Should Men Be Educated? Or Kangaroo Raped?

Educ Sec Betsy DeVos is revamping the Obama-era procedures involving campus Sexual Assault, which she calls; “Weaponized Title IX”, because many rape accusations are false, yet the system is based on the claim by Feminists that women *never* lie about being raped, even though it’s easy to find proof that they do (just Google “Jackie”, “UVA” and “Rape”)!

In fact, the NYPD’s Sexual Victims Unit puts false rape accusations at 42% and say it’s probably higher.

So at minimum, almost half of rape accusations are false (and I’m sure it’s much higher when it’s a community of immature teens and early twenty-somethings whose brains science has proved don’t properly process consequences yet), but colleges just take the woman’s word for it and expel the accused men and ruin their entire lives without any evidence at all? None? Just “she said so”? Yup!

And so the accusers are taken at their word and the burden of proof is put on the accused (male) to prove their innocence. However, the accused is not allowed to present most of his evidence, especially if it proves his innocence. Seriously. It’s completely ignored and not even looked at. The accused may have a lawyer, but his lawyer is not allowed to speak. Seriously. You think I’m making this stuff up. I’m not. This has actually what’s been happening! Men have brought texts from the girl saying what a great time she had and how they want to do it again and these “judges” have refused to even look at the texts and have expelled the male student!

To top it all off, the panel that decides his guilt or innocence is not made up of judges, or attorneys. It’s made up of administration, usually women, in addition to maybe a Feminist professor from “Gender Studies”, which is the new name for “Feminist Studies”, where new male students must go through classes that teach them that every problem in the world (intersectionality) is their fault because of their “toxic masculinity” (i.e., “masculinity is toxic”) and by one or more students, usually girls getting a degree in said Gender Studies.

In other words, a bunch of Radical Feminists will be his judges. Why? Because shrieking Feminists who claim there are no false rape accusations and who decided they were going to “empower women” by making sure these accused men were found guilty and expelled, literally shrieked; “Patriarchy!” and they were made the judges of rape hearings. It was that simple! Feminists wield immense power at our colleges today!

And of course, once that’s on your record, you’re not getting in anywhere else. Your future as a minimum wage worker (you can’t list college) is set! And all because you didn’t want to see her again and that pissed her off and so she accused you of rape! In fact, this exact scenario was just in the news (not the Liberal MSM, of course).

On the rare occasion that a man is found innocent, because the panel also had a couple of men on it at one of the schools, the Feminist shrieking began and the next thing you know, the men are replaced with Feminists, who hold these mens’ education in their hands! And the problem is, that all of the men are judged “Guilty” before they even enter the room! Why? Because as I point out below, they believe that “the cause” is more important than any innocent man’s future!

This is all true! Not one word of this is an exaggeration! And in fact, on top of all of that, what you also don’t know, is that they had quotas of a sort. To show that they were doing something “to curb sexual assault”, or they’d lose the Federal Funding for their school.

But remember, the phony “1 in 5 women at colleges are sexually assaulted” number comes from a survey that groups everything together as “sexual assault”.

For example; “Did you ever kiss a boy and then later think that maybe you didn’t want to after all?”

Or, “Has a boy ever brushed against you passing by and you felt a bit uncomfortable?”

Yes folks, these questions are grouped in with questions about actual sexual assault and that’s how they come up with their “1 in 5” number! But federally compiled (from all states) statistics regarding actual sexual assaults show that women are actually much safer on college campuses than elsewhere!

Back to the point: The end result, according to DeVos, is students whose lives are ruined by false accusations that will follow them for the rest of their college careers and into adulthood, while those who make the false accusations rarely face any consequences at all.

In fact, Google “mattress girl” and you’ll find Emma Sulcowicz, who made a false rape accusation. Not only did she text the guy the next day, but she even went so far as to not only say how much she enjoyed him banging her, but how she wanted him to bang her in the ass that next night.

So here’s your rape accuser. This guy was smart though and leaked the texts, putting the school in an awkward position trying to convict him!

So what did Emma do? She doubled down on her lie and dragged her mattress that she falsely claimed to have been raped on with her around campus at all times and said she would keep doing it until she “got justice”. And of course, women supported her!

The consequences for falsely accusing a man of rape and doubling down on her well known lie? She was invited by male feminist mangina Obama who “just believes her” to the White House to speak to the nation as a rape victim. Oh, excuse me, “survivor”, in the face of her terrible ordeal!

The Feminist response? They all said that it doesn’t matter if an accusation is false and a man spends years, or his life in prison because of it. The “cause” (apparently to imprison men) is “too important” and besides they say, “all men are rapists anyway”.

But remember this: when a woman is really, actually raped, she feels shame and embarassment. So much so, that she just wants to curl up in a ball and die! SHE WILL BLAME HERSELF! And so the last thing she wants is a public spectacle! She does not, for example, drag her mattress around campus with a beaming smile on her face everytime someone gives her attention for it! And she damn sure wouldn’t be able to speak at the White House so soon after it supposedly happened!

Know this; All public rape/sexual assault accusations are probably false and highly suspect at best!

So why are men at colleges even going near the women there?

Three reasons:

1) College students live in their own little bubble there, where what they see and hear and even the college paper they read is printed by far-left liberals, so of course they don’t hear about this stuff.

2) When innocent men are accused of rape or sexual assault there, they have no clue what they’re in for. They assume that since they’re innocent, there can’t be any evidence of their guilt and besides, just look at what the girl wrote to me the next day! They have no clue they’re already guilty because they’re male and they won’t be allowed to show those texts.

3) Mens’ attitude toward women is what’s been drilled into them their whole life: that women are sweet and innocent and don’t lie and if things didn’t work out it must be his fault. Men are raised being taught to just believe women, who are always to be thought of as pure and innocent virginal beings, without any critical examination at all.

So let me get this straight… Every relationship that ended badly, ever, throughout time, it was/is/will always be, the guy who’s in the wrong?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet that’s what you believe. Examine yourself.

Even when a woman’s caught cheating, the man gets blamed.

If the man cheats, he’s a dog! There is no excuse for it, period!

If the woman cheats, then we’re supposed to ask; “What did he do to make her want to cheat? He probably didn’t give her enough attention!”

So you’re working a lot to pay for the things she wants (nice house, car, etc.) and because you can’t be home all the time, she cheats on you. You get angry of course, but then she pulls the old faithful, “You don’t pay enough attention to me!” card out and suddenly it’s your fault in the eyes of the world and instead of kicking the lying slut’s ass to the curb, you actually start blaming yourself and try to figure out how to pay for everything (because you know she won’t give the stuff up, yet you don’t think of her as the golddigging user bitch that she is) and to also spend more time with her, all so that she won’t give it up to another guy, because if she does it’s your fault, right?

Of course she loves you! She said so and women don’t lie!

Do you get it now, you blue pill, lapdog, simp? That’s #3! “MY girl would NEVER do that TO ME!”

No, of course not! You’re special and women never lie! Your momma, a women, taught you that. And she wouldn’t lie to you (Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy).

And so these young, inexperienced, “women don’t lie” college men never see it coming!

There’s a reason for the saying; “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”

What you must understand is that when it comes to revenge, women of any age have no sense of justice (punishment equal to the crime)! I mean, what would you consider justice for someone seeing a night with you as a one night stand, when you see it as more? Wouldn’t just getting over it, like women tell men to do when the man thinks it was more than it was, be the prescription here? I mean, in today’s society, as long as you didn’t say it would be more, is seeing a night with someone as a one night stand a crime?

But to a woman who thinks she’s been scorned scorned, if she thinks it was more, then it was more! They actually believe that whatever they think is what it is and that you know that without them saying it, just because they thought it! And they actually believe that they determine what’s what. How many times have you (men) been left confused by this and then when they finally do say it because you look confused, they looked at you like you were stupid because you didn’t “know”? And then of course they ask; “Why don’t men get it?”

But here’s where the “scorn” comes in: if the man doesn’t comply, then he should pay with the rest of his life for not deciding to see her again. He should be expelled, arrested, convicted and spend years in prison for it! And she will have no problem lying on the stand! Women do it all the time.

I’m not kidding. I showed you two examples of what women do in this post. And I can easily call up thousands more from the past two years alone, showing exactly that scenario! How many innocent so called “rapists” are sitting in prison? You think those were all just innocently mistaken ID’s? Yea, right! Hey pal, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I wanna sell ya!

But here you are. This is you, “just believing” them.

But if you are a male in college, or know of one (son?), then I strongly advise you to warn them! At least until Betty DeVos gets a handle on this! Because until then, it’s a Kangaroo Court and they’re gonna get kangaroo raped!

And in the mean time, take the Red Pill!

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