FreeThinkers & Subjective Morality

Atheists are constantly telling us how they are “free thinkers”. They even have organizations with that in their names.

How can it be “free thinking”, if it only applies to those who agree?

Doesn’t the very idea of free thought mean being free to think and believe whatever you choose to?

Objective/Subjective morals.  When asked how subjective morals could work, when everyones idea of what is moral is different, the response is usually that in a civilized society, the majority would determine that.

Aside from the obvious problem of trying to get a majority to agree on books full of laws, the problem that I’d like to address is the blatant hypocrisy of their position, which is that if they believe that the majority should rule, then why are they trying to get atheist politicians elected, when atheists are definitely a minority?

Furthermore, if they say that there should be a “moral majority” who determines the moral rules for our society, then why are they fighting that very thing right now?! Folks, it’s the “moral majority” that they’re trying to get rid of right now, as we speak!

The truth is, that atheists and all liberals are hypocrites, because what they really want, is the exact opposite of what they claim (see above) that they want! They’re fighting to have THEIR views placed in as THE “morality” for our society and atheists are a very small minority and yet, they demand that this country follow the rules that they’re making up as they go, suing one town, county and state after another to get their way!

And once again, this proves that “subjective morality” is self-defeating argument. Let’s look at the difference between Objective Morality and Subjective Morality and really think about it.

Objective Morality states that there is a moral code that is higher than man, that all mankind must be bound by. For example, I’m sure you would agree that cold blooded murder is wrong and should be illegal and that all men should be bound by this.

Subjective morality in fact states that no one gets to determine what is right or wrong (moral or immoral) for anybody else. I don’t think that I even need to go any farther than this and that you already see the problem. But just in case, let’s look at it, because if we take subjective morality to its logical end, it would mean that no one gets to tell anyone else that cold blooded murder is wrong. Since subjective morality means that what is moral and immoral is to be left up to each individual to decide for themselves, then how can there be any laws that affect all people, when no one has to be bound by anyone else’s moral code? What if my moral code says that murdering you is completely moral. That murdering people who eat chicken is moral.

The response from these people would be that my belief in violence would have to end when it harms another individual. But this is just their attempt to try to squirm out of the problem with their argument, because you see, that would be their moral code stating that and I am not bound by their moral code! And my moral code says that it’s just fine to harm as many people as I want and that they should have no recourse!

So as you can see, subjective morality is a self-defeating argument, plain and simple!

Now given that, we are indeed left with objective morality as the only alternative. And since objective morality means that it applies to everyone, that also tells us that the authority that sets these morals must in fact be of a higher authority than man, to be able to have it to apply to all men. Now where does that leave us?

You see, people who try to fight God will always end up defeating themselves through their own hypocrisy and self-contradictory positions!

So while they are constantly trying to equate reason with atheism, we need to be asking them; What is reasonable about hypocrisy and constantly contradicting oneself?

Atheists claim to be “reasonable” and not out to attack and ridicule Christians, yet we are constantly seeing that the opposite is true, as they write articles and put up signs and billboards designed to do nothing but ridicule anyone who believes in God! Actually, more specifically, anyone who believes in Christ!

But if their claim is true, then where are all the articles against Islam? I mean, here we have terrorists claiming their “religious jihads” and the atheists make no time in their articles and on their billboards for them?

Of course, that could be fear. Tell Muslims that there’s no God and you just might lose your head and not in the figurative way! :)

But all kidding aside, why do atheists put 99% of their effort into attacking and ridiculing Christians only? Could it be that Christianity is the only religion that tells you that you’re a sinner and that you can’t fix that yourself; that you can’t earn God’s forgiveness? Maybe it’s the only religion that doesn’t allow you to think more of yourself and your eternal state than you should. And maybe, it’s the only religion that atheists attack (and with joy at that), because it’s the only religion that has actual, historical evidence for the truth of it and hateful people ridicule what they cannot defeat!

When accused of it, atheists claim that they do not spend their time attacking Christianity (God/Christ/Christians).

They claim to only be after the ability to make a choice. But people already have a choice, so that’s another lie. They claim not to be after freedom from religion, yet the atheist organization at the forefront of filing one legal suit after another to remove any hint of God from any and every public place is called, “Freedom From Religion”.

How can an organization named “Freedom From Religion”, claim not to be about freedom from religion and keep a straight face while doing it?!

But what really surprises me, is that no one just flat out says to them (when they make the claim); “I’m sorry, but we just simply do not believe you!”.

They’re even putting up billboards!

The bottom line here, is that atheists are not after “choice”. They’re after the elimination of Christianity and the open ridicule of Christians! They are liars, who know that they’re liars! And now, so do you! :)

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