Krokodil: Do Not Touch This Stuff!

The drug “krokodil” (crocodile) has made its way from Russia to the U.S. now and I promise you, you have never seen anything like this drug! If you think the effects of Meth, like “meth mouth” are bad, I’m here to tell ya, that’s nothing compared to this drug! This stuff is shot into the veins and even contains things like gasoline!

Take a look at the images on the web site (see link further down) and no, this is not a prank! I thought it was when I first looked at these images (warning: shocking). But I investigated it and they are quite real!

Please parents! Warn your children! I’m not usually one for unecessarily exposing children to such grotesqueness, but please, show them these images! No one with half a brain could fault you for doing so!

The following link should take you to the images. There is a video to watch and the pictures are found below the video on the web page here.

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