Denny Crane & Abortion

COMMENT: Given the obvious far left leaning of the mainstream media, I was thoroughly stunned that they actually let the Conservative view even be spoken in this episode! At least without it being ridiculed and then the writers having the Conservative character just stand there silent and looking stupid afterward! SETUP: TV Show "Boston ... Read More of This [.....]

Homos Cause Outrage Once Again!

That's right, they're still at it, upping the ante at every turn! Now through the "gay & lesbian" club, "MT Lambda", they have desecrated the American flag! More on this shocking behavior later in this post, but is it really any wonder that homosexuals outrage the patriotic people of this Christian nation, time and time again, with ... Read More of This [.....]

Words That Make Me Rage!

I am a firm believer in people using proper English. I do not make excuses for, nor make a place for improper English. And this thinking today, that instead of demanding that people use proper English, that we should instead call their ignorance a language (like with "ebonics"), just really urks me! What also urks me, is the appalling ... Read More of This [.....]

Truckers Ready for Washington!

From On October 11th, a group of right-wing truckers is planning to drive to DC to shut down the major commuter highway that circles the city. They’ll continue to block traffic, they say, until they see the arrest of elected officials who have "violated their oath of office". Organizers of the event, which is ... Read More of This [.....]

New Healthcare Not Affordable!

Go broke or break the law? This letter appeared in the Seattle Times. They did not print the name of the writer: Mr. President, twice the cost for half of the coverage. Is that affordable care? [A User’s Guide: 20 Things to Know about the Affordable Care Act, Section J, Sept. 22]. Today Mr. President, I learned from Group Health ... Read More of This [.....]

The Church and Homosexuality!

Before beginning, let me make my position on homosexual acts and homosexuals very clear. I do not agree with homosexual acts. I also do not agree with persecution of people, because they're homosexuals. I believe that God defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. I also believe that any sex outside of marriage ... Read More of This [.....]