NASA Bans “Jesus”!

It’s true!  NASA has banned the use of the name “Jesus” in its newsletter for the Johnson Space Center.

While NASA, to their credit, has been supportive of allowing employees to use its facilities at the Johnson Space Center for various types of meetings by their employees, including those of a religious nature and to advertise said meetings in that newsletter, they too have now fallen prey to a politically correct line of thought that has become so popular, that people think it’s the law (due to atheist organizations like FFRF promoting it and people accepting this claim as fact, because they were too scared to fight it in court, where they would have found out it isn’t true and is an intentional distortion of the Supreme Court ruling) and actually act (against Christians) on what they think the law is, but it actually isn’t.

In fact, these organizations have been so good at spreading this myth as fact, that they have others (in this case NASA) shutting down religious speech and activities proactively for them!

Just FYI, the truth is, that some organizations and especially townships have begun to fight back and challenge them in court and the judges have been ruling against the FFRF and their ilk, stating clearly that there is no such law barring folks from expressing their religious faith and that that is not at all what the Supreme Court ruling stated!

But not enough battles have been fought in court for word to get around in a big way yet and so now, thanks to the ignorance of this at NASA, the “JSC Praise & Worship Club”, which meets at the Johnson Space Center and has always advertised their meetings in that newsletter, was directed by NASA attorneys to refrain from using the name “Jesus” in their newsletter announcements.

Why?  Because NASA “alleged [that] such announcements would cause NASA to violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution”.

I.e., the FFRF spin on the most recent Supreme Court ruling!

NASA further stated that; “NASA does not prohibit the use of any specific religious names in employee newsletters or other internal communications. The agency allows a host of employee-led civic, professional, religious and other organizations to meet on NASA property on employee’s own time. Consistent with federal law, NASA attempts to balance employee’s rights to freely exercise religious beliefs with its obligation to ensure there is no government endorsement of religion. We believe in and encourage open and diverse dialogue among our employees and across the agency.”

I’m sorry, but when viewing both quoted statements together, I have to stop here and ask a few questions:

1) Isn’t that hypocritical?  In one statement they claim that the name “Jesus” can’t be used, because it “violates the Establishment Clause”, but then in the next statement they say that, “NASA does not prohibit the use of any specific religious names in employee newsletters or other internal communications”.  Huh???

2) What name did they think would be involved in announcements about Christian meetings?

3) Since saying that the meeting is about worshipping Jesus and that it’s a Christian meeting, is in effect saying the same thing, how is announcing that it’s about Jesus “an endorsement of religion”, but announcing that it’s about Christianity is not?  Isn’t the title of “Christ” the first part of the title “Christianity”?

NASA says it’s because “Jesus” is a “name”.  That doesn’t even come close to making sense!  But to expand on that, what if the meeting was not a religious meeting, but was just about Jesus from a historical perspective?  How would they announce the meeting’s purpose, so that interested people would come, if they can’t use the name “Jesus” in their announcement?

Maybe something like;

“Meeting this Thursday at 8 PM about a guy who lived a long time ago, but we can’t say who.  Join us, won’t you?”

Yea, I’m sure it’ll be a big crowd!

Sadly, the reality here, is that if this were about a Muslim meeting and they named “Mohammed” in their announcement, then I doubt that NASA would have said a word to them about it!

Sadly, the truth is that no one dares offend the Muslims, or any other religion besides Christianity and they’ll instead jump right up to “defend your religious rights under the 1st Amendment”!

But when it’s about Christians, then all of the sudden, it’s; “Hey!  Under the 1st Amendment, you can’t say/do that!  That’s ‘establishing a religion’and that excludes others!”

Imagine that!  A nation founded on Christian principles, by Christians, many of whom came here looking for freedom from religious persecution, is telling today’s generations, that America is free and you’re free to express your religious faith anytime, anywhere, unless you’re a Christian!

And this, from the government organization that took us into space, where during the first manned mission, having entered Earth’s orbit on December 24, 1968, the astronauts spoke the first broadcast to the people of Earth and took turns reading Genesis 1:1-10 to us!

Yes folks, it’s that obviously hypocritical! And today, in case, after case, after case, after case, etc., etc. and so on and on and on, this blatant hypocrisy can be cited and it’s just sad! Especially when we note the difference between our Muslim president today, who does everything he can to destroy our nation’s Christian values, to what the president who brought down the Berlin Wall and brought freedom to millions of people said not all that long ago!

Thankfully, “Liberty Institute”, a legal organization that takes on these cases in defense of Christians, is currently involved in this case.  Let’s all pray for them and everyone involved and for a Godly outcome!

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