SkyView Church: A Review (Part 1)

This review will, in essence, be a two part article. It started out as one "post", but in writing it, I found that because what is preached at a church is the most important thing, that I will need to go over the definitions of some words and expand on why the Skyview Church preaches a lot of truths, but at the same time, is not what ... Read More of This [.....]

Catholism: The Path To Nowhere!

What does Catholicism in the Roman Catholic tradition stand for today? What soul-saving, divine "truths" does it claim to hold? After all, this is a very important question, considering that the RCC (the Roman Catholic Church) has always claimed to hold "THE TRUTH". To be "THE CHURCH", with the Pope being "Christ On Earth" (more ... Read More of This [.....]

Jesus’ Wife Was Lazy!

She must have been! I mean, think about it. According to some piece of papyrus, Jesus was married. He had a wife. And yet, He couldn't even get a clean bowl of water at home to wash His feet in! He had to go to some other dudes house, just to clean His feet! Now just how lazy is that?! :-) All seriousness aside, there has been ... Read More of This [.....]

Homos Ruined the Winter Olympics!

First, let me say that this is not about hating homosexuals (read my article about me and what it is I believe). Nor is this an endorsement of abusing homosexuals. We all have our sins. I have mine and they're way too many for me to be busy judging the sins of others! And while I do believe homosexual sex acts to be a sin, this ... Read More of This [.....]