New Healthcare Not Affordable!

Go broke or break the law?

This letter appeared in the Seattle Times. They did not print the name of the writer:

Mr. President, twice the cost for half of the coverage. Is that affordable care? [A User’s Guide: 20 Things to Know about the Affordable Care Act, Section J, Sept. 22].

Today Mr. President, I learned from Group Health Cooperative, my insurance provider in Washington state, that my HSA Insurance plan (premium $323 per month) was canceled. The new policy will have a premium of $532.67 per month and my “deductible/out of pocket maximum”, is changing from $2,750/$5,500, to $4,000/$8,000.

Is that affordable health care?

Mr. President, I am 60 years young, I have a healthy lifestyle and have always carried my own insurance. Unlike the U.S. government, I have gone to great lengths to keep my cost of living down. Hence, I did the research to find a Health Savings Account Plan that did not cover pregnancy. Now pregnancy is covered — just-in-case!

What happened to keeping my plan and keeping my doctors?! With the new plan, none of my doctors are in network! So to see them will cost 80 percent more!

The federal debt is already despicable! And now you want responsible citizens, who up until now have managed their own money more responsibly than the government, to go into the poor house, rather then break the law!

Of course, you, Congress and your staff, who wrote the law for the other 350 million, will be supplemented (covered)!