New Plan! Shoot ’em, then Sue ’em!

Have you heard about this one?

A young man calls 911 for help 3 times and when the cop arrives, the kid attacks him, so he shoots the kid dead (8X).  And now the cop wants to sue the young man’s family for emotional stress over it.


Question: Why would this young man, who called 911 3X for help, attack the officer who was sent to help him?

Question: Why would it take 8 shots to put down a young person who isn’t very far from you?

As I’ve said, I investigate using multiple sources and dig deeper (using my own methods) than “the stories”.  But I saw this one and after a cursory read, I was obviously shocked by what I read and knew that I had to look into this further, although at this point, there probably isn’t as much available as I’d like to be able to get at.  I did however want to let people know to keep an eye on this story on this blog, because I will definitely be doing some digging into this one, even while writing about other stories!

If this cop shot this kid and killed him, when all this young man was trying to do, was in his panic and excitement, was to get to the cop who was supposed to be there to help him, then this cop needs to face punishment!

“Yea, but what if the kid was running at him and the cop panicked, thinking his life was in danger?”

Even if this kid was excitedly running toward him, that doesn’t mean he’s presenting a threat and these cops receive training on how to determine a threat versus someone coming toward them in a panic.

This is something that needs to be checked out and while I don’t yet know what happened in this case, I do intend to try to find out, so stay tuned!

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