So Much for Claims of Oscars Racism!

Well, after the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, it seems that the claims of racism have to be tossed out the window! Blacks won big at the SAG Awards! And I mean BIG! But the excitement that we saw over the Oscars only goes to show that people are basically stupid and always looking for a chance to seem "politically correct", looking ... Read More of This [.....]

Are the Oscars Indeed Racist?

Before getting into this, I have to say that I really hate using the word "race".  The reason is, that I believe that we are all one race.  The human race!  But as there is no escaping using that word in these issues, I will use it as a means of making it easy for everyone to understand what is being discussed here. The newest "race" ... Read More of This [.....]

Catching Up

It has been quite a while since I have actively posted on this blog.  But I do intend to rectify that, starting right now! So much has been going on out there in the politically correct world, that even I can't believe how bad it's gotten!  Issues with race, feminism, general political correctness, as well as homosexual/transgender ... Read More of This [.....]

Are They All Jerks, Ladies?

Before the article begins, let me say that I did not write this. This was written by "Matt Walsh", who writes for "TheBlaze" and you can find what's below here. Before reading it, a couple of things you should know are: 1) Matt has quite a few female fans/followers, because of his articles directed at single men, designed to wake ... Read More of This [.....]

American Liberal Left Hypocrisy

To quote; Returning once again to the issue of religious expression in proximity to public schools and other public resources: During a speech at Colorado Christian University on Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia argued that the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit religious references in public places, including schools: “I ... Read More of This [.....]

Quadroped Devolution?

Take a look at the following article from "IFL Science" (I won't mention what the "IFL" stands for). The link to it is at the end of the article, followed by my comments: -Begin Quote- In its most extreme form, Uner Tan Syndrome is characterized by loss of balance and coordination, impaired cognitive abilities and a habitual quadrupedal ... Read More of This [.....]