No More Pizza?!  Earth Must Die!

Spaceships on a war path as the Earth runs out of pizza!  Damn these galactic border hopping aliens!  And what’s with that Sheriff and those Mexican aliens?!

Seeing the reporting about the supposedly “racist” Sheriff Joe Arpaio and President Trump both (according to the Liberal MSM) saying that they love white people and hate non-white people, I thought it would be good to break this down using some actual facts, even though that may piss off Liberal readers who love Mars and hate pizza!  A great combination for people from my planet! :-)

While politicians like Sen Chris Murphy are saying that President Trump is “giving America the middle finger” for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Vanita Gupta, Head of the “Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights” said that the Sheriff actually “terrorized the Latino community”, by refusing to stop “profiling” them, when considering whether or not to make sure the person is in the country legally, the truth is, he was Sheriff in Arizona and there are a lot of illegal aliens there and guess where they’re from?

That’s right, you guessed it: Mexico!

I have to admit though, when it comes to illegal aliens, it pisses me off that the courts demand that law enforcement let Mexican illegals stay, but when it comes to my fellow Martians (where I’m actually from), then it’s “Ohhh, Noooooooo, they have to gooo!”

Talk about racial profiling based on skin color!  No one’s got it worse than us!  And what’s wrong with green skin, anyway?!  In the swampy areas in Florida and just about anywhere at Christmas time, it fits right in!

But nooooooo, that’s not good enough for the racists!  And that’s why we have to wear these fitted “skin costumes”!  So that we’ll look like the majority of the Earthlings that are in whatever country we land in.

Of course, ironically, the only problem is travel.  We can’t do it, because once the skin color suit is on, taking it off destroys it and you only get assigned the one suit anyway and we don’t want to be mistaken for an illegal alien anywhere and then get deported and be unable to get to our ship again!

So jobs as pilots, ship captains and circuses (unless it’s as a clown) are definitely out!

But anyway, I digress.  Back to the point:

So of course, the Liberal MSM is calling the Sheriff a “racist” and a “racial profiler”, because he was dumb enough to think that illegal aliens hopping the border from Mexico into the US, might look Mexican.  Shame on him, huh?!

And let’s get this straight!  What Vanita Gupta was really doing when she said that the Sheriff was “terrorizing the Latino community”, was to try to falsely equate a bunch of illegal aliens who illegally crossed into the US from Mexico, with an American “community” of American citizens, or legal immigrants with green cards and to try to make victims out of people who intentionally came here illegally, instead of using the appropriate method!

Note in her comment that she never uses the words, “illegal aliens from Mexico”!

In fact, you can read more of the disgusting comments by various Senators, etc., here.

So according to these Liberals and to the Liberal MSM, it’s no longer about a Sheriff trying to get illegal aliens deported.  Oh, no, no!  Now he’s a “racist” and a “racial profiler”.  And of course, they’re calling Trump a racist too, for pardoning this “racist” after he (Trump) made the Charlotsville comments (according to the Liberal MSM) that he didn’t actually make, right?

Do you see how the Liberal MSM works now, framing things in the way that they wish they were and then proceeding from there, as if their wish were fact?

And since, as a Liberal friend of mine reminded me a couple of days ago, that’s all that 99% of people in the Western hemisphere see for news, guess what they end up believing?

I guess the Sheriff should have been rounding up white people as illegals from Mexico, right?  Then he couldn’t be called a racist and of course, Liberals would cheer white people being sent out of this country, becauae to them, a perfect America is one without white people and an all LGBTQQ+ citizenship, except for the Muslim men, who all get to live here long enough (2 years) to tear down anything American and spend all of the Government’s money to pay black people reparations.  But then they all leave, giving the land back to Native Americans because “cultural appropriation” and they rename it; “Wowthesedumbassidiotsgaveitbacklol”.

So what did happen between the Court and Sheriff Joe Arpaio?  Remember, he was ordered to stop arresting people he found out were here illegally.  The Court said it told the Sheriff to stop holding individuals and calling ICE, solely on the fact that they were in the country illegally.

So basically the Court said that the Sheriff, even when he, or any of his Deputies know that the person is here illegally, cannot hold the person and call ICE to come and deport him/her.

Instead, the Sheriff/Deputy has to let them go and wait until they go Murder/Assault/Rob/Rape/etc. someone, before the Sheriff, or any of his Deputies can arrest him/her.

That’s what the court said.  That even if he knows someone’s here illegally, that he has to wait until the person commits a State level crime before he can arrest them.

Wow!  Great news for me and my fellow Martians!  And don’t worry, we really did come in peace.  Well, unless Earrh stops making pizza.  Then we got a real problem, people!

And it’s also great news for MS-13!  But given the very high crime rate amongst Mexican illegals and the fact that many of the members of MS-13 in those areas are illegals who came up from wherever south of us and jumped the Mexican border into America to strengthen their gang on this side of the border, it’s not such great news for the legal people of Arizona, since the Court doesn’t want law enforcement to even look at the illegals funny!

So what does this really mean???

Believe it or not, it means that a guy with “MS-13” tattoed across his forehead (like many of them have) can walk up to the Sheriff and say;

“Hi!  I’m an illegal alien from Mexico and I hopped the border to make the MS-13 gang presence stronger here in Arizona!”

…and the Sheriff can’t do anything except say “Hello” back and walk on and go about his business!

Now does that sound right to you?  It doesn’t to me.  But Liberals are cheering for this judgement by the Liberal court!

But what exactly is the legal situation for this Sheriff?  I mean, what exactly was he convicted of doing?

He was convicted of “Contempt of Court” for not following the Court’s Order (see above), because the Sheriff and his Deputies kept arresting and holding illegals and calling ICE, after the Court’s Order had been issued.

But what was the Sheriff’s argument; his defence, in his Contempt trial?

Well, the Sheriff hung his hat on a two-pronged argument:

1) The fact that the Court Order was ambiguous, being written in “legalese” (of course) and therefore he didn’t clearly understand it.  You see, under the law, it is required for him to have been willfully disobedient and therefore in Contempt of Court.  And for that to be true, the Order must be, by law, “clear and definite” to the person it is issued to.  But the Sheriff stated that neither he, nor his Deputies “clearly understood” the Order, as the law requires.

2) The Sheriff also argued that the Prosecution has not produced a single witness to any of the alleged violations of its Order.

In its response/ruling to these arguments, the court convicted him (the Sheriff), finding him in contempt.

Why?  The court said that it’s not the court’s job to explain its own orders to defendants.

So basically, this judge said that a court can require someone to follow an order it issues in “legalese”, with the court knowing that the person will not understand it.  And that it can do so, even though the law requires that same court to issue orders that are “clear and definite”.

So Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of “Contempt of Court” for not following the Court’s Order that told him that he must make sure that known illegal aliens Rob/Rape/Assault/Murder/Etc., before he arrests them.

Did the Sheriff actually understand the Court Order?  I’m sure his lawyer explained it to him.  But the point remains that it’s hypocrisy for a court to write an order in a language that only lawyers understand, when the law requires it to be “clearly and definitely” understandable by the person it’s issued to and then convict someone when they don’t understand the language used in the order!

But as for the outcry over President Trump pardoning this guy, while Sen John McCain tried to villify Trump by saying, “No one is above the law!”, where was that shout by him when Obama released serious criminals back into society?!

Where were all of these politicians with their attacks (see link near top of article) then?!

Where were the people who are now slamming Trump, when Obama was commuting the sentences of a traitor and a violent man who committed firebombings?


Let’s look at how the Sheriff Trump pardoned compares to those that Obama let go from prison:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Kept arresting people who were in the country illegally and called ICE to come and get them, after the court told him to stop.


* Bradley Manning (now “Chelsea”), the Army Intelligence Analyst convicted of a 2010 leak of Classified information that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world, disrupting Obama’s Administration.  And yet, Obama commuted his sentence and gave him “Active-Duty, Unpaid Soldier” status, so that he (she/it) would be eligible for health care and other benefits, meaning that the citizens of the United States would be required to pay for the expensive operation to turn him into “Chelsea”, a girl and all of the required health care that goes with it, plus all other health care needs that are covered for soldiers, as well as any other types of benefits that soldiers normally receive (except for a salary)  Wow!  What a bonus for being a traitor!

* Oscar Lopez Rivera, who was part of a Puerto Rican Nationalist group that carried out a string of bombings in the late 1970’s thru the early 1980’s.

* James E Cartwright, the Retired Marine General and Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who plead Guilty to lying to FBI Agents about his conversations with reporters.  The FBI Agents were investigating a leak of Classified information about cyberattacks on Iran’s nuclear program.

So where’s all the media backlash over Obama letting these people out?

It was nowhere to be found!  In fact, the Liberal MSM tried to paint these people as heroes and victims who were unfaitly treated!

“But how could they do that?!”, you ask, not quite believing that it could be true.

Hey, I gave you the facts.  Check them out for yourself.  And you have to remember where these “journalists” come from.

Remember those “snowflakes” you’ve been reading about in the reeducation brainwashing camps (colleges), where they’re taught that after hearing someone disagree with them, name calling is okay and it’s okay for these Liberal students to form baseball bat wielding gangs on campus and beat the crap out of students “on-site”, who aren’t Far-Left like them?  And where they teach students how to frame their spoken and written Liberal views on a subject in a “No Facts?  Just Attack!” format?

Well, some of these Liberal students were studying Journalism and Media.  And so where do you think they go to work after graduation?  Hello?  The media outlets maybe?

Is it still a big mystery why the media is so Liberal biased and why it’s called the “Liberal MSM”?  FYI…..

MSM = (M)ain(S)tream (M)edia

Now do you get why you see accusations of Trump being a white supremecist in the Lib MSM, because he didn’t ignore the violence by Far-Left gang “Antifa” and call them saints, but instead condemned all violence, by anyone, as being wrong?!

Remember, these “journalists” were taught that anyone who disagrees is fair game to say anything you want about.  And that their responsibility is to the Liberal cause and not to the facts.  So if Trump condemns all violence, then in their minds, he a racist who said that he supports white supremecist groups.  Yes, that’s right, the Liberal MSM has not only been claiming that President Trump supports white supremecist groups, but that *he* *said* that he does and that is a flat out lie!

And of course, that means that the Sheriff didn’t, when it came to illegal immigrants, end up arresting a lot of Mexicans because that’s where most illegal immigrants come from in Arizona.  No, according to the Liberal MSM, he’s a “racist profiler”, who “hates Latinos” simply because they’re not white.  And that’s what they’ve been reporting, as if it’s proven fact.  Based on nothing but their own emotional outburst.
Remember the Liberal journalists credo:

“No Facts?  Just Attack!”

Look, this is no different than when President Trump made it clear that we have to stop the flood of *illegal* aliens from entering our country *illegally*.

But how did all of the Liberal MSM report it?  That Trump hates immigrants and immigration and wants to stop it.  Is that what he said?  No.  But that’s how they framed it, because they knew that almost every American would agree with him and the Liberal MSM can’t have that!  So what did America wake up to for their news the next day?

“Trump hates immigrants and wants to stop immigration!”

…or some wording very close to that.  You see, they conflated (combined together, as if they are same thing) “legal immigration” with “illegal immigration”.  But those two things are quite different, aren’t they.  And of course, then the Liberal MSM would put in their articles how Trump is a hypocrite, because his father was an immigrant, etc., etc..

Do you get it now?  He never said that he hates immigration, nor that he wants to stop it, so he can’t be a hypocrite then.

And yes, of course the Liberal MSM knew they were doing it!  Do you think all of those media outlets just happened to get the same exact thing wrong, on the exact same day, all of them, just by mistake?!  Please!

And there’s the thing you’re not even thinking about, because you figure hey, he can just correct it.

Really?  To whom should he complain?  Knowing that every mainstrean media outlet is Liberal and knowingly told the same lie, which one do you think will admit it to the world and “correct it”?

And you wonder why he calls them “fake news” and “liars”?  Really?

And look at Antifa and BAMN.  These groups were started by college students.  The type that believes that carrying baseball bats and beating every Conservative student they see with them on site, is an acceptable response to a student being critical of their tactics.

But the Liberal MSM portrays them as “peace activists” (that’s a quote).  And the media gets angry when someone calls out Antifa, et al.  Note that Donald Trump called out the violent Lefties too, which means he had to pay and so in the very next article about it, the Liberal MSM put Antifa on a pedastal and reported that Trump is a “white supremecist sympathizer”, who “said that he supports the KKK” and who “tried to blame the peaceful, anti-racism protesters”.

And how is the Sheriff being portrayed in the media now, along with Trump who pardoned him?

You get it now???

Of course, they’re still loving them some Obama, even given this “criminal release” comparison, huh?

But then of course, Obama’s a Liberal who pushed for any and all Progressive causes that promoted the destruction of America, so hey, free pass!

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