Evolution Means the Bible Is False!

There are those who call themselves Christians, who also claim that both the Bible and evolution are true. They are called, “Theistic Evolutionists”. But as you will see, it is impossible for both to be true. That is, if you are honest with yourself and objective, unafraid that your world-view might change.

First of all, what most do not realize, is just how the belief in evolution undermines the Scriptures in multiple places, in Genesis – Revelation.

But before getting to that, you must ask yourself some questions:

1) Do you believe the Bible to be the infallible word of the living God?

2) Do you believe that when the word of God and the word of man conflict, that it means that man is wrong?

3) Do you understand that scientists are not inerrant gods who must be worshipped as the source of truth; that they are fallible men who make mistakes and even lie and rig results to further their own agendas, even as a group, due to their world-view?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then you should continue reading.

If you answered no to any of them, then you may wish to stop here, since you probably won’t like what you read. :)

And just FYI, I don’t really care what you think you are, you certainly should not be calling yourself a Christian. Christians do not place the word of man, or men, no matter how many may agree on/believe something, over the word of God. It’s really that simple.

After all, what did you think worshipping God meant? :)

As far as evolution is concerned…

First, it is important to note that contrary to the many claims, evolution of one kind to another has never been proved. No matter how many times the evolutionists claim, “The fossil record proves it!”, there is no such thing as a record of fossils that show the evolution of one kind to another, nor has this ever been observed, nor are there any tests that can demonstrate it. And unfortunately for evolutionists, for something to be considered “science”, it absolutely must be able to be verified by one of the following two methods:

1) Direct Observation.

Note that I said direct observation! Not evolutionists claiming that;

“We can observe it by looking at the fossil record and then infer it through that.”

That would be INdirect observation.

And to “infer” something means to believe something about something, based on your view/opinion about what the evidence dictates, which is always based on your own personal, preassumed world-view.

That is nowhere near the same planet as direct observation!

Direct observation is like when you watch a ball drop. You actually see the ball drop, as it drops. That is direct observation!

Furthermore, how can one “infer” evolution from the fossil record, when there is no such thing as even one single chain of fossils going from one kind, to another?

No folks! Evolution is their belief! And since there is no proof, it is a faith based belief!

2) Repeatable Test Results.

Very simply put, this means that you can run the same exact test over and over again and get the same exact result(s) every single time.

The fact is, that there isn’t one single test that can be performed, that proves the evolution of one kind to another kind.

Given these facts, this is not about “science vs religion”, but “the religion of atheism vs God’s word”.

And just as a note, when you bring up the “ape-to-man”, or “monkey-to-man” evolution (whichever you prefer), evolutionists will try to claim that they’re not saying that man evolved from ape, but that ape and man branched off from the same common ancestor.

But don’t fall for this ploy, folks! Instead, start asking questions and watch them start fumbling and stuttering! :)

First of all, ask them; And what was this “common ancestor”?

Their answer will have have to be; “A type of ape”

…to which you should respond; “So a type of ape is not an ape?”.

After you’ve had enough of the awkward (for them) silence that follows, next ask them; “What type of ape was it and why don’t we have any fossils from?”.

You may get an “I don’t know.”, to which you should respond by asking; “So how do you know it’s true then, since you said that it’s the fossil record that proves it?”, but these days, the most common response seems to be;

“Maybe it was a sea monkey and because it lived in water, that’s why we don’t have any fossils.”

The obvious question is; “If you don’t have any fossils, then why do you believe it? And why do you claim that it’s fossils that prove what you believe?”.

But tho stick to the point, the question is; “So how does that mean that we’re not talking apes/monkeys here?”.

The point I’m making, is that yes they are talking about the evolution of some type of ape to man! They even call man a primate; a type of ape!

And let me ask you, if “goo to you, by way of the zoo” is “science”, then why is it when someone knowledgeable starts to question their claims, that they try to use these ploys?

I mean, who would have to use such lies (It wasn’t an ape?) and trickery (Maybe they were sea monkeys?) and play word games (A type of ape is not an ape?), if they’re being honest and it’s proven science?!

But let’s look at how evolution means that the Bible is wrong.

First of all, in Genesis, we are told that God created man in His own image.

So is God an “ape-god”?

Or did He used to be and then He “evolved”?

We are also told in Genesis, that Adam and Eve committed the “original sin”. But if evolution is true, then there is no such thing, since man is an evolving animal and was acting just as God created him to! As an animal!

How can God hold an animal responsible for acting on its natural animal urges?

By believing in “goo to you, by way of the zoo” evolution, what you’re saying, is that God created animals with animal natures, which would make them innocent of any wrong-doing by eating the fruit, just so that He could just get His sadistic kicks by punishing them.

Is that your idea of the Christian faith?

If you believe in evolution, then you have no choice whether you like that being what you’re saying or not!

Furthermore, how can God hold one single “ape couple” responsible for something? Evolution means there were lots of apes of varying degrees of evolution running around!

How can there be various types of “apes to men” running around and only one gets held responsible? And why are we told that God created only Adam in His image, when evolution means that lots of “Adams” were running around?

This is simply another very large contradiction between evolution and Scripture!

And why did God consider Cain killing Abel a sin, when lots of animals are killing each other and besides, aren’t we animals too?

“But animals only kill for food!”, the evolutionist will say.

First of all, since you classify man as an animal, that’s not true! You can’t classify man as something else whenever it’s convenient for your argument!

But to address such a comment, even on those terms, unfortunately for the evolutionists, it’s still not true! Animals kill for other reasons as well!

Animals kill for territory, for someone elses food (to take it away from them), out of rage, to prove their the toughest kid on the block so that they will be the leader (in other words, for power) and yes, for that age old reason that lots of humans have killed for! “Ain’t nobody gonna touch my man/woman!”.

Now given these facts, if man is just another animal, then why should he be held accountable when he kills for the same reasons all animals kill for?

And how can you excuse every other animal by saying that they’re just acting the way that their animal nature tells them to and then not excuse man in the same way? After all, if man is doing these things and man is an animal, then he is also merely acting as his animal nature tells him to!

You can’t have it boths ways! You can’t claim that man is an animal and claim that he should not act like one!

And you can’t have your kids being taught in schools that they’re animals and then be stupified as to why they’re acting like animals!

And this is another contradiction between evolution and the Bible!

It is clear that God has made a difference between man and animals and it is clear in the Bible that nowhere in it does God consider man to be an animal. It is also clear that God set man to rule over the animal kingdom, not to be part of it!

Furthermore, in both Genesis and Corinthians, the Bible says that death came by sin and sin came by Adam. But evolution teaches that lots of things lived and died before Adam.

This is a huge, huge conflict between the Bible and evolution! And no matter how bad theistic evolutionists want to avoid facing it, there is simply no way to get around this simple fact!

This is not just some story, like evolutionists try to pretend it is! The entire premise of the Bible is built on this original sin!

Jesus was sent to redeem us from original sin. We are taught that throughout the Scriptures and specifically in Corinthians! That Adam caused original sin and that Jesus died specifically to redeem us from the original sin that Adam caused! Jesus is even called “the second Adam” by Paul, in that very same section of that very same letter (1 Cor 15)!

The bottom line is this; If there is no real, actual original sin, then there is no need for the Redeemer from that original sin! Why would there be any need for a Redeemer from original sin, without the original sin?

If there is no original sin, then God is just a sadistic son-of-a-bitch, who was just out to torture His Son! Forget the Romans! Forget the Jews! God the Father was the biggest “Jesus hater” of all! If evolution, “goo to you, by way of the zoo” is true, that is!

And while we’re talking about Jesus, who and what was He, after all?

If the Bible is true, then He is God’s Son and mankind’s Redeemer.

But if evolution is true, then Jesus was simply the product of evolution. A made over monkey! How could He be anything else?

But of course, the theistic evolutionists would also claim that God said what He did in Genesis, because back then, man would not have understood evolution.

Huh? Mankind could not have understood;

“And God made apes. And over a great amount of time, God turned some of these apes into man.”

Really? Do they really want us to believe that man could not have understood those words? Especially given that even today, no one can claim to understand the exact mechanism? By their logic, it shouldn’t be mentioned in writings today then!

The Bible teaches that God created everything through Christ (John 1:1-3,14). Christ created it all. So certainly He would know!

Let’s look at what our Lord Jesus Christ had to say about the Creation event and the time involved. He did address it, when He was responding to a question about divorce.

“But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife.”
– Mark 10:6-7

Note when Jesus said that Adam and Eve were created (confirming the Genesis account as a historical event).

Look at it again, more carefully.

…from the beginning of the Creation.

So man was created at the beginning! He did not “appear billions of years later”!

Now either Jesus Christ was a liar who gave a false teaching, or He was deluded! Either way, if He was wrong, then He cannot be the Lord; the Creator!

Finally, we are left with Revelation. And what is it that we should think about when it comes to evolution?

Well, very simply, End Times Futurists believe that Revelation is about the redemption of this physical Earth and mans physical body. But it amazes me how theistic evolutionists can hold this view as Futurists!

First of all, if they’re right, then Revelation can’t be anything more than a story and not reality!

Think about it… Genesis is about our fall due to the original sin of Adam and Revelation is about our redemption from that very same original sin!

So by what right do theistic evolutionists negate Genesis, but accept Revelation?!

You can’t have one, without the other! If you remove one, then both fall and when the “bookends” of Scripture, which support all of the books in-between fall, what do you think happens to all of the books they were holding up? That’s right! They fall down flat, right along with them!

Furthermore, if evolution is true, then there’s also another reason that both bookends fall. And that’s simply that evolution causes a major problem with the creation of man, in that man is definitely, without doubt, presented as the pinnacle of God’s creation. God’s “ultimate achievement” in the creation process, if you will.

But if “goo to you” evolution is true, then man is still evolving and therefore cannot be the pinnacle of God’s creation! Man cannot even be the end of God’s plan!

Look, you can be a “Theistic Evolutionist” all you want. But what you cannot be, is a “Christian Evolutionist”. It’s a self-contradiction! An oxymoron!

And no, an “oxymoron” is not “a really stupid ox”. :)

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