Hey, Mr Black Man! Aren’t You Inferior to Whitey?!

You must be, because after all, you believe in evolution, don’t you? And that’s what evolution says.

“But that’s a racist statement!”, you say (or maybe shout in anger).

I agree! But that’s my point! Not that I personally believe what the title.of this article says. Look at it again. It’s a question, not a statement.

In other words, if you’re black and you believe in evolution, then whether your feelings tell you to disagree or not, in truth, if you’re honest and objective, then you have to agree that the black man is inferior to the white man and objectively speaking, evolution states that this is so. You don’t get to change what evolution says, just because you don’t like it.

As for me, let me state my beliefs up front and begin by telling you that I do not believe in macroevolution (goo to you, by way of the zoo). So I do not believe that man evolved from animal. Thus, I do not believe that there are higher and lower forms of mankind. Thus, the color of a person’s skin is irrelevant, as it is just due to environmental factors. This is microevolution and is the only one of the six types of evolution, that is a fact of science.

I.e., one type of finch may need a longer beak than another to get at/eat food and another type of finch may not.

Microevolution (skin color, hair types, etc.), which is what adaptation and natural selection is, is a fact of science.

Macroevolution (goo to you, by way of the zoo), which says that man came from ape, ape came from some sea monkey, etc., et al, which has never been seen, has zero fossils that prove it and no test that can be run to verify it, is the fantasy invention of one man, Charles Darwin.

When Darwin found his finches, he mistakenly thought that this meant that all creatures (including man), evolved from other, lower forms of life. Obviously, this is a major reach built on a fantasy! And yet, unbelievably, it is exactly that wild reach that the entire foundation of evolution is built on!

Did you know that? That that’s all that Darwin had, was noticing a few different types of finches, turtles, bugs, etc. and then decided that it meant that all creatures evolved from a common ancestor and then tossed out the Bible?

I’m completely serious! Darwin was not a scientist by any stretch of the word and had no education in such and to this day, all we have to support his claims, is what I just listed for you! And all you’ll get is claims of proof, not proof! Ask for proof and you’re given examples of microevolution and told it proves macroevolution!

But the point is, that while one finch may have a longer beak than another, they’re both still finches and more importantly, they’re both still birds!

I personally believe that there is one race; the human race. But this isn’t about my personal beliefs and what I personally have to say about it. This is about what evolution teaches.

Let’s look at the facts. And you can get upset at the things I’m about to say if you want to, but what you cannot do, is deny that they’re true. And remember, I’m not concerned with being politically correct, so no, I don’t believe that we’re supposed to avoid speaking the truth and stating the facts, just because it might upset someone.

You see, evolution is what Hitler cited to justify his hatred of blacks and Jews and other “races”. And he, like every other “racist” evolutionist, thought that the black man was a lower form of life. The “least evolved” and not quite “human”. And Hitler and the rest used evolution to justify their views.

Evolution teaches that mankind came from a lower form of life and branched out into various types of “not quite human and still sort of ape” life forms, with some evolving at different rates than others. So quite simply put, maybe you’re not quite as “evolved”, if you’re black.

In evolution, you start to look at superficial things and make your judgments based on them.

For just one example, using the most obvious example possible and not to attack anyone, because I think beauty and features are a matter of personal taste and remember that this is the evolutionary viewpoint not mine;

Dark Skin: It is obvious that when you look at a black person and look at a gorilla, the skin color can be very similar, especially with those people who have very dark skin.

Think about it as if you are an evolutionist who believes that man came from ape. At that point, evolution in your mind is a fact and therefore, given this “evolutionary fact”, to think of the black man as equal to the white man, would be to deny the scientific fact of evolution!

Black researchers in evolutionary theory must really hate their jobs! :)

But come to mention it, now that I think of it, I honestly can’t recall ever seeing one single black scientist talking about this type of evolutionary thinking in a positive light. I mean, there are plenty of black scientists. So where are all of the famous black evolutionists?

As black men and women who are rightfully proud of their scientific achievements, I’m sure they realize that this is the type of dangerous thinking that causes racism to have a logical reason for existing!

Take away evolution and what is left to justify racist thinking?

But leave it in place and now you have a valid reason and justification for racism! After all, why should I consider the black man to be my equal, when in evolutionary thought, he can’t possibly be?

Now, in reality, does this mean that dark skinned people are closer to ape?

No! Of course not! That’s a ridiculous thought on its face!

The truth is, that the darker the skin, the more intense the Sun is where that persons ethnicity comes from and the darker skin develops as a form of protection against the much higher intensity of the Sun in those areas.

This is why as you head over to the Middle East, you see darker skin than you do on European folk.

And it’s why when you head over to Africa, where the Sun is even more intense yet, the skin of the people there who are native to that land, are even darker than those in the Middle East.

Now, look at the climate and the intensity of the Sun in those places and the skin color makes perfect sense, doesn’t it!

You see, the black man’s darker skin is evolution in action, it is not due to the black man being closer to ape, nor them being inferior on an evolutionary scale.

Now of course, if I was worried about being politically correct, then I wouldn’t have even said why darker skin happens, because even that would be considered “racist”.

And that’s why I never even think about political correctness. It stifles truth!

And just to be clear here; Yes, this is evolution in action. But it’s microevolution (change within kinds), not macroevolution (change from one kind to another).

And thus, the darker skin is simply natures response to the harsher Sun of those regions. It has nothing whatsoever to do with inferiority, nor with the concept of man evolving from ape and the dark skin being an evolutionary sign of the black man being closer to ape.

The bottom line is that the thinking that the black man is lower on the evolutionary scale, is a reflection of prejudice, not science! And prejudice and evolution (macro) go hand in hand! And they always have! After all, it’s easier to justify hating a group of people, when you can claim that “science says it’s so”, isn’t it.

But in truth, it is simply despicable to believe such a thing and to take such an approach and it leads to the type of thinking Hitler had, when over his objection, blacks were included in the Olympics and he complained that it wasn’t fair that his team was forced to compete against “animals”.

A despicable thing to say? Yes, but only if macroevolution is a false teaching!

You see, that is the problem and the point of this message, which is that;

If evolution is true, then Hitler was right!

Why? Simple! Because evolution teaches that “similarities prove evolution”.

In other words, because one type of creature is similar to another, according to evolutionists, that proves macroevolution!

Okay, so what does that mean for black people?

Well, macroevolution teaches that;

1) Evolution deals mostly with superficial things. Basically, the way that a creature appears/its anatomy.

2) Similarity of features (appearance/anatomy) proves evolution.

3) Man came from ape (when cornered, evolutionists try to deny this).

4) Not all evolution, even within a kind, progresses at the same rate.

Now when you add all of these things up, if you were to then approach the subject of whether or not the black man is inferior on the evolutionary scale, from that perspective, then you would be forced to conclude that Hitler and other racists like him, had it right!

Dark skin. Flatter noses. More sloping of the forehead. Different type of hair. Etc..

These are features that are closer appearing to ape, than are seen in their European counterparts.

Therefore, if macroevolution is true, then the black man is inferior to the white man. Simple logic dictates it.

Don’t get all emotional on me now. Just think it through. We’re talking about the evolutionist viewpoint and following that line of thought through to its logical conclusion and where we end up and what that means.

They never told you this stuff in school, did they?! But remember, when they started teaching our children that evolution is true, black people were looked at as inferior and as a bit less than human!

Black people were not thought of as being capable of learning what white people could learn and were not considered to be as creative in their thinking.

And did you know that’s where the word “nigger” comes from? It doesn’t mean, “black”. It actually means, “ignorant”.

But as an example of this failed type of thinking, back in WWII, the Tuskegee Airmen, otherwise known as the “Red Tails”, an all black fighter pilot group, did more damage for our side and did a better job protecting our B17 bombers, than any other group over in the Italy region and were within the top few fighter groups within the entire war and was a flying group full of “Aces” and “Multiple-Ace” pilots! White bomber groups, not knowing they were black, would request them! Surprise! :)

But did you know that the “brass” did not want this unit to exist when it was being formed, because black men were not considered capable of flying?

Now does this fine group of elite airmen sound less intelligent to you? Let me ask you; Whom would you wish protecting you in your B17 in WWII?!

I know my choice! :)

But you see, if evolution is true, then the military was right in not wanting this unit to be formed in the first place!

But if evolution is not true, as the Tuskegee Airmen helped prove, then these things (skin color, hair type, etc.) are simply natural adaptations that occur within kinds and have nothing to do with intelligence, nor where someone is on the evolutionary scale!

So you may believe whatever you wish. I know what it is that I believe and my answer to the question asked in the title of this message is; “No!”.

But the question wasn’t asked of me. It was asked of blacks everywhere.

So tell me, “Mr Black Man”…

“Are you inferior to Whitey???”

God’s Answer? …

“And God hath made of one blood, all nations of men, for to dwell on the Earth…” – Acts 17:26

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