Promiscuous? No Worries!

Disclaimer: This article addresses the 98%-99% of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood for matters of convenience and not the 1%-2% that are done out of medical necessity. It is also specifically about the young, teenage girls that Planned Parenthood (PP) has recently been marketing to.

Did you know that Planned Parenthood (PP) is telling teenage girls that promiscuity is “nothing to worry about”?

On Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page for teens, they posted an article answering the question: “Is promiscuity a bad thing?”.

Now while any adult with any sense knows that of course promiscuity is a bad thing, according to Planned Parenthood, “there’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners”.

Um, do the terms “slut” and “health risk” ring a bell here? For what reason would Planned Parenthood be telling girls it’s okay to become sluts and risk their health? More on that later.

The truth is, there are actually a number of health risks that go along with having a large number of sexual partners.

The fact is, some of the major risk factors for HPV and Cervical Cancer are exactly what PP says are “no problem”. Things like multiple sex partners and having sex at an early age.

Even the Guttmacher Institute, the place PP always used for research, found; “a person to be at direct risk for STDs, if he or she has had two or more partners during the 12 months preceding the interview”, during one of their research studies.

Additionally, it is typically a person with low self esteem who engages in sexual relations earlier and who engages in riskier, unprotected sex with multiple partners. And to be blunt, girls with “daddy issues” can end up being promiscuous, especially those who did not have fathers and seek to somehow fill that hole in their lives, being at risk of ending up in one man’s bed after another, still not finding the fulfillment that they seek.

Does that sound like “nothing bad or unhealthy” (physically, or mentally) to you?

The PP article continues, saying that as long as a girl feels “satisfied and confident” with her sexual decisions, then she is okay.

Seriously?! Really?! Young teenage girls are “okay” when they’re having sex with a lot of guys, which means they’ll be turning themselves into sluts, who will obviously be at a much higher risk of disease, as long as they’re “satisfied and confident” that they want to be sluts?

PP continues on to say…

“Some things that can be unhealthy, include having sex before you’re ready, having sex to try to seem impressive or cool, having sex when you don’t want to, having sex with people you don’t like/trust/care about and having sex without using protection, like condoms and birth control. If none of those behaviors sound like you and if you feel satisfied with and confident about your sexual decisions, you have nothing to worry about…”

There’s no reason for them to worry? Really? So none of them will ever face any physical, nor psychological consequences from these actions? Doesn’t that seem to turn everything we know to be a fact on its head?

I mean, is it the reason that you’re having sex that transmits disease, or the sex act itself?

According to PP, as long as you’re not having sex before you think you’re ready, then you will most assuredly be “safe”.

Does that make any sense to you?

No, of course not. But here’s the problem… your young, impressionable teenage daughters, who can’t yet understand consequences and who get their info from anyone except their parents, will take it as gospel! And believe me, when they tell you that;

“Planned Parenthood says it’s safe and they know what they’re talking about with medical stuff!”

…there’s no way that you, her parents, that are just “old and don’t get it”, are going to convince her of just how wrong PP is on this!

PP is trying to harm your children, to make money off of them! You say that you would protect them at all costs, so why aren’t you speaking out against this, instead of cowering in fear, because you’re afraid you might make some woman mad, or be politically incorrect?!

PP continues by saying;

“…you have nothing to worry about, even if someone calls you or your behavior ‘promiscuous’. And that’s also a good reason to hold off on judging or gossiping about other people’s sexual history, too.”

In other words, it’s okay to be a slut and put yourself at risk, as long as you’re not (as the article says) trying to impress anyone. And just ignore people when they (accurately) call you a slut.

Yea, that sounds like a good day at school! What the heck is PP thinking here?!

Oh and don’t forget their last sentence above, which is saying that since now you actually are a slut, you really shouldn’t be pointing your finger at anyone else for being a slut.

Okay, yea, I guess not pointing your finger at others for doing the same thing you’re doing, probably is good advice.

But where to begin with these people!

While all of the behaviors in the above quote are certainly not desirable, Planned Parenthood is initiating a dangerous sense of moral relativism (subjective morality) to its teenage audience. Simply because a person may feel as though their behavior is okay or acceptable, does not mean that their decisions actually are healthy or good for them in the long run.

The truth is, that the part of the brain that controls decision making and can realize consequences, is not yet fully developed in teenagers. That doesn’t happen until they’re in their twenties.

But why Planned Parenthood would promote promiscuity as acceptable behavior to these young, vulnerable teenage girls, should not be a surprise to anyone who knows how they’re funded, which includes government money and the fact that in order to receive this government funding, they have to keep the number of abortions they perform up!

Plainly put, if the number of abortions that they perform drops too low, then they’ll lose their funding! It’s that simple and teenage girls are a significant part of their business!

A little more than one in four of their clients are teens and 45% of abortions are repeat abortions. This means that if they can get to women while they’re still young and unable to realize the consequences of their actions and persuade them to put themselves at risk, then they have a good chance of making repeat customers out of them and that’s better for their bottom line!

In other words, they’re marketing. They’re promoting abortion as a product and their target audience is teenage girls. Make them customers earlier and earlier and get that repeat business by turning them into sluts.

No wonder they are distributing birth control in schools.

And just like a shady used car salesman who doesn’t care what financial damage they do to your life, the people at Planned Parenthood don’t care what damage they do to teenage girls, medically, or psychologically! Teenage girls who, once their brains develop, will realize the consequences of their actions! And in the meantime, who knows what medical damage will occur? How could PP make such claims? How could they be claiming that there’s no harm in it and that it’s safe?!

I mean, just think about this for a minute. Planned Parenthood is actually trying to convince young, teenage girls to become sluts and place themselves at medical and psychological risk, to make “customers” out of them, so that they can keep their federal funding coming and hopefully increase it!

Tell me, since when is it a good thing to teach young girls to have a lot of sex with a lot of men and become easy sluts, leaving themselves open to various sorts of serious harm and possibly even death (HIV)?

Contrary to what Planned Parenthood claims about condoms, there is no such thing as “safe sex”. Condoms are not a perfect solution. Women do still get pregnant and both men and women do get diseases, even when a condom is worn.

I.e., condoms do not make sex “safe”. They make it safer! And there’s a big difference between those two and sometimes the difference is one of life and death!

But Planned Parenthood has no problem putting young, teenage girls (and boys) at risk, in order to keep the money flowing and the only way they can do that, is by performing as many abortions as possible and the only way to do that, is to convince these young girls to become sluts!

The truth is, that PP wants the money that comes with a large number of abortions and they’re trading the medical and psychological health and possibly even the lives of your children, for federal money. The truth is, that as far as PP is concerned, your young daughters are nothing more than a market for them to sell their “product” to!

I’m sorry, but no one who uses a sales tactics like this, can honestly claim to care one bit about the welfare of these teen women; your daughters! And quite frankly, their methods disgust me, as I hope they do you!

What kind of organization, convinces your young teenage daughters to become sluts and to put their lives at risk, in order to keep as much money as possible flowing in? If anyone else did that, they’d be criminally charged! Think about that for a minute, or a year!

What other organization could spend its time convincing young girls to have lots of sex with lots of men and not be called perverted and held criminally responsible for the results?

Why is it, that only with abortion, all of the rules go out the window?

Talk about hypocrisy! That’s it, in its highest form!

In truth, they spend lots of money trying to convince women to cause themselves harm, so they can keep even more money rolling in from these women and the government!

They help to create the very problem that they claim to have the cure for! And they claim that cure is abortion!

In truth, they’re saying to young girls whose minds do not fully grasp the consequences of their actions yet, to go have sex, sex and more sex! And the consequences? Oh, don’t worry about those! We’ll take care of that for you! Then you can do it all over again and make us some more money!

And while these young, impressionable girls take this advice from the “professionals”, Planned Parenthood sits back and watches the money roll in from the problem that they helped to create by lying to young girls, to boost their bottom line (profits)!

It’s ridiculous and young people are dying from it!

But their many forms of deception go on! Planned Parenthood even uses a name that makes it sound like they’re all about helping you plan for your future and about becoming a parent. But it’s a con game! In real life, they’re not about that at all! And any woman who has ever gone into one of these places, knows that there will not be any “parenthood planning” going on in there.

In truth, they are nothing more than a chain of abortion clinics, looking to increase business, obviously by any means necessary. And abortion is what teenage girls are sold on in these places, not “family planning”!

Planned Parenthood is about abortions, not planning families. And no matter how they try to twist it by claiming that they’re providing abortions to help women plan the “when” of having children, that is nothing more than a deception on their part! There’s no discussion about how to be a good parent in there! There’s no presentation of options to these women, with one of them being having the baby, or giving it up for adoption! The truth is, there are no options presented! Just abortion, which these young girls are told is “no problem”! Therefore, even saying they’re “pro-choice” is a lie, because they’re not about “choosing”! They’re about abortions and abortions only! It is the sole purpose for their existence!

An abortion is not about planning a family. It’s about preventing one from existing! And if Planned Parenthood cared anything at all about the welfare of your daughters and their “choices”, then they wouldn’t be trying to convince them to have sex and a lot of it, with a lot of men, to increase the number of abortions performed, thereby increasing their customer base, thereby increasing their funding.

Planned Parenthood is not about helping your daughter to be safe. It’s about using your daughters to its advantage, no matter what the harm to them might be, all to increase their bottom line!

The only one who cares about your daughter(s) is you, their parent(s). So prove it, by speaking out against what this organization is doing, regardless of whether or not a few feathers get ruffled! So what if they do! After all, what’s more important to you? Protecting your children? Or making sure not to ruffle the feathers of the so called “pro-choice” crowd, who throws out the rules of safety and decency, when it comes to the subject of abortion, so that they can make a buck off of your child(ren)?

And yes, your voice can make a difference! But if you don’t speak out against this, then your fear of women must be stronger than your drive to save your child.

You decide. Be sure that you will have to. And rest assured that your choice will have an impact, one way or the other.

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