Liberal Distraction Tactic

A friend of mine sent me an email with the following statement in it;

“The truth is the truth, good, bad, or indifferent.”

Well my friend, I certainly agree with that! Hence the motto for this blog:

“Telling you the truths that might piss you off!”

But my question in response to your email would be;

“Are you sure that’s what you have?”

I felt though, that this statement by by my friend was a prepping for his next email, in which he quoted a response he received from someone at the Obama web site.

How did this response come his way?

Well, I shared some facts with him about ObamaCare and how much more in premiums a number of people are paying and how much coverage they lose when they switch to a health plan under ObamaCare. That was the point of the email that I had originally sent to Chester about ObamaCare.

Please remember that being the subject as you continue to read this.

Also please remember that no one has said that these changes will affect everyone. Here are my points:

1) The rate changes will mostly affect people who buy their own insurance.

2) Many people, whether they buy their own insurance or not, will be affected by the change through the amount of coverage they’ll lose and/or the yearly deductables and copays that they’ll now pay.

3) The young will be affected because they typically don’t yet have a job that provides them with coverage.

4) The idea that most Americans have jobs that offer low cost insurance to their employees and therefore can afford it, is a flat out lie! In reality, many, many employers are working their employees 30-40 hours every week, but classifying them as “part time”, specifically to avoid providing them with benefits like health insurance.

Anyway, apparently, my friend wrote to them about the subject of these rate hikes and they responded. And then he shared the response (quoted further down) with me.

The response had a graphic and a couple of paragraphs of plain text.

The words in the graphic read as follows;

“90% of young adults between 20 & 29 may receive financial assistance for health coverage thanks to ObamaCare.”

Now assuming that my friend wrote in about the issues I had raised (I’m sure he did), my first question would be;

“What does that have to do with the premium hike many people face when they switch to ObamaCare?”

My second question would be;

“What about people who are older than 29? Why was everyone over 29 left out of this response? And where did I mention any age bracket?

And more than that, it also says that they “may” receive assistance, not that they “will” receive assistance.

So what does this response from the Obama people really mean?

I guess asking these questions puts a huge tear in their plan to distract us from the actual issue that was raised. :)

You see, their response was nothing more than an attempt to distract my friend from the issue I raised, which is the central issue in the entire scenario! And it is the issue that conservatives have been trying very hard to get them to respond to. But as you can see by their response to my friend, they obviously do not want to do that.

So getting back to the real issue here…

Their response is the problem with putting any stock in what liberals sources have to say.  They always try to distract from the real issue, because they know that they have no valid argument to make.

Let’s look at what else the response from the Obama people said and note the attempt to distract; the bait & switch, as the liberal who wrote the response tries to replace “ObamaCare” with “health insurance” as a whole and then falsely accuses conservatives of being “shady characters for saying that health insurance is a bad idea for young people”.

“When we hear about shady groups trying to convince young people that getting health insurance is bad, too expensive, or just not necessary for them, Truth Team is fighting back, getting out the facts and making sure young people know their options.”

Huh? I mentioned the fact that many people who investigated what their premiums would be after switching, found out that their premiums doubled, or even tripled, for less coverage than what they currently have.

Excuse me, but what does that have to do with “shady groups convincing young people that health insurance is bad”?

Please show me even one conservative group, that even once said;

“Hey people! If you’re 20-29, then health insurance is a bad thing for you!”

Of course you won’t find it, because it doesn’t exist. There wasn’t even an age group mentioned!

And they’re calling the conservatives “shady”? Please!

How do people not catch this?!

The liberal response went on to say;

“The good news is the numbers show that young people are seeing through it — polls show only 5 percent of young Americans say they don’t want or need health insurance.”

They’re “seeing through it”? Through what, exactly? Through a sentiment that conservatives never expressed, that a liberal falsely and knowingly attributed to them?

The response goes on to say;

“The demand is there. It’s up to us to make sure everyone knows the truth about getting covered.”

What “demand”? For health insurance? Of course there’s a demand for that! Duuuhhh!!! :)

That’s not the same thing as “a demand for ObamaCare”. But they knew that already, of course, which makes them people who twist words!

In other words, they falsely replaced the word that conservatives used, which is “ObamaCare”, with “health insurance” and “conservatives” with “shady groups” and then claimed that people are seeing through the supposed lie that the “shady groups” are telling, which supposedly is that “health insurance is bad for young people”. But unfortunately for liberals, conservatives never said any of that.

So how can they say that they’re putting out “the truth”, when the truth is, that they are trying to completely misrepresent what it is that conservatives said?

They just tried to distract everyone from the actual issue that was brought up and they outright lied about what conservatives have said and about what the issue is as a whole. And then they want to claim that they’re the ones who are spreading the truth?

And notice the tone of their message. Phrases like “shady characters”. This was not the response of someone who works for them and who is there to simply share the facts and politely correct any misgivings.

Rather, this is someone who is trying to sell the product and who is attempting to “defend” the product at any cost, even at the cost of the truth and who, like a “shady” used car salesman, doesn’t mind using “shady” tactics like “distraction” and “bait & switch” in attempting to do so!

And these people call themselves; “Truth Team”? C’mon! Please! :)

And sadly, my dear friend did not even notice this. And sadly, most people don’t. And that’s because liberals are great at getting people to argue over the wrong subject, to avoid the actual issue. They’re also great at smearing their opponent using falsehoods, distracting people and engineering hatred from others toward their opposition, using misdirection and lies.

Now some people may not like hearing this, but look at what was asked and look at their response.

And sadly, my friend did not investigate any further than Obama’s web site, that didn’t even address the issues raised.

Now how can anyone look at just one site, especially one that is so obviously biased, just quote whatever they say and then claim to be giving an unbiased, factual answer to an issue?

Yet, just like almost every liberal, my friend (no offense) thought that this answer somehow rebuffed what I said to him about the issues I raised, when in fact, the response he received from the “Obama people” did not even address one single thing that I had said.

And furthermore, like I said, their response contained misdirections and outright lies about what I said!

The issue is “the cost of switching to ObamaCare”, not “health insurance for young people being a bad idea”!

Let’s just quickly review a few points:

1) No conservative source has said that young people getting health coverage is a bad idea.  Therefore, the entire liberal response that Chester quoted to me is irrelevant.

2) Conservatives have not said; “People 20-29 don’t qualify for health care”, as this liberal source implies.  Everyone qualifies for health care, except for most companies not covering pre-existing conditions.  But some will, just at a higher premium.

3) As for financial assistance, some people qualify for that, through one source or another. But even that doesn’t mean that it will be cheap for them.

4) For many people, their premiums have tripled under ObamaCare and yet, they have to take it anyway.

5) People who do not pay for Obama’s insurance, will be fined when doing their taxes every year.

Furthermore, Obama lied again, just yesterday!

Obama: “The amount of people signing up for this program is proof of how many people want it.”

That’s an outright lie!  It is proof that it’s the law that they have to buy it! That is what is generating that number of applicants! 

Question: Who the hell would want to pay more for less coverage?!

When you force people to sign up for something under penalty of law, you cannot then use that large number of signups as proof that Americans want it!

The man is an outright liar!

And in case you think that I am “anti-Obama” or something, when he was first running for office, I was a huge Obama fan! I wanted him to win!

He spoke like Kennedy when he was running and his words really got to me!

But then his actions, once in office, is what turned my opinion of him as a leader!

Obama has no problem with these liberal misdirection and bait & switch tactics! Heck, I just quoted him doing some of that himself, above!

Note to my friend: No offense, but you did not think this through! You just believed whatever the liberals said, just because they’re liberals! But look at what have really done!

You cannot claim to be seeking truth my friend, when all you bother with, is one response from Obama’s “health camp”, that didn’t even respond to the issue that they were asked about!

And you cannot, my friend, claim to be after truth, when you preassume that Obama’s right and then look at an issue with your mind already made up!

You (and everyone) must not take a side! You must begin with no conclusion drawn and then investigate using many sources, not just the ones you personally like. Then and only then, do you see where you end up! And that, only after thoroughly investigating each and every claim!

That is what I have done (thorough research) and it is what I do before I post anything on my blog! That is why I was prepared for this sort of thing and that is why I reached the conclusion that I did!

And it was the liberals own words, not what the conservatives said, that brought to the conclusion that I came to! It was their dishonest attempts to lead people away from the actual issues, that told me that I could not trust them and your quote of them to me is a perfect example of that, my friend!

As I said, I did not start out by being anti-Obama. So no one can claim that my posts are due to bias against Obama, nor am I a “Republican”, although my views are conservative for the most part. But by that, I don’t mean political affiliation. I mean morally speaking. And if a liberal is right about something, then I will agree with them.

For me, it’s about truth, wherever it may come from!

Getting back to the issue, what you have shown me, my friend, is not “truth”.  It’s just more “liberal distraction tactic”. That is what they used (and you quoted to me).

This is proved by the fact that this liberal “response” talks about health insurance as a whole and then tries to pretend that that’s what the conservative comments were about, when in fact, as liberals well know, the comments were made about “ObamaCare” and not “health insurance for goung people”.

But as usual, the liberals ran away from the real issue, while slandering and libeling the conservatives!

Don’t get me wrong in any of this. I’m not trying to knock my friend here. He’s a great guy and I consider him a dear friend! And he’s not a stupid man. I think he’s just got a case of “liberalitis”, of which the biggest symptom is, “seeing what you wish were true”. :)

All I am saying, is that when we have made up our minds ahead of time and have done so based on political leanings, then individual issues tend to become clouded by said leanings.

As I said, I am not with any political party.  If liberals bring up a valid argument, then I will side with them.

But in this, they have not even come close to making a good argument, let alone prove their case! The fact is, they lied and they continue to lie.

Look, you may disagree with my opinions, but you can trust the facts that you see on my blog!

And using only facts, I have shown you that the liberal Obama camp is deceptive and has no problem with that!

First of all, who can afford a rate that’s three times higher, yet one that you have to pay?

Second, don’t forget, some people won’t be able to get any coverage at all because of ObamaCare, yet will be fined for not having it!

These are facts, not conjecture and not misdirection! And that’s why I put them on this, my blog! :)

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