Hey, Pig! Why’d You Shoot Me?! It’s Just A Gun!

We’re seeing stories about black youths (usually teenagers) like this 13 year old getting shot by the police, because the cop(s) couldn’t tell the difference between what they were carrying and a real gun.  And yes, these things are incredibly real looking and even up close, you often can’t tell the difference anymore, without holding it and feeling the difference in weight, etc.!

In my day, it was easy to tell the difference and once a cop got even a halfway decent look at it, they knew it was a toy.  Of course, in those days, they also didn’t expect there to be much of a chance that a youth would carrying around a real gun anyway.  In those days, we didn’t have armed kids, even as young as 8-10 dealing drugs and carrying loaded guns.  Nor did we have 13-14 year olds pulling the trigger in gang shootouts!

But today we do!  And lots of youths in these gang infested (and yes, black) sections of towns are “strapped” (carrying a gun) and it has contributed greatly to black youths being shot by the police!

This is a big part of why it became law that the manufacturers now have to put a bright orange/red tip on toy guys, etc..  Their “not a real gun” products.  So that these things don’t happen.  Yet it is.  Why?

Because while you would think that these youths would be thinking; “Wow!  I’m glad this tip is on there!  Now cops and others will know that I’m not walking arpund my neighborhood carrying a real gun and won’t be diving for cover when they see me coming!”, that isn’t what’s happening at all!  Instead, the first thing these young men are doing, is pulling the tips off of these things, so that they look real and so that people will think they are real!

But why?  Why are so many black youths pulling the bright orange-red tips off of these things, so that they look like real guns?!

Because what’s important to them is not playing “Cops & Robbers”, or “Army Guys” (which age they’re a few years past), but rather, looking “bad” and looking “hard”!

These youths are trying to emulate their heroes; which aren’t the police, or firemen, or soldiers, or even cowboys. :-)

The guys they look up to, sadly, are the gang members who get money from robbing, car-jacking, dealing drugs and other assorted crimes and who won’t hesitate to take someones life, just because they think the person looked at them the wrong way and thereby “disrespected” them.

Sadly, this is who these youths are trying to emulate and they want to “represent”.  And isn’t it sad, when you think that in order to represent your neighborhood properly, you need to rob people, jack their cars, deal drugs to people and even shoot them, preying on your own people in your own “hood” (while claiming it’s whitey’s fault your neighborhood is the way it is)?!  And isn’t even sadder, when the youths in those neighborhoods think that these guys are role models that they should emulate?

Now you can blame whatever, or whoever you want, but this article isn’t about your list of who to blame.  This article is about just one of the targets of that list; the police, since they are constantly criticized by blacks who blame them instead of the, “I wanna look hard and represent!” youth for him getting shot and we’ll use this case of this 13 year old (link at top) as our example.

And yes, I am blaming the idiot kid, who while young, was old enough to know exactly how real that gun would look (that’s why he took it off, remember?) to the police without that bright tip on it and who also knows that when you run from the police with a “gun” in your hand, that they’re going to chase you down with their guns drawn.  Anyone would have to be a complete idiot to think anything else would happen!

Yet blacks (yes, he is black, as are those demonizing the cops, while trying to turn the boy into a saint) are constantly demanding answers to ridiculous questions in cases like the one with this 13 year old.

Questions such as:

A) “Why did you chase him?  Why didn’t you just let him run?!”

B) “Why did you shoot him while he was running away from you?!”

People who ask these questions simply do not know the law and how things work, nor do they possess the ability to use simple common sense!

But let me try to explain and see if any of the liberals reading this can grasp these concepts:

A) The police thought there was a teenager with a real gun (at that age, they are shooting and killing each other in these neighborhoods), who, for all they knew, was about to shoot up the neighborhood, since the gun was in his hand.  They ordered him to stop and to drop his weapon and to freeze.  He disobeyed their lawful order and ran away from them with what they thought was a real gun and as I said, for all they knew, he was planning on going and hurting someone with it, since again, he did have it out, in his hand, ready to use!  Why would someone be walking down the street with their gun in their hand, if they weren’t on their way to shoot someone and about to do so?!

So what would you do, if you were a cop and ran across that scene, with those probabilities (remember, you think the gun is real)?  Salute the kid as he’s running away and shout to him, “Good luck with the hunt!” ?!

B) Because as far as they were thinking, he had a real gun and he wouldn’t drop it!  And let’s get rid of the idea that they just ran up on him and shot him!  He refused to stop and drop his weapon!  He just kept running away with it!

“But why shoot him?”

First of all, how else do you capture someone who has a gun, is running away from you and refuses to stop running and refuses to drop his weapon?

Offer to be his best friend, like when you were 5? :-)

Offer him the money in your pocket?

Set up a forcefield around him?

C’mon, what’s your answer?!?

The truth is, there’s only one way to stop him and we all know what that is!

But let’s imagine the following scenario where they don’t shoot him and the gun actually is real (they thought it was and now imagine that it actually was):

The police chase the suspect.  He won’t stop and he won’t drop his gun.  So the cops say; “Okay, well, we don’t want to shoot him, because black people say we shouldn’t, so we won’t.” The cops now wave goodbye to him, yell to him to have a nice day and go on their way.

The suspect then circles around a couple of blocks over and goes back to where the police first saw him, walks one block over, goes into a house and kills 5 people with his gun, which is what he was about to do when they first saw him.  That’s why the gun was out.

Now those same people who are criticizing the cops now, would in that case be saying;

“Why didn’t the police take him down when they had the chance?!  They had him right there and let him go!  That’s because the police don’t care about black lives!  Black lives don’t matter to them!”

They’d be criticized either way!

The truth is, these cops, believing the gun was real, did exactly the right thing!  And people need to understand how the law works!  I can’t think of one state in which the police do not have the legal right to shoot a fleeing felon, after he refuses to obey a lawful order to stop!  And here we have a teenager fleeing from them with what they believe is a real gun, BECAUSE THAT TEENAGER REMOVED THE BRIGHT ORANGE TIP and they simply were not going to let him get away and hurt someone, which is what people walking down the street with a gun in their hand tend to be about to do!

Remember, this teen was 13, not 8!  He was not out “playing”!  At his age, he was well past playing “Cops & Robbers” with his friends!  He wanted people to think he had a real gun, until he could get one!  That’s why he took the tip off!

Well, guess what?!  It worked!  The cops thought he had a real gun!

And here’s the really stupid part (his)!  This teen could have just stopped when ordered to, put it down and said; “It’s not real.  I just removed the tip.”

But he chose not to!  Never once did he just tell the cops it wasn’t real and put it down!

Instead he ran, with it in his hand!

And truth be told, these cops showed great restraint!  They just shot him in the leg, so he couldn’t keep running!  He’s still alive and he’ll be just fine!

But according to the blacks, this is just another instance of racist cops trying to kill black people!  And they’ll be sure to keep telling that lie and teaching more black children to hate cops and defy their orders and then claim the cops are giving them a hard time because they’re black!

And the sad part?  The liberals not only buy it, but want to kiss their asses and throw some more money at them!

How not to get shot by the police:

Whether the gun is real, or fake with no orange tip, just stop, put it down, put your hands up and follow their orders, with no sudden movements and keep your hands visible at all times.


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