Do You Like Young Sluts?

‘Cause the underage “Cash-Me Outside Girl” strikes again!

Part of this (in the first part) is quotes and paraphrases from the article.  You really should read the article here.

Our sick, immoral society (yes, you) continues to reward and even cultivate anti-social girls of non-legal age, who act like sluts.  Jailbait is jailbait for a reason!  Yet many people are supporting the sexualization of pre-legal pubescent and adolescent girls.

Now meet the new poster girl, 14yo Danielle Bregoli, the “Cash-Me Outside” Girl, first seen on the Dr Phil Show and now a soon-to-be MultiMillionaire, whose mother has hurtled her down the path to drug addiction, pornographic videos and other malaises by the time she reaches adulthood!

This troubled teenager has now released a new rap video (see article) celebrating promiscuity, attention-whoring and the inability to speak the English language properly and it’s getting lots of likes (of course)!  And her slut-like behavior and debauchery and violent tendencies, which were first revealed on the Dr Phil Show will soon be rewarded financially.

And since boys in single mother homes grow up to be mommas-boy whimps because there’s no one in the house to teach them to be a real man and the girls grow up to be sluts, since Mom in these situation is almost always a slut, jumping from man to man and sleeping with each (what does she think that will teach her young daughter?) and so she does what she sees and because she keeps trying to replace the male attention and affection that’s not at home (and teenage boys are looking for more than just hugs and a movie), it should be no surprise that there’s no father present in her home!

But don’t blame Dad.  As is always true, if there’s one thing that literally 99% of single mothers lie to their children about, it’s why Dad’s not there.  And because of her telling her child this lie and even lying in court to keep the father away, millions upon millions of children in this country and even more in the West as a whole falsely believe that their father has abandoned them.  And when they turn 18 years old, if their father tries to explain to them what happened, they won’t believe him and will hate him even more for telling this truth, continuing to and preferring to believe Mom’s lie, not just because she’s “Mom”, but also because she’s a woman and society teaches us from Kindergarten up, that “girls are sugar and spice and everything nice” and boys are rough stuff.  That women should always be presumed innocent and only men will lie, be violent, etc..

But thanks to the magic of TV making this “family” popular enough to investigate, we now know that her cop father tried to keep regular contact with Danielle, but was denied for all this time.  Between her mother and what we all know are women’s courts in these matters, this man had no shot at seeing his daughter and dismantling her mother’s lies, while it was still early enough in her childhood to do so, by being not only a present, but a real father to her.

And guess what?  Her father, with his second wife, is now raising a normal, loving, two-parent family.

Meanwhile her mother tries to play the victim of her daughter’s violence and attitude.

No, lady!  You are not the victim!  She is and so is her father and her half-siblings who don’t get to see her and have a good relationship with her as what would have been a normal child had they been able to do so throughout her childhood years, all because of your lies!  And now you’re simply facing the consequences of those lies!

But since women are raised being taught to believe that they’re never wrong and to never apologize, she’ll never get the fact that just because a woman doesn’t want to see the father of their (not her) children anymore, that does not mean it’s okay to cut him out of their children’s lives and lie about why he’s not there so they’ll hate him too.

But in today’s “You go, grrrl!” and “You don’t need no man!” society, where if the father works a lot he’s an “absentee father”, but if the mother does the same, she’s a “full time career gal and a full time mom” and a woman “can do it all by herself and doesn’t need a man to complete her, or a family”, what do you expect?  Besides the fact that it’s a load of crap, who are the ones whose needs are not being considered in what it is that constitutes a “complete” family?  Chances are, if it takes a man and a woman to make a family, then it will take a man and a woman to properly raise a family.

But today’s woman is taught that she “can have it all” without a man.  So when a single woman decides she wants a baby, she literally says, “I want a baby!”.  No father being present in the child’s life needed.  She’ll just keep going out night after night being a slut with random guys until she’s pregnant.  And the guy will never know!  She won’t even know which guy it was!  In fact, as we all know, she won’t even care!  Yea, she’ll be a wonderful teacher for her child, huh?  Oh, but remember to never call any woman a slut, okay?

But the first problem (the second is obvious) was in the first two words of her statement (I want a baby!”) that started it all.

Before even getting pregnant, she said, “I want…”, instead of, “My children will need…”.

Maybe if she started with that instead, she would decided to make sure that the children had both parents in their lives.  What a difference that could make!

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