Draft? Me (Women)? Oh, Hell No!

Let’s be clear about this!  The women polled on whether or not women should have to register for the draft (the bill passed in the House Panel) do not want that to happen!

You see, while women are quick to try to get any and all of the benefits that their FemiNazi, “You Go Grrrl!” mantra can get them, knowing that they’ll get the benefits, but not the downside, as is usually the case, that’s all they’ve ever want!  What they do not want, is any of the negatives that go with it and will fight, fight, fight to keep from having to experience those, constantly and consistently revealing themselves to be the hypocrites that they are (feminists, not all women)!

The FemiNazis want and demand access to every part of the military and they were happy when they were able to get President Whipped Obama and the entire United States Armed Forces to kowtow under to their demands!  But tell them that also means that they’ll have to register for the Draft and all of the sudden, the military is the Devil!

“How dare they actually expect us (women) to register for the Draft, just because we (women) want equality in the military!  What is wrong with those misogynists, that they think that’s okay?!”

Here’s the reality: If you want the benefits, some negatives will come with it!  It’s just how it is, ladies!  Sorry!

I am against having women in the military at all!  And that’s not because I’m a misogynist.  It’s because physically, women are the weaker sex.  That’s not an opinion.  It just a cold, hard fact.

But if you’re going to have women be able to join the military, become offivers, etc., then the must also sign up for the Draft as well!

No more “pussy passes” (a free pass from the downside of, or penalty from words, or actions)!

I.e., You have to take the bad with the good, or you don’t get the good!

And no more lowered standards, just to make sure you can pass!  If you wish to claim to be equal, then you must pass the exact same test as the men do, or you don’t get in!  Anything else weakens our military and threatens our freedom!

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