Is Marriage Being Made Irrelevant?

Or, more to the point; “Is Same-Sex Marriage Making Marriage Irrelevant?”.

When examining this issue by first educating oneself on the purpose of marriage and its benefits to society, anyone who’s honest about the subject, whether homo or hetero, would have to say that yes, same-sex marriage is making marriage irrelevant.

Of course, these days we are told that marriage and family are whatever one considers them to be. Marriage, we’re told, is simply a legal union with whomever (and some believe, whatever) one loves, or for some, as many as they love.

So unfortunately, these days, marriage is just used as a way for someone to selfishly get what they want and as a means to fulfill their own desires.

But that is not what marriage is about at all. In fact, marriage is just the opposite of thinking of oneself. Rather, it is a constant excercise of ones ability to sacrifice. It is all about putting everyone else in the family (your spouse and your children) before yourself.

Now does that sound anything at all like people selfishly fulfilling their own desires?

No, of course not. And if you truly do love your spouse and your family, then as Paul said; “Love seeks not its own”.

In reality, contrary to todays idea that a marriage should only last as long as it’s fun, marriage is a life long union and it is not something that you exit from when it’s no longer fun for you, as so many do today.

And the purpose of marriage is to contractually bond with a member of the opposite sex and procreate to begin to create the family unit. And not only this, but to bring up the resulting child(ren) in a natural and stable environment and to produce good citizens that will help build our society in a positive manner. To make our society better, not worse. And definitely not to help make it into a community whose members have the goal of fulfilling their own lustful desires, whatever the cost to the rest of society.

Many people today like to pretend that what they do only affects them. But that is impossible! As individuals, we do not live in a bubble. And even those few humans who have literally lived in an actual “bubble”, still had an effect on others. And the reality is, that the degradation of the individuals within a society, means the degradation of that society. Those who dismiss this fact in pursuit of their own desires, dismiss reality.

How can a society have a positive effect on the world, if its members seek and do that which is negative? How can any society be good as a whole, if its members are not?

A society is its members. And any society begins with the family. Even the family unit is in of itself a small society. A society which produces new members of the larger society. Take away this ability from the married couple by intentionally trying to change the definition of marriage and you take away its ability to produce offspring and become a family and add members to a society, since a married couple is just that; a married couple. It is not a “family” until children are born.

Producing children is obviously something that a homosexual couple cannot do. A homosexual couple can therefore never become a true family. And no matter how hard some try to redefine the meaning of the word “family” into whatever they want it to be, the reality is that we all know that the word family is about blood relations. And the immediate family (which is what we’re talking about here) is made up of a father, a mother and the children produced by those two individuals.

This is not a mystery folks! And those who try to redefine the word “family” (which, let’s be honest, is the liberals) quickly learn the difference between calling someone family and actually being family, if (sadly) they ever have one of these supposed “family” members in a hospital’s ICU and they’re not allowed to see them because they’re not actual, blood related family.

Children can only be produced by a man and a woman. And children are a long-term investment! And no matter how many times you try to convince yourself otherwise, your children will be effected by the time and effort you put into your marriage! And society will be effected by the time and effort that you and your spouse put into your children and the values that you teach them, since they bring those values out into society with them. It is, for obvious reasons, important that we teach our children proper values, good morals and to be a benefit to society!

How can this be accomplished by a same-sex couple, who cannot even produce children in the first place? With the same-sex couple, it is not even possible for it to be a true marriage, since it cannot meet the required criteria!

Throughout time the family unit has consisted of a man, a woman and a child, or children. How children come into the world does not change, just because two homosexuals think the definition of the word marriage should change. And as we all know, when people think about marriage, they think about starting a family, which obviously involves children.

And since children are often the goal, this should, using plain old common sense, teach us that sex is something that is done with a spouse that is the opposite sex, just as God designed it!

Sex within a marriage is a sacred union. It is the most intimate physical union there is and it is designed to be shared between a husband and a wife only and in fact, it is the sex act that consummates the marriage!

Sex outside of marriage is fornication; a sin! It was never God’s intent to have men and women bring children into the world outside of marriage, in broken homes, through fornication. Just because sex is pleasurable, that does not mean that it is to be used purely to fulfill ones own lusts. It makes perfect sense that the sex act would be pleasurable, so that mankind would “be fruitful and multiply”.

And since the sex act is what causes a woman to become pregnant, once again, common sense tells you that sex was designed to be between a husband and wife only and not two members of the same sex, who can’t produce children anyway.

To say otherwise, is to say that God’s design was to have children come into the world through fornication and into a nation full of broken, single parent homes and for two members of the same sex to worry about fulfilling their own lusts. Obviously, these things are not how God designed it to be!

Nor was it God’s intent for two members of the same gender to marry. A couple consisting of two members of the same gender cannot bring forth children, which is, again, the main purpose of the union of marriage. The continuation of mankind!

In fact, God twice commanded that the husband and wife go out and produce children. Once with Adam and Eve and again with Noah and his family.

Of course, this is where homosexuals cry out that they should be able to adopt. But something that begins wrong, is not going to produce positive results, nor does it change the fact that two members of the same sex cannot produce children. And this is where a major contradiction begins!

Think about it. The child is not going to grow up blind to the fact that both a man and a woman is required to bring forth a child and make a family and therefore there is something wrong with theirs! Hello?!

The purpose of marriage is for more than just declaring your love for someone and having legals rights to their stuff! It is also for the purpose of producing offspring and legitimizing said offspring. And of course, the result of this is the building of a family line, which obviously includes the ability of said family line to carry on through generations.

It is through marriage that we must build the family unit, which has always, throughout time, consisted of a man, a woman and one or more children. Nature itself teaches us that anything else is simply impossible!

I.e., Sorry guys! Sperm and ova required! :)

Those who deny this, are turning basic common sense on its head and they only need ask themselves; “How did I get here?”, to see that!

This is not rocket science, folks. Tab A goes into Slot B. :)

Nothing else will work and the only way to produce children, is with these simple, basic instructions.

Yes Virginia, there is a mommy and a daddy! :)

I’m sure homosexuals would now tell us that not all women can have children, as if that somehow justifies their position. But how does pointing to the exception to the rule, change the rule? The exception does not negate the rule. Rather, it proves the rule. And furthermore, this is where adoption should play a role! For a husband and wife, who are not physically able to have children of their own.

The truth is, that legalizing same-sex marriage carves up traditional marriage and makes the parent/child relationship meaningless! And the truth is, that nature denies that it can be anything but a man/woman/child relationship. Parenthood can only be accomplished in that format and so in reality, same-sex marriage proponents are demanding that we ignore this simple fact.

Folks, any idea that begins with having to deny basic, simple facts, is a ridiculous idea at best and is an idea that is built on a lie.

And if we give this lie any credence at all, then now, for the first time, children and parenthood will have no place in marriage!

This is the exact opposite of the model that God gave us for marriage, which He constantly reaffirms through nature.

Thus, same-sex marriage, in truth, does not “expand” marriage, but instead, makes marriage irrelevant by denying the family model that is both the purpose and result of marriage.

Only a man and a woman can have children, regardless of the lies and fantasies of the proponents of same-sex marriage.

And every child has a right to a family unit that is in the natural order of things. To a mother and a father, which every child seeks. Proponents of same-sex marriage are asking us to ignore this fact and thus, the childs most basic and natural need!

When a child is stripped of these basic needs, they want us to, as I said, ignore it and pretend that this does not damage the child in any way, shape, or form. And they want us to pretend that slapping the “modern family” label on it means that it’s just the same as any other natural, blood family, as if the calendar somehow negates the child’s needs.

And of course, everyone wants to be politically correct, so they go along with it, afraid to speak what they know is the truth. But while reading this is fine of course and I do hope that it has benefitted you, reading it and then staying silent, or worse yet, going along with it out of fear, does us no good and in fact, does society more harm, since with no opposition, evil increases.

Why is it that the majority of Americans agree with conservative values and we have a conservative Congress, yet it is the liberal minority that gets their way? Simple! Our silence! The cure? Speak out! You don’t have to yell at people. Just don’t be silent.

Of course, it isn’t hard to get the liberals to agree with anything that tears apart someone’s faith in Christ, or the family unit, so we know where they stand. Now how about we let them know where we stand?

The bottom line is, this is no different than its always been! Liberals deny a Godly way of thinking and living, call their ideas and lifestyles “modern” and then claim that it means they’re “enlightened”.

But the idea that someone can just drop the word “modern” in front of something and that totally changes its meaning, is simply ridiculous! And all it really means, is that they’re saying that the thing they want to do is okay, because of the year on the calendar. That doesn’t sound very “enlightened” to me.

To talk of a “modern family” and then claim that a family “today”, is the people that love you and whom you love, is to focus on the word “modern”, while ignoring the word “family”. And the fact is, that the year listed on the calendar does not change what the word “family” means.

This is not to say that people that we are close to cannot sometimes feel like family. But I think that we all know that deep down, there is a difference between somone we may feel close to (who is actually a friend) and a blood member of our immediate family. For example, two people you know are drowning. One is a friend and the other is a blood member of your immediate family. Which one would you save?

Since we both know what your answer is, we also both know that you can now clearly see the difference between what a real family is; your real family and someone who, no matter how much you care about them, is not.

Our family begins with a marriage. A marriage which produces offspring. And this can only happen with the union in marriage of a man and a woman, just as it was ordered and ordained by God.

Same-sex marriage is just a state sponsored perversion that seeks to take marriage out of the realm of being God ordered and ordained and place it in direct opposition to what nature itself teaches us.

The state ends up completely remaking marriage from the institution its been throughout history, into the opposite of what it is and its purpose. The state will be turning marriage from what it is, into an irrelevant, “anything goes” partnership agreement.

Furthermore and finally (for now), claiming that two homosexuals can be married, is to pervert both the union between God and man and the family union!

You see, back in the time when the New Testament was written (and before that), when a couple was betrothed to be wed, the bridegroom would go and prepare a place for the couple to live in, etc.. Then, later (usually in about a year), the bridegroom would come and get his bride and they would proceed to the wedding party, where they would enter the specially prepared bedchamber to consummate their marriage. And then, after the celebration, the wed couple would go to their new home, to begin their life together, having children and raising them properly, teaching them in the ways of the Lord.

Throughout the New Testament, Christ is portrayed as the “bridegroom” and the church as the waiting bride. And upon His return, the church (the bride) is wed to Christ (the bridegroom).

Paul also taught us in Scripture (Eph 5:31-32) that marriage is symbolic of Christ and the church.

Thus, to portray same-sex marriage as a valid alternative goes against the very core of the Christian faith and perverts not only marriage, but our faith, the Scriptures and what God has clearly ordained! And for those who serve and worship God in Christ, that image (same-sex) not only defies marriage as God ordained it, but nature itself, which God also created!

It specifically perverts the entire concept of the betrothal of Christ to the church and the coming consummation (the union), into a perverted homosexual act of sodomy!

You probably never thought of it that way. But that is just how deep the perversion that is same-sex marriage runs!

Homosexual marriage does not benefit society in any way! It is nothing more than an excercise in selfishness and a perversion of God’s plan and the union of Christ and the church!

The bottom line is, because marriage is God ordained to be between a husband and a wife and since it is the beginning of the family unit (mother/father/child) and because as nature teaches us, this requires a man and a woman, it is an undeniable fact that marriage is to be between two members of the opposite sex. Otherwise, procreation is impossible.

I.e., the homosexual “marriage” is the end of the family unit and it exterminates what God has twice ordained, telling us that the concept is to “be fruitful and multiply”. That cannot happen with two homosexuals and thus, homosexual marriage cannot possibly be ordained, nor approved of by God. It’s just that simple!

Homosexual unions also damage the children, by teaching them that what God has commanded and ordained as the natural order of things, is irrelevant.

How do you teach a child to obey God, by teaching him/her that it’s okay to defy God, whenever you lust after something?

How do you teach a child the image if Christ and the church, when your entire life is an example of how to ignore that?

And how do you teach a child what marriage properly is and about procreation within marriage, when your entire life stands against that?

And how do you teach children good moral values, when your life is all about perverting them and fulfilling your own lustful desires?

The truth is, this cannot be done in such situations!

The truth is, that no matter what the liberals try to drill into the heads of your children (and they do this, even at the school level, teaching them that homosexual sex acts are okay and just as valid as sex in heterosexual marriage, which is why it is important for you to speak out and to ask your children about their cirriculum), they (the children) are not stupid! They know that it takes a man and a woman and that no, Heather does not have two mommies! :)

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