The Flood: Local, or Worldwide?

Opening: The Bible describes the flood of Noah's day as a worldwide, historical event. Yet some believe it was only a local flood. What are the consequences of these views? Can the Bible teaching be harmonized with a local flood? Some people doubt, or deny that the flood was worldwide. But we should seriously consider the Biblical ... Read More of This [.....]

Senseless Acts of Grace

"Random Acts of Glory and Senseless Acts of Grace”, would be a good description of the earthly ministry of Jesus.  Especially as we see it expressed in the Gospel accounts. The ‘ministry’ of Jesus that we see is rarely theological, preachy, or even religio.  But it is unrelentingly (and usually infuriatingly) individual, improvisational ... Read More of This [.....]

What Are Homos Really Proud Of?

I read the following and it, like many other articles, brought the question to mind; "What is it that homosexuals *really* have their so called 'pride' in?". From the Daily News: ***** "'I am very proud of being a New York City policeman.  And I’m equally proud of being gay', Sgt. Charles Cochrane said in 1981, stunning the establishment ... Read More of This [.....]