The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round!

This past January, 3 black female SUNY (State University of New York, at Albania) students filed a report claiming to have been the victims of a racially motivated attack on a CDTA bus, by a dozen white students, which included racial slurs and physical violence, all while, they claimed, the other passengers refused to help.

Of course, according to blacks and their white sympathizers, blacks never say or do anything wrong and are always the victim(s), so of course, before the facts were in, people jumped right on the bandwagon and started condemning the dozen whites and the rest of the passengers, who were obviously guilty of this awful, awful crime, because you know, whites are always guilty and blacks are always innocent!

And so, of course, before any evidence was examined;

Black students went nuts at the campus, prompting SUNY President Robert Jones to respond by vowing to track them down and if they were SUNY students, punish them.

BLM got involved, denouncing the attack and demanding justice.

Even Hillary Clinton got involved, tweeting that this sort of thing cannot be tolerated.  Of course, that’s no surprise, considering her actions and the fact that she doesn’t even know the difference between the Constitution and the DoI and confuses the two!

Etc., etc..

But have you noticed the one thing missing?

Not one person asking people to wait for an investigation to be completed.  Not one!  Oh, except for the cops.  But they all hate blacks (even the black cops) anyway, so we shouldn’t care what they have to say, right?

The truth is, nobody except the cops are bothering to investigate any of the accusations made by blacks anymore!  Especially not on campus, where black students demand “segregated safe spaces”, where speech they don’t like is banned and they’re forcing people to stop giving free yoga lessons, claiming that yoga itself is racist (see my upcoming articles) and other ridiculous crap that they’re being given.  In order to appease blacks by just knuckling under, no one is bothering to question their claims and they’re getting whatever they demand, no matter how stupid it is!  Again, except from law enforcement.  But that’s okay.  Blacks just dismiss them by claiming everything they do is because they hate blacks, so no worries.

So what was the problem with the claim by these 3 black females, if any?  I mean, it’s not like someone would make something like that up, given that buses have had video cameras in them for years now, right?  I mean, nobody would be that stupid, would they?

Well as a matter of fact, yes, they would!  The truth is, once the video was looked at, it turned out that it was a hoax!

Furthermore, it was the 3 black female students who committed a racially motivated verbal and physical attack against whites!

The first punch was thrown by one of the accusers, striking a white person!

No white people yelled racial slurs toward the 3 black females, but one of them did yell slurs at a white passenger!

And in fact, the attack by the 3 of them on the white passenger was so wildly aggressive, that the passengers on the bus were unable to stop their attack!

The fact is, these 3 morons perpetrated a fraud; a hoax on other black people, as well as white people, the college’s administration, BLM, etc., etc.!

And lets not forget the actual victims in this: the white people who were attacked by them!

This was a racially motivated hate crime, that these girls committed because they’re racists who hate white people!  And they perpetrated this hoax for one reason: to stir up trouble for white people, hoping that their false claims would incite other blacks to violence against whites!

And by the way, where’s the supposedly “peace loving” black community now, to denounce what these 3 girls did, stating how ashamed they are of them and their actions and telling them that they need to apologize?

Nowhere to be found, that’s where!  And their silence speaks volumes, telling us that they don’t have a problem with racially motivated violent crimes, as long as they’re perpetrated by blacks, against whites!

In fact, BLM (Black Lives Matter) is still standing by these 3 girls, calling them innocent even though audio and video proves their guilt beyond any doubt and claiming that the D.A.’s office is only prosecuting the girls because they’re racist. The truth is, that BLM is showing their own racism here!

And as amazing as it sounds, the black people I know are actually all denying that these girls are racists and blaming white people!

This is just yet another case of blacks refusing to take responsibility for their actions!

And while these “girls” are being charged, I highly doubt that we’ll see a “hate crime enhancement” tacked on to their charges, like we would if it were whites who did this to blacks!  And while white students would be bounced right off campus immediately for this, I doubt these girls will have to face any consequences from the college about this and you can be sure that blacks and white SJW’s will be trying to turn these lying racists into the victims and the university president will kowtow under!

Oh well, there’s that damn “white privilege” again!

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