Racists Against the Oscars!

After reading my last article (“Are the Oscars Indeed Racist?”), you know that the Oscars are not racist and in fact, even over the last few years, blacks have actually been overrepresented in Oscar nominations, when you compare the percentage of nominations to the percentage of the U.S. population that’s black.

But of course, that’s just not good enough for them.  They want “equality”.  They demand that half the nominations to go to 13% of the population; blacks.

So when it’s proved that the Oscars are not racist, what do they do?  They ignore that and keep claiming that they are racist.  And in doing so, they prove not only that they don’t want equality, but that they want it all.  And that they want to be able to be openly racist against whites and get a pat on the back for it from whites (many of which are stupid enough to do it).

Think I’m delusional?  No, I’m sorry, but it’s you who’s delusioned by them.  As for me, I prove everything I say.  Blacks not only want only blacks being helped with money from whites, but they are also being openly racist.

As a perfect example, as I said, it’s a lie that blacks can’t get Oscar nominations, yet there is still a “black response” happening tonight, on Oscar night! 

A group called “Blackout for Human Rights”, an activist collective formed by black actors, directors, etc., decided to try to help out with the lead poisoned, black tap water issue in Flint, MI.  Now that sounds like a good thing, except that they’re going there, solely because they found out that there’s impoverished blacks there.  Impoverished whites don’t count, I guess.  After all, according to blacks they don’t exist anyway, so let the whites die from it, right?

Make no mistake folks, this is a black organization that is for and about blacks alone.  And that proves their racism.  Trust me, if Flint was all white, they would not be there!  And their tag, #JUSTICEFORFLINT says all you need to know!

But how would it be if a group of white celebrities held an event that’s open to all, to raise money for poor whites suffering from the poisoned water there?  How would that go over?

The truth is, that would be considered racist and rightly so. So why is it okay when blacks do it?

Poor is poor!  Does $20 for groceries being held by a white person, magically last longer than when it’s being held by a black person?  Of course not!  But blacks are perfectly willing to perpetuate this myth that only blacks are poor!

And what does money have to do with it anyway?  This is about the government, who handles the water, not doing what they should be doing.

But here’s the part that’s the most fun!  Guess when this “black” event that’s for blacks is being held?

That’s right, you guessed it!  Tonight!  Oscar night!  No “racial” message there, huh?  No, they’re not holding an event run by blacks, to help blacks, on the same night as the Oscars that they’re falsely claiming are racist to send a racial message, are they?  No, they would never do such a thing!  After all, they’re black.  And that means white people have to believe whatever they say, right?

Of course we do! And that’s why we won’t call Ebony’s “Oscar night celebration of black actors” racist either, right? Please!

Isn’t it interesting that Ebony, a black magazine, is going to celebrate only black actors and they’re somehow not racist. But the actual Oscars, which have statistically overrepresented blacks, have one year in which the nominations have gone to white actors and they attack them for being racist?

Here’s the difference:

Oscar nominations have gone out to black actors plenty of times and this year it just happened to work out the way it did.

But the choice to help/promote blacks and only blacks by “Blackout for Human Rights” (by which they mean, “black rights”) and “Ebony”, is/are intentional! They are choosing one color; theirs and choosing to intentionally exclude white people.

I.e., the Oscar nominations committee did not intentionally set out to exclude black people this year. BHR and Ebony did exactly that!

Yet, blacks claim that the Oscars nominating committee is just a bunch of racists. Huh?

Blacks need to take a look in the mirror!

How do you spell “hypocrisy”? “B-L-A-C-K”

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