Jesus’ Wife Was Lazy!

She must have been! I mean, think about it. According to some piece of papyrus, Jesus was married. He had a wife. And yet, He couldn’t even get a clean bowl of water at home to wash His feet in! He had to go to some other dudes house, just to clean His feet! Now just how lazy is that?! :-)

All seriousness aside, there has been a whole lot of talk about a piece of papyrus that supposedly says that Jesus had a wife. Of course, the unbelievers think that this is a great tool for them to undermine the faith of Christians with. But that’s not the sad part. The sad part is that religions like the Roman Catholic Church have people convinced that something like this should undermine their faith. How so? Well, when you teach people that it would be a sin for someone leading a flock to marry, then what does that say to them when something like this comes along?

But here’s the thing. It really does not matter if Jesus was married or not. It was no sin for a Jewish male, regardless of their position, to be married. In fact, a Jewish male normally should have been married by the time he was 20 years old. In fact, it would have been an odd thing for any Jewish male not to be married by that point in his life.

And here’s the thing; Things like this from those who would love to “debunk your faith”, whether they admit that that is their goal or not, pop up all the time. A big splash is made about whatever the next supposed “Christian faith killer” is and then, as happens every single time, it is later shown that this thing, whatever text, or object it may be, simply cannot be trusted, as is the case with this text. In fact, let me quote a news source here about this very text:

Begin Newser (a secular news source) quote:

“A papyrus suggesting Jesus had a wife has sparked continuing controversy since it was announced in 2012 in the Harvard Theological Review. Now, ‘Live Science’ explains that the evidence against the authenticity of the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ is mounting. Among the site’s findings and observations:

* The supposed former owner of the papyrus, one Hans-Ulrich Laukamp, had no interest in antiquities, say two sources: the representative of his estate and a business associate. What’s more, he’s said to have obtained the papyrus in East Germany in 1963 — a bit fishy since he was living on the other side of the Berlin Wall at the time.

* Another papyrus reportedly owned by Laukamp and given to Harvard is fake, a researcher has asserted. It looks a lot like the ‘Gospel’, with similar handwriting and ink.

* Other experts are raising doubts, rather forcefully. ‘When is this papyrological pantomime, this Keystone Coptic, this academic farce, this philological burlesque finally going to stop?’, asks a Brown University researcher. Asks another authority: ‘At what point do we stop claiming another lottery win and just accept that the whole thing is a forgery?’

* The story has started ‘to crumble faster than an ancient papyrus exposed in the windy Sudan’, writes Jerry Pattengale in the Wall Street Journal. Specialists are saying that Harvard professor Karen King and colleagues, ‘were the victims of an elaborate ruse’, and Pattengale doesn’t blame King — it’s the media’s ‘rush … to embrace the idea’ that’s of more concern.”

End Newser quote:

So here’s the bottom line. When you see things like this, stop letting them get under your skin. These supposed “finds” are usually designed by someone out to make a fortune. 2,000 years and nobody knew Jesus was married until today? Yea, otay! :-)

And as I said, why would it matter anyway? If it did, you can be sure that the Jewish authorities who hated Him at the time, would have let everyone know about it, if it were an issue! They’re the ones who got Him crucified, remember? So trust me, anything they could have done to discredit Him to the masses, they would have done! Yet not one peep, even today, about Jesus supposedly having a wife! And that’s because as I said, a Jewish male of Jesus’ age would have been expected to be married. That wouldn’t have been anything that they could have discredited Him with, so why would anyone today think that it would? Well, as I indicated above, it is the additions to the Christian faith that have been added over time, such as with the Roman Catholic Church. But the truth is, there is no sin in any pastor, or priest, or any such person in any such type of position, being married.

Things like this text are good for a laugh, but that’s about it. :-) And even if true, they’re nothing more than an interesting bit of history, since again, it would not make any difference to the Christian faith whatsoever, if Jesus was married.

So relax folks. Your faith is safe, even if someone were to pop up with an authentic text! :-)

But the moral of the story here, is to stop putting any weight on these sudden supposed “finds”. Chances are, there’ll never be one that actually is authentic and it wouldn’t matter if one were. So why sweat it, folks? :-)

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