Obama’s Military Christian Persecution!

If you take the time to read this through, then what you’re about to read will shock you!

You know, I was proud when Obama became President! Proud of my country! That finally, the color barrier was broken! And not only that, but at the highest level possible!

I remember right after the election, while having a phone conversation with a friend of mine who also happens to be black, who asked me what I thought of a black president being elected. And I remember responding by saying; “It’s about time!”.

You see, I thought that maybe now, we could begin to get beyond all the hate, ya know?

And I have to say, that when he was campaigning, his speeches moved me. The man has charisma, no doubt! So much so, that I wanted this man to win, not just because he was black and it would finally break the color barrier, but because when he spoke about our country and about it’s people, I heard someone else. I’ll tell you who it was further down in this message, but those of you familiar with history, already know who it is.

And so this was the first time that a presidential candidate caused me to stop and listen. I mean really listen!

Like in many, his words stirred something within me, that made the patriot within me respond! He had a very special something about him! He moved a nation of people, who began to dream of the America that once was. The greatest nation on Earth! And not just because of its military power!

It used to be that people knew that they lived in the greatest nation on Earth and quickly said so when asked.

But then it became; “It’s still the greatest nation in the world.”.

Hmmmmm… “still”.

Do you know what that means? It means, “even though this bad thing is now part of our lives from now on, it’s still….”.

Saying that we lived in the greatest nation on Earth became a matter of relativity (compared to other nations), instead of just being flat out pride.

Then Obama came along and made us hope once again. Hope for a return of that “flat out pride”.

The dream was back, folks!

And when we listened to him, our feelings of patriotism rose and our chests puffed out a bit, as our pride swelled within us, looking happily toward the future, once again having hope for the outcome!

Dare I say, it was a bit like hearing Kennedy speak. And any of you who really know about Kennedy, will know what a huge statement that is!

Of course, then, as is the norm, the mud-slinging from the other side began.

“He’s not really American. He wasn’t born here.”

“He’s really a Muslim. He hates the Christian faith.”

Of course, those who know me, know that I’m not some sheep who gets led around by the nose. That I don’t believe what someone says, unless they can prove it.

And they also know that not only am I a patriot, but I’m also an Originalist.

So of course, I ignored it. And while I would love nothing more than to see an intelligent man of the Christian faith in office, under the Constitution, a man cannot be excluded from office because of his religion. And as long as he keeps his focus on what a president should be doing for his nation and out of my religious business, then what his religion happens to be, isn’t really relevant.

And as for being born here, I don’t even really care about that. Why should that be a concern, in a nation built on immigrants? Or, should I say, a nation formed by a bunch of British traitors, who just didn’t want to pay even one single tax?

I’m sorry. It’s just kind of hypocritical, don’t you think? Especially when for the first 2 or 3 decades, not one of our presidents was born here, don’t you think?

Heck, I’d love to see “Ahnuld” become President!

Of course, then candidate Barack Obama denied these claims, calling them outright lies.

Well, I think the first was settled when we saw his birth certificate and Hawaii agreed that it was valid.

But as for the 2nd claim, that he is a Muslim, you can’t truly verify what a person’s beliefs are by checking a piece of paper, if there even would be one in that person’s belief system. Not every religion, nor denomination keeps detailed records like the Catholics do.

Anyway, the whole, “What does he really believe?” question does not yet seem to be settled for many Americans and in fact, I think that more people may be wondering about it now, than before Election Day.

I shouldn’t really add any humor to this, since it’s certainly not a laughing matter. But I do find it funny in another way (meaning I find it strange) that other than a couple of quick denials that he’s Muslim, with zero elaboration, I simply cannot remember even one instance of our president, either before, or after the election, making a flat out statement that he is not a Muslim and I certainly cannot remember him elaborating on the subject at all.

Yet I know this about every other president I’ve seen hold office. Just not Obama. Why is that?

I don’t expect any president to “Address the Union” and spend an hour or two on television going over his religious belief system, but why all of the secrecy; the avoidance of the subject?

Sure, as I said, he has quickly dismissed the Muslim idea when questioned on it, but then he went into avoidance mode. Why???

And that folks, makes and keeps people wondering; “Why all the secrecy?”

And as anyone knows, a sure way for a public figure, especially for a politician, to keep a subject alive, is by trying to keep it a secret.

Sure, a man’s faith can be a private thing and I have no problem with a president stating that he doesn’t want to take the focus off the issues and put it on his religion. But any politician knows that the quickest way to get an issue like this behind you, is to come right out and address it! Eventually, it will be forgotten about.

So why hasn’t Obama done this and “gotten it behind him”?

Plus, in a nation like ours, where the majority does consist of people who do believe in God and are in fact Christians, how would it possibly benefit any Christian candidate to try to avoid standing up straight and tall and anouncing oneself as one also?

You can do that, gain the “Christian vote” and at the same time, please the rest by stating that; “In the United States of America, no one should be persecuted, nor discriminated against for their religion!”, can you not?

But tell me, how does it benefit any president, to leave people wondering if you’re actually a Muslim and trying to hide it?

It simply doesn’t benefit any candidate in any way to do that! So why does Obama do it?

The botton line is, that with Obama, none of us are really, truly quite sure about him, are we?

So why is this such a big issue for me right now and why am I even writing to you about it?

Because President Obama has been doing some things in secret, that are just recently coming to light and out into the open and which are anti-Christian. And not only that, but anti-American!

The Issue…..

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but the concerns of Christians about Obama may not have been far off after all!

President Obama has actually been enacting laws one after the other, which don’t just restrict religious expressions by our soldiers, but eliminate them! And these laws and regulations (military) make such expressions of faith, even such simple things as one soldier sharing his faith with another soldier, even when the other soldier asked him to share his faith with him, a court-martial offense!

This is not some fairy tale that “right wing nuts” (as the liberals love to call them) are spreading! This is something that I have been following myself and I can tell you that these laws and military regulations are very real! And that they have been enacted by the Obama administration and also by Obama himself, most of them being his own brainchild! I have even been following the individual cases of soldiers who have been arrested, court-martialed and even sentenced to military prisons, for the simple act of sharing their Christian faith with others!

I cannot recall one instance though, of a soldier being court-martialed for sharing his Muslim, or Jewish faith! Isn’t it quite interesting, that the same faith that the 9/11 pilots held, enjoys far less restriction than the faith that this country was built on!

There are even now, new military regulations in place, which limit a chaplains ability to minister to soldiers, with more being proposed, that forbid chaplains from discussing the Christian faith with soldiers, with the ultimate goal being that of eliminating the position of “chaplain” for the Christian faith and it’s church services altogether!

This is no joke, people! This very real and it is happening right now! And it is due to and thanks to the Obama Administration, including Obama himself!

Why isn’t this being told to you?

Why do these laws and regulations affect only the Christian faith?

And why does it not include the Muslim faith?

And as I said, soldiers have, on multiple occasions, already been locked up and court-martialed, threatened with years of confinement in harsh military prisons, for nothing more than sharing their Christian faith! Yes, under these new regulations, that is the actual charge! Some are serving time already for doing so!

Don’t take my word for it though! Check it out for yourselves and see what’s what!

And no, that does not mean just viewing a liberal biased web site that says it ain’t true and immediately dismissing this issue.

Instead, try performing some actual research and getting to the bottom of it for yourselves and see what the truth is!

I would break here though, to tell those of you reading this who are black; While I understand that there is great pride for you in a black candidate finally holding the office of President… Right now, if I were you and I called myself a Christian and a true believer, then I would be more worried about being able to express my faith freely without being locked up, than I would be about what color Obama is! The color black is not an automatic forgiveness for sins!

After all, what do you believe that God calls us out to be?

Our color, followed by our faith?

Or our faith first, followed by the fact that we simply happen to be a specific ethnicity?

I.e., Does God call you to be;

“A black man who happens to be Christian.”


“A Christian who happens to be black.”

I mean, which one comes first, in your heart and mind?

If the former, then “black” issues are the most important thing to you, above any subject, no matter what it is.

If the latter, then you place God above all else, including the color of your skin (or anyone elses). God comes first, period!

If the former, maybe you should join a “black” church, that puts “black politics” above Scripture in importance.

If the latter, then any God loving, God fearing Christian church will work for you, because you don’t spend your time in a church, looking around to make sure that everyone else’s skin color is the same as yours.

Btw, why is doing that only called “racism” when a white man does it, but when a black man does it, it’s called “pride”?

I’m not black and so admittedly, I cannot and so, do not understand “black issues” in the same way, at least not all the time. But I will say that being black does not mean that we’re supposed to ignore anything that Obama does, that works against us! And I would hope that if I were a black man who professes to be a true believer, that “black pride” would not be what I would be feeling at the moment, but rather shock, disgust and most of all, embarassment!

If I look up “racism” in the dictionary I guarantee that it will not say;

Racism = , Placing those who have the same skin color as you, above and as being better than every other skin color and excusing the words and actions of those who are the same skin color as you. Except if you’re black. Then it is not racism. It is pride.

Back to the subject…..

The bottom line here folks, is that these are things that are already happening!

Did you ever think that the day would come, when the Federal Government of the United States would persecute and prosecute its citizens, solely for their political and/or religious beliefs/views?

Well, wake up, because it’s not just a fear about the future folks! It’s not just some “crazy conspiracy theory that extremist nutjobs rant about”! It’s actually here, folks!

Maybe the “conspiracy nuts” weren’t so “nuts” after all, huh?

First the IRS with their persecution of those in the “Tea Party” political group, which they have been caught and now finally admitted to doing.

And now, it’s those of the Christian faith, which they cannot deny, since these cases are a matter of public record.

And it has been quite selective, in that it’s happening only to Christians! Muslims have not been bothered about this and do not seem to have these problems. They are not being persecuted and prosecuted for their faith, even though the expression of their faith is very public indeed!

For example, a devout Muslim must kneel on their prayer rug 5 times a day and pray to Allah, at scheduled times each day. And it does not matter what else is going on!

For example, it does not even matter if the Muslim is a colonel and a general is in the middle of briefing all of his senior staff with life saving information that needs to get to the front lines with great haste!

The Muslim *will* drop to pray, right then and there! The rest of the briefing will have to wait! And this is not an exagerration!

And the sad part? IT IS ALLOWED! Even more, it is his LEGALLY PROTECTED RIGHT!

This general ABSOLUTELY MUST respect it allow it and not only that, but provide for its occurence and formally reprimand anyone who tries to interfere with it, or even verbally demeans it!

Furthermore, Muslims, even in the service, are allowed to not only share their faith openly and publicly, but to practice it in the same way!

But a Christian who dares to even tell someone else that he is a Christian, is violating regulations and can be (and they already are being) court-martialed!

And prayer? A Christian man praying publicly?

Even if it’s done silently (bear in mind, Muslims often pray out loud), if others know that the Christian is praying (hands in a prayer position, etc), then that is also a court-martial offense!

Contrast these two situations folks. And do so while understanding that this is due solely to the Obama Administration! It is his brainchild, folks!

Read the news and look at what’s happening around you and what can happen to you, if you’re a Christian. It isn’t just China and Russia any more, folks. Now it’s occuring in the so called, “free world”! Canada started this trend on this side of the globe and now we’re openly following them!

Now anyone can say anything they want about this. But as I said before, those who know me, know that I deal in unbiased facts and that I will accept nothing less than that! And these are the facts, folks. There is nothing I have said here, that cannot be easily verified! And that is exactly what I do, before I make any statements like this, about anyone/where/thing!

And all of this leads me personally to a question…..

“What President, who claims that he is not a Muslim (but only when pressed hard) and has said (hand wavingly and again, only when pressed) that he is a Christian, does these kinds of things? And only selectively to Christians?”

And in my opinion, the question that you should all be asking yourselves is…..

“Why does everything that he does, regarding religion, make people wonder if he is actually a Muslim?”

Remember, this is not about saying;

“Muslims bad! Christians good!”.

Rather, this is about our president trying to outlaw the Christian faith and starting with the military to do it!

After all, it is best for his hidden agenda if he starts there, isn’t it?

Think about it… If the citizens revolt, upon whom will you need to call, to put the people down?

In this great nation, this “union of great states”, we should definitely be demanding to know;

“Why it is not okay to discriminate against someone based on their religion, unless they are Christian?”

“And why is it that then, it’s not only fine, it’s a legal requirement?”

Don’t believe me? Read the link that I have provided for you further down, which should really only be a starting point for a journey that you should take, which I promise you, will lead you to some not only unexpected, but shocking conclusions!!!

And while doing reading it through, please try to remember and to keep focused on the fact that this not just some ranting, by some “right wing nut”.

I have been personally monitoring this issue and I have been reading about the arrest of one soldier after another and their court-martials, as well as their outcomes.

One soldier received a 5 year sentence, simply for sharing his faith with another soldier! And yes, that was the charge!

The harsh sentence was given, after he dared to question the proceeding, by asking why it is that Muslim soldiers are allowed to pray openly wherever they are?

He further cited the multiple instances in which, even when coming under fire in Iraq, those Muslims taking cover and then proceeding to roll out their prayer rugs and praying, rising to a sitting position and bowing (keep repeating), thus giving away their position and by default the position of the rest of the soldiers there, thereby risking the lives of all of the soldiers around him!

And remember, per order of the military and with the approval of Obama himself, the other soldiers are not allowed to interfere with this act by this Muslim, nor ridicule him/it, or they will be court-martialed for doing so!

Of course, this Christian soldier’s court-martial, in which he was charged for sharing his Christian faith with someone who asked about it, then went even tougher for him!

Yes folks! That is how it works! That is what Muslims do at their specific prayer times, without exception!

You see, they believe; “Allah will protect me!”

Of course, screw the other soldiers around them! Let them die, right?

Don’t forget folks, to a Muslim, anyone who is not also a devout Muslim, is, without exception, considered to be;

“An infidel, worthy of death!”

…anyway, so who cares if they die because of it, right?

Yet, for some reason, this is what President Obama seeks to protect!!!

How come he’s not worried about Muslim soldiers considering him to be an infidel?

Especially considering that his own life may depend on them protecting it one day!

Think about this question very carefully, folks!

Why is he not only unconcerned about this folks, but why is he ENGINEERING IT?!

You know, I have to say, that for someone who says he’s not a Muslim, he damn sure acts a lot like one, doesn’t he?!

Hmmm… Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

I am not stating that President Obama is, without a doubt, a Muslim.

Rather, I am simply laying out factual evidence, from which you can draw your own conclusions.

I will say this before going though…

If President Obama were taken to court on the charge of; “Being A Christian”, I think that the prosecution would be hard pressed to convict him!

Personally, I think he would be found; “Not Guilty”!

There is an old Christian joke that gets told every now and then, that was designed as a humorous way to get someone to question whether or not the way that they live their lives, would lead people to believe that they are a Christian. It goes something like this;

“If you were charged with being a Christian and taken to court, would you be convicted?”

Now ask yourself, honestly folks, if we put Obama’s name in there instead, would he be convicted?

It’s not likely, is it!

But what if we put his name in it and changed “Christian”, to “Muslim”?

Would he be convicted then?

Even if you couldn’t say for sure, I think we all know that his odds of conviction would be much greater!

And if you know that, then why wouldn’t you begin to question what he’s really about and what he’s really seeking to see happen in this nation?

Anyway, here’s that link I promised you:

Let your journey begin here.

If you want to ensure the downfall of a nation, just remove God from it in every way possible! It’s demise will soon follow!

And here’s something else to think about… While you may, or mat not agree with “Gitmo” (Guantanamo Bay), in light of this issue being discussed here, one has to wonder why President Obama promised to and has been pushing so hard to close Getmo?


As my final thought here, I think that no matter how we feel about certain issues with our president, he still is our president. And that means that no matter what, it is our duty as American citizens to keep him safe, should we ever be called on to do so.

As I told someone else; “He is still my president and I would still take a bullet for him!”.

That does not mean that we must agree with everything he says, or does. And the definition of “patriotism” is not, “to blindly follow”.

While we should support our president, sometimes, if it comes purely from our desire for the good of the nation and not to promote our own personal agendas (being able to separate the two), then patriotism can often be revealed in our disagreement!

It is believed to be Thomas Jefferson who said; “Dissent is the highest firm of patriotism”.

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