Homos Cause Outrage Once Again!

That’s right, they’re still at it, upping the ante at every turn! Now through the “gay & lesbian” club, “MT Lambda”, they have desecrated the American flag!

More on this shocking behavior later in this post, but is it really any wonder that homosexuals outrage the patriotic people of this Christian nation, time and time again, with their attempts to force everyone to accept and approve of their perverse sexual practices?!

And don’t let them fool you folks! It’s not about “accepting them as equal (people)”. It’s about forcing people to not only accept, but also to approve of their sex lives, through the intimidation of “political correctness” and special new laws just for them and them alone, as if a perverse sexual practice should fall under anti-discrimination laws!

Are their any laws that protect anyone elses methods of fornication? Are adulterers protected from discrimination and is it becoming illegal to speak out against the act of adultery as a sin? What about acts of pedophilia? Why the special case for homosexuals?

And tell me folks, does this sound like it’s about anything more than trying to force the American public into accepting their sex lives?

Look at it this way; If homosexuals, as they often claim, “are no different than anyone else, except for who they have sex with”, then by their own claim, the only thing they could be fighting for acceptance of by the rest of society, is their sex lives, since by their own words, that’s the only thing that they differ from the rest of society in.

So like I said, don’t let them fool you with their “bait & switch”. And that’s what it is folks, because you see, on one hand, they start out by claiming what I quoted above. But then when they want new laws enacted, all of the sudden, they’re calling it a matter of accepting the homosexual “lifestyle”, accepting them as equals, blah, blah, blah.

Well, what is the “homosexual lifestyle”? We already went over that, didn’t we.

When’s the last time you saw homos being told to sit in the back of the bus? Or at separate counters, for “homos only”? You haven’t and you don’t. So it’s not about the same wrong type of discriminations that blacks, for example, faced. And while I am not black and won’t claim to understand “black issues”, I have to believe that if I was a black man, I would be highly upset if someone tried to compare people not agreeing with their sexual practices and not wanting schools teaching those practices as “normal”, to their children, to what my people went through!

That is why I do not understand the lack of outrage by blacks and other minorities when it comes to this issue.

In truth, it is about nothing more than homosexuals demanding special laws designed to force people to accept their sex lives and to also criminalize speaking out against it! And that includes the preacher at your church!

That’s right folks! It’s here! They won’t rest until the laws force you to accept their perverse sexual practices and make speaking out against those same perversions a “hate crime”, which typically doubles the punishment (the hate crime enhancement)!

The important thing folks, is not to get sucked into their arguments!

For example, while they rant about not being treated as “second class citizens”, the truth is, that is not at all what has been happening! Homosexuals can go to the same stores, public parks, etc., that heterosexuals go to. It isn’t their rights as citizens that is objected to. It is their sexual perversions being displayed in public!

For example, no one is stopping them from going to a public park. But why do they not understand why people object to them using that same public park to meet men that they don’t even know, to have anonymous sex in the middle of the night? How does objecting to that, just like we would object to adulterers doing it, qualify as “treating them as second class citizens”?

And why the deception about what it’s about in the first place? After all, if their true motive is so pure in the first place, then why wouldn’t they just come right out with it and be up front and honest about what it’s really all about?

It’s because they know that if they were to be honest about it, that they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on! No one is going to support the idea of special laws to protect their sex lives from people publicly objecting to it! No one is going to support said objections being classified as “hate speech”!

Remember, by their own admission, the only difference is who they have sex with!

And that is why they are not honest about their motives!

The homosexual community has also, in addition to their misdirections above, hijacked a number of words and images in recent decades, ultimately eviscerating their original meaning. In addition to the word “gay” being redefined and used almost exclusively in the context of homosexuality, one can scarcely mention a rainbow without invoking the movement’s central symbol of pride.

Yes folks, these people are so despicable, that they actually hijacked the rainbow that God gave mankind as a symbol of His promise not to wipe man off the face of the Earth again and use it instead as a symbol of “man lying with man”, which God specifically condemns!

Thus, they have taken a symbol of God’s promise and perverted it into the promotion of an activity that God specifically condemns. And of course, one that once again attacks the family unit as God created it, in an attempt to reshape it into something physically impossible and then insulting our intelligence by calling it “normal”; the “modern family”.

And now they are trying to take yet another “sacred” symbol from everyone in this nation! Believe it or not, it’s the American flag!

And before you object and say that’s impossible; it’s because you think that, that they were able to take the symbols that they have from us! From all Americans!

Did anyone think they’d be able to take away the very word that meant that someone is very happy? So now what? In order to be very happy as a man, you have to have sex with men?

And what about the rainbow? In order to believe God’s promise, we also have to approve of the very thing that God detests and which counters the very same command that God gave to Noah after the flood (see further down)?

People don’t tend to think that the homosexuals took intentional steps to make these very same things happen! But think about these things very carefully!

Happiness for a man was always seen as growing up and getting a good job, to be able to support a family with. Why? Because happiness; being very happy, has always been about finding the right woman and starting a family, having children, etc. (same for a woman and finding the right man).

But now, according to the homosexual’s perversion of “gay”, to be happy, men need to forget about all of that and have sex with other men!

And that ties into the rainbow. Why the rainbow? How does it tie into all of this? It can’t be because God promised not to destroy man again. That doesn’t tie in.

No folks, that’s not it. It’s what God said to Noah after the flood, that this is all about. After all, what did God tell Noah to do, after they came out of the Ark?

“And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth’.” – Gen 9:1

Ah, so now, there it is! Now we can see it! Once again, it’s ties into family!

No folks! These things were no accidents! These symbols were intentionally chosen by them for a specific reason! To undermine the entire concept of the family unit as a man, a woman and their children!

After all, what is it that they have been fighting for? The legal right for same sex marriage and to be able to adopt children and call that a “family” unit!

Now do you still really believe that their taking these symbols specifically to convert to homosexual symbols is just one happy accident after another for them?!

The reality is, that they have succesfully hijacked two of our most treasured symbols, while we sat back and did nothing! So how about this time we voice some outrage?!

And now the American flag; the very symbol of family and freedom! This nation, until recent decades, has always taught the family unit as the central core of a strong nation and it is this nations legal system that they have been using to try to force you and I to accept their sex lives and to be able to criminally penalize anyone who publically disagrees, even and especially in a church setting, making the penalties even worse by classifying it as “hate speech”, as if you were attacking someone for the color of their skin!

Since when does someone’s sex life equate to the color of their skin?!

Since when does behavior equate to ethnicity?!

And again, where is the minority outrage at this? Where is the minority outrage at having someone’s sexual perversions being equated to the discrimination against them due to the color of their skin?!

So now, because they know that you not only don’t dare to say a word and because the homosexuals have now won the battle in the military (soldiers are no longer allowed to speak out against it and can be and have been court-martialed and imprisoned for doing so), the Middle Tennessee State University was not satisfied with the status quo! So what have they done?

The gay and lesbian club, “MT Lambda”, recently unveiled a defaced American flag which featured the colors of the rainbow, in place of the traditional red and white stripes!

And I can just about guarantee you now, that this will end up at some point, being the only defacement of the American flag that people serving in the military will not only remain in silence about, but will end up being forced to applaud it and possibly, to salute it!

Tell me people, is this timing, right after winning the battle to silence any criticism of homosexual acts by those serving in the military, just a coincidence too?

If you really think that it is, then I have a question for you; How many coincidences need to pile up, before you figure out that none of them ever were, nor ever will be, coincidences?

I call to you now… even more importantly, God calls to you now, to speak out about this issue! This is the American flag, people! And our soldiers who are fighting for what this very same flag represents, are being barred from speaking out against it!

Do you believe in supporting the troops? Then support them here and now, with this! Honor what they stand for! They fought and do fight for you and your freedoms! Now fight for theirs!

They put their lives on the line for you! Can you not even say a few words to those who need to hear them, for them?

After all they’ve put on the line for you, can you not even put a few words on the line for them?

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