Nation?  Or No Nation?

Some of this, I have never actually told anyone before, but this is important!

I was raised by two (legal) immigrants.  My grandparents.  It was in a home where both people loved this country, because even though they never got rich and my grandfather worked two jobs to keep my sister and I fed and put a roof over our heads, they were both grateful for what this country had given them: a chance to live a life of true freedom and to make their own way.  Whatever the outcome, now it would be of their own making, instead of someone else’s whim.
Something important to note: I didn’t even know what my grandparents’ original nationality was, until I asked.  Can you figure out why?

It was because when you move to another country, you assimilate into their culture.  You don’t try to force the country to change to yours!  And only in America, do people get that snotty attitude!  But my grandparents didn’t.  That’s because real Americans, which they were, don’t.

Every morning in school, we would put our hands over our hearts and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  It was not optional.  You did it, period.  Because being a patriotic American was an important part of your education: of growing up here and therefore learning to be a good American was not optional.

I joined the Army at 17 (legal then).  I didn’t want to go to war (who does?), but that’s what armies are for and you do what you have to do when called upon to do it and before that part of my life was over, I ended up at the rank of Staff Sargeant and eventually left the Army with an Honorable Discharge.

I had always been a patriot.  And when I left the Army, of course, my patriotism had only grown.

I love the Constitution!  But I hate what the activist (every one of them being a Liberal) judges have been doing with it and violating it daily by doing so!

FYI, by law the courts are not supposed to create laws, as they have been doing.  Their sole function is to apply existing laws, not create them!

I also hate what presidents have been doing with Executive Orders when they have contradicted the Constitution and Obama is the worst with this by leaps and bounds!

You see, you have been sold a lie!  That the Constitution is a “living document, that expands and contracts and sheds off what it no longer needs”.

The Constitution, at least the Bill of Rights, does not “shed off” anything!  And it is not any of the things claimed!  The Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights for us to keep for as long as this nation stands!  Nowhere in it, is there an “Expiration Date”!

Now of course, the Liberal response is always something along the line of:

“Do you think the Founding Fathers envisioned things like the Internet?”

Of course they’re looking for you to say no.  But this is a bait and switch tactic, to make you think; “Okay, maybe it is a living document!”.  And then the next thing you know, they’re telling you; “A woman has a Constitutional right to an abortion!”, which is exactly what they’re doing right now!

If you want to argue about abortion, then have at it!  All I’m saying is that you won’t find the word “abortion” in the Constitution and the 10th Amendment says that anything not directly addressed by the Constitution must be left up to the States and that makes abortion a State issue, for each state and your “feelings” about that don’t matter!  But a Liberal struck again and here we are!

I am an Originalist.  That means that the Consitution means today, exactly what it meant when it was written.  All writings do.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say; “Feel free to make this mean whatever your feelings about it tell you to.”.  And while the Founding Fathers may not have thought of the Internet back then, neither did they think of the telephone.  So what?  Speech is speech.  It’s covered under the 1st Amendment, hello?

So as you can see, they’re trying to pull a bait and switch with that “living document” crap.

What I’m trying to get at, is that we cannot let our government strip away our Bill of Rights!  Our Rights!  Our rights do not belong to the government!  They belong to us, “endowed by our Creator”, as it says and the government works for us!  Not the other way around!  They work for us!  The government is our bitch!  It’s that simple! :-) 

Take the 2nd Amendment.  They try to argue that we have police, so you don’t need a gun.  But the police get there after the crime has been committed, which means that when they show up, you’re already dead!

Plus, that’s not why the 2nd Amendment was written anyway.  Read it.

The 2nd Amendment was written when we had just fought our own government as traitors to England (King George) and it was written to give the people the ability to protect themselves from their own government.

Read the founding documents.  This country was set up as an experiment and the people were ordered to throw it off, if it didn’t work.  But how do you do that, when your government turns Totalitarian and you already let them take your 2nd Amendment rights from you?

And let’s be realistic here.  The only people that get disarmed by gun control laws, are those who have legally purchased and registered their firearms.  And those are not the people making the murder rate what it is!

But this letter is not about gun control.  The 2nd Amendment is just an example.  The 1st Amendment is being attacked just as strongly!  It started becoming very serious under Obama (look at what he did to Title IX) and Hillary wants to make it illegal for even a preacher on the pulpit to preach about LBGTQ+ people being in sin and take Title IX even further to do so!  She wants churches forced by law to hire them!  And she has openly stated that she wants to be “Obama’s 3rd Term”.

You may agree or disagree about the LBGTQ+ issue.  But that is the point!  You get to do that!  And so do I and so does the preacher on the pulpit!  And none of us gets to wipe out both of the items covered in the 1st Amendment, to force their views on the others!

As for the two candidates, all that the Liberals have offered against Trump is insults that are accusations, without a shred of proof, except for some lockerroom talk one time.  Something that every man and woman on the planet us guilty of!

But as for being a misogynist, excuse me?!  Have you seen how many women across his financial empire, he has in top executive positions?!

Bill Clinton used his power to force women to perform sexual acts and yet, hypocritically, these same Liberals say nothing against him or Hillary!  He went on multiple flights with his pedophile friend!  Given that this pedophile would rape children in the air, what was happening when Billy flew with him, since this was no secret to him?

And when Bill’s sexual assault actions came to light, Hillary defended her husband and attacked the women!  And now she’s attacking Trump over some lockerroom talk?!  Little Miss “I defended rapists and pedophiles when I was a lawyer!”?  Excuse me?!

And when it comes to Hillary Clinton, every accusation made against her has been proved to be true!  And what really sank her in my mind, was when she caused the deaths of the servicemen in Benghazi and it came time to answer about it, her answer, pretty much word for word was:

“I’ve heard enough about this already!  So this guy did this, or that guy did that.  Who cares?!  It’s time to move on!”

No Hillary, it wasn’t “this guy”, nor was it “that guy”!  It was you!  Directly!  Your orders!  You!  You purposely and intentionally left them to die, even after they begged you to let them leave, to benefit yourself!!!  You!  You did that!  You and you alone!

I bet the families of those servicemen do not feel that they should “just forget it and move on”!

And what a disgusting answer from the woman who is 100% responsible for their deaths, because she was too busy trying to make money off of what was happening over there!

And frankly, it’s also time to demand an answer from her supporters!

How could you?!

If a murderer (which is what Hillary is, since she knew that her illegal actions would get men killed and she did it anyway) stood up in court and said what she said, what would your reaction be?  And yet you’d vote for Hillary?!

She made national security information public.  That could mean our nation falls!  But you’d vote for Hillary?

Hillary will give amnesty to every illegal immigrant and open up the borders!  What are borders for then?  One World Government Hillary!

But you know what?  For me it’s not about personalities!  This is not about the president being a woman, nor being a fan of “Celebrity Apprentice”!  It’s not about any of that, nor should it be!

The real problem for me; the reason that for the first time in my lufe I am writing something like this about an election, is that for the first time in my life, I am truly scared about the future of my country!  The country and the flag I love so much!  That I once took an oath to defend with my life.

I have the Constitution framed and hanging in my home and lately, as the day has been approaching, as I pass by it, I have found myself stopping and looking, wondering what’s going to happen.  If my nation will survive the attack on it.  Not from a foreign power, but from our own leader, should Hillary win!  And ladies, I know you all want to see a female president.  But please, please trust me when I tell you this is not the one to back!

I am actually, genuinely scared that my country, that I love and already offered my life to defend and protect, is going to be gone!  And that has been keeping me up at night!

Please do not put that heartless hater of our Constitution (because it gets in the way of her personal desire for power and money), who doesn’t even care that she caused men to die because it bought her favor in the eyes of her Billionaire backer, George Soros (look that up!) into office!

I’m begging you!  Please don’t do it!  You have the power to save our country!  Please do that instead!

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