Draft? Me (Women)? Oh, Hell No!

Let's be clear about this!  The women polled on whether or not women should have to register for the draft (the bill passed in the House Panel) do not want that to happen! You see, while women are quick to try to get any and all of the benefits that their FemiNazi, "You Go Grrrl!" mantra can get them, knowing that they'll get the ... Read More of This [.....]

You Go, Captain Grrrl!!!

This is going to hurt our fighting forces! Let me start by saying right off, that I am dead set against women in the Infantry!  If you don't know what the differences are regarding the different sections" in the Army, etc., then definitely look it up!  But for now, think of the Infantry, in a worse case scenario, as soldiers in hand ... Read More of This [.....]

We Need the “Bullshit Guy”!

Before beginning, I want to make it clear that it is not solely blacks who are doing this stuff, but they are doing over 90% of it.  And while some sources try to be politically correct by not mentionjng that it was blacks involved in a particular incident, trust me, just search!  I don't say anything in any article about an event, ... Read More of This [.....]

Racists Against the Oscars!

After reading my last article ("Are the Oscars Indeed Racist?"), you know that the Oscars are not racist and in fact, even over the last few years, blacks have actually been overrepresented in Oscar nominations, when you compare the percentage of nominations to the percentage of the U.S. population that's black. But of course, that's ... Read More of This [.....]

In Case of Zombies, Develop!

My wife says I'm always running across weird, but true stuff.  For her, of course, that's what makes it so weird (that it's true stuff). 😄 But I don't know if I agree with her.  I think the stuff I find is perfectly normal.  In fact, before this article is over, I'll prove it! Read this article (as an example) and see ... Read More of This [.....]