Homos Ruined the Winter Olympics!

First, let me say that this is not about hating homosexuals (read my article about me and what it is I believe). Nor is this an endorsement of abusing homosexuals. We all have our sins. I have mine and they’re way too many for me to be busy judging the sins of others! And while I do believe homosexual sex acts to be a sin, this post/article/whatever you want to call it, is not about that. It is about how the so called “homosexual community” keeps pushing their agenda on society, not even willing to live and let live, which is what they ranted for years that they wanted to have done for them! But now that they have that for the most part, we find out what their real agenda is! It’s not about “live and let live” at all! It’s about, “You must agree with me and teach your children to, whether you like it or not! And in case you don’t, we’re not going to stop, until it’s a crime for you to even say that you disagree with us, even in your churches!”.

And if you think I’m kidding, homosexual groups have filed lawsuits and have sought legislation to do those very things and they have been winning! In fact, multiple pastors have already been jailed for speaking out against homosexual acts and parents have been told by schools that their children must attend classes that exist solely for the purpose of teaching them that homosexual acts are okay!

With all that being said, you can see that my agenda here, is not to tell you to hate homosexuals as persons, but to object to what they’re trying to do to our society, using our governments (federal/state/etc), which they claimed shouldn’t be involved in bedroom activities, but now demand that they be involved in them, but only in the bedrooms of heterosexuals. My agenda here, is to object to the hijacking of activities, both public and private, that have nothing to do with someones sexual preference, for the purpose of promoting a homosexual agenda.

Moving on to the subject at hand; the Winter Olympics and how homosexuals ruined them…..

“But how did we do that?”, the homosexual might ask.

Well, let’s look at it.

Every four years, the world’s greatest athletes in winter sports compete in the Winter Olympic Games.  The games are supposed to be an opportunity for all nations to put aside their differences and watch these athletes compete for medals.

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games were held in Sochi, Russia. This time however, instead of the focus being on the competition, an unsuspecting American television audience endured a huge promotion of homosexuals and their so called “values”.  Instead of being lifted up by the aspirational ideals of competition and athletic greatness, American families tuning in, were pushed down into the cultural Marxist muck of ceaseless homosexual whining and debasement.  This was by design.

The background to this ongoing homosexual whine fest is that Russia is led by a man named Vladimir Putin.  By all accounts, he is a devout Orthodox Christian.  In fact, among his accomplishments during his tenure as leader of Russia, has been the reinstitution of the Russian Orthodox Church as the moral center of the Russian nation. Now I’m not a big Russia fan, but let’s give credit where credit is due.

In the Summer of 2013, the lower house of the Russian Federation voted 436-0 (with one abstention) and the Upper House voted 137-0, to pass a law which banned the promotion of homosexuality to minors.  The Russian Orthodox Church of course endorsed the law and President Putin signed it, making it the “law of the land”.

What is the new Russian law? It’s quite simple, really:

It proscribes fines for propaganda promoting homosexual sex to minors.
It bans homosexual rallies.
It bans the distribution of homosexual propaganda to minors.

As Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko explained to RT (Russia Today), the reasoning behind the new law, is that while homosexuals; “…are ordinary members of society” and; “as adults, they are entitled to decide how they want to live.”. However, “when it comes to minors, it [the ban on propaganda] is not someone’s whim, but a demand from society.”.

In other words, this new law was a response to the demands of the Russian society.

I.e., Democracy in action!

The Russian President listened to his people and enacted a law in accordance to their wishes.

Of course, there was an uproar by the homosexuals after this! But they don’t even realize, nor apparently do they care, exactly what it is that they’re objecting to!

In other words, this law has zero effect on adult homosexuals, who have made their choice. The only thing it deals with, is the promotion of homosexual acts to children!

Now how could this be a bad thing? Especially when the truth is, that sex shouldn’t be a subject pushed on children, regardless of what type of sex it is!

I mean hell, these homosexuals are trying to run the country of Russia! Hello??? :)

Now let’s be honest here (and yes, that includes you too, homosexuals!), the only people looking to push sex on children in schools and elsewhere, is the homosexuals! Because they not only want it included in Sex Ed classes (which doesn’t make sense, considering sex ed classes are supposed to be about the propogation of the species), but they also keep trying (even through the court systems) to get the so called “homosexual lifestyles” pushed on children throughout their entire school day and even afterward! Do yourself a favor and Google “school” with “pink rooms”. And that’s just one search; just a start!

It has been demonstrated time and time again, that the only interest homosexuals have, is in how to get to our children, so that they are brought up believing that it’s okay, even against the parents’ wishes! According to them, they and not you the parents, will be the ones to determine what your children are taught, including their moral values!

And the ensuing uproar over the new Russian law in the cultural marxist outlets of the Western media, was immediate and predictably overwrought and hysterical.  According to the homosexuals, the Russian’s are not qualified to determine what laws are best for Russia!  Instead, only homosexual activists and their cultural Marxist cheerleaders in the West are qualified to determine Russia’s laws.   And the homosexual activists, unsurprisingly, were against leaving the Russian kiddies alone!

Of course, the open contempt that the cultural Marxists exhibit towards the will of the Russian people is not surprising.  It is, in fact, their standard operating procedure.  They exhibit the exact same contempt towards the American people, whenever their will conflicts with whatever socially destructive and morally abhorrent policies of the moment the cultural Marxists wish to inflict upon the United States.

So what does this controversy about homosexuals and Russian children have to do with the Winter Olympic games at Sochi?  In reality, nothing! But the homosexual activists in the West and their supporters decided to trash the 2014 Winter Games by linking the games to their opposition to the new law.

How have they tried to do this?  They lobbied the White House and got the President to appoint no less than three homosexuals to the American Olympic delegation.  The official putative task of these three was to represent the United States at the Sochi Winter Games. But the real agenda, was to promote the cultural Marxist “value” of homosexuality, distort the purpose of the new law, by pretending it’s about all homosexuals everywhere and by pretending that this law will somehow make the world unsafe for homosexuals everywhere and by pretending that this new law means that homosexuals everywhere are being persecuted! And so, of course, the homosexuals believed the best approach was to smear the Russians with a campaign of lies, per their usual M.O..

The three homosexuals chosen to carry out this task are Brian Boitano, Caitlin Cahow and Billy Jean King.

Previously discrete regarding his sexual preferences, American Olympic figure skater Brian Boitano stunned the nation two days after he was selected to the delegation, when he revealed that he was a homosexual. Americans in all fifty states were glued to their television screens to catch the latest on this shocking and “let’s pretend it’s important” news!

Obviously they figured that prior to Boitano’s “earth shattering” admission, no one in America would ever suspect that it was even possible that a male figure skater might be a bit light on his blades. :)

However, being a great people, Americans soon recovered from this paradigm changing revelation.  No doubt the nation was reassured when Boitano explained to NPR how he saw his job in Sochi: “Let the athletes focus on what they’re doing and the job at hand.  And let athletes like me, Billie Jean and Caitlin stand up for them and represent the gay community”.

The second homosexual chosen to be on the Sorchi delegation was former Olympic women’s hockey player, Caitlin Cahow.  As with Boitano, most Americans were  flabbergasted when Cahow told a mesmerized nation that she was a lesbian!  “How could this be?!”, Americans wondered. After all, hockey is such a feminine sport, right?

And of course, after digesting this puzzling conundrum, Americans listened intently as Cahow disingenuously told USA Today regarding the selections to the Sorchi delegation that; “It’s obviously a statement that’s being made, but I think it’s an incredibly respectful one”.

Yea! Sure! Otay! :)

Of course, left unexplained, was the specific type of hallucinogen and proper dosage one would have to ingest to consider the statement being made as “incredibly respectful”. But leave it to the news sources to leave out the important information, huh?

The most prominent homosexual selected for the American delegation was of course, former woman’s tennis player, Billy Jean King.  Tennis, as anyone with an IQ north of eighty is aware, is not played on ice or snow. Perhaps this is why it is a sport at the Summer Olympics.  It is not known if the White House was aware of this at the time of King’s selection.

Moreover, Mrs. King, at age seventy, is well past her athletic sell-by date!  But of course, King’s former athletic skills have nothing to do with her being chosen to be on the Sochi delegation, now do they.  Rather, it is due to the fact that she has been a high profile lesbian activist for decades.

King’s appointment to the Sorchi delegation was hailed as a “stroke of genius”, by USA Today’s Christine Brennan.  She crowed to her readers, “What better way to show the nation’s disgust for President Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay propaganda law?”.

Helene Elliott of the LA Times was more graphic in her laudatory comments regarding the appointment of Billie Jean King and the other homosexuals to the delegation.  Elliott compared their selection to the hockey tactic of “… that quaint, queasy custom of rubbing stink gloves in another player’s face as an irritating tactic”.  Why giving the Sochi Olympic host a “wonderfully timed, stinky glove” was intelligent diplomacy, good manners, or even minimally sane, was of course, largely left unaddressed by Elliott!

But the homosexual activists and their cultural Marxist puppet masters perhaps should have thought twice before picking a globally televised fight with Mr. Putin.  He is a tough resourceful man who does not fight to lose.  He has proven time and again to have an unerring instinct for the weak spot of his opponents.  This may reflect his years of judo training or his time in the KGB, or perhaps both.  Regardless, he also has an annoying habit to his enemies. Winning!

After weeks of silence during which there were relentless media attacks on Putin, Russia and the Sochi Games in the Western media, the Russian President, when asked about homosexuals at the Sochi Games, slyly commented that homosexuals “can feel safe and free here.  But please leave our children in peace”.

If this ongoing political battle was a tennis match, any fair referee would have ended it right then calling out:  “Game. Set. Match. Putin.” Even Billy Jean King might have respected that.

But you see, tothe homosexuals, it isn’t good enough that they can feel “safe and free”. Nope! They want your children too! And they won’t give up until they have them! Proof? The Winter Olympics! Or do you think homosexuals don’t know what the word “children” means in that Russian law? Or perhaps you think that homosexuals should determine how your children are raised, schooled and taught morals, based solely on who the homosexuals have sex with, which in reality, all it means to be a homosexual? After all, they cry out how their “no different than heterosexuals”, except for who they have sex with (they call “who they love”), so if that’s the only difference, then that’s what it’s about, isn’t it.

As for how they ruined the Winter Olympics, well, it would have been nice if we could have focused on winter sports during the Olympics, instead of every story about the Winter Olympics being about the homosexual agenda and how the public at large was evil, because they don’t want to give their children over to them, dontcha think?

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