesn’t need to any more, with spell checkers being available. But apparently, today’s generation can’t even figure out how to use those, since it’s fairly easy to find spelling and wording (grammar) errors in articles these days!

As I said, I remember a time when bad spelling was simple unacceptable.

And I also remember a time when the only stupid question was the one that wasn’t asked.

But it appears that even that’s no longer true today, as proven by a reporter from “Azteca TV”, who was interviewing the director of the movie “Gravity” and asked him the following question;

“What were the technical and human difficulties of filming in space?”

‘Nuff said? :)

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