Satanic Government Prayer?

I don’t know how much you’ve been keeping up on the assault against God in our nation over the last few years, especially when it comes to prayer.  Students being banned from gathering for Bible studies after school hours, high school football players who play for Christian schools being blocked from praying before a game, ejected for praising God after a touchdown, a coach threatened with being fired for praying and students even being failed for refusing to conform to anti-Christian beliefs held by professors at colleges, etc..  Just Google “school” and “prayer” and “prayer” with a few other key words and you’ll see what I mean.  It’s really getting out of hand!  And just so you know, it’s only Christian prayers that are getting blocked.  Search all you want, no one else; no other faith is banned from praying anywhere and at anytime they want!

And the claim is always the same.  The powers that be, that ban Christian prayer, claim that it’s because they want everyone else to feel “included”.  They want to “promote an atmosphere of inclusiveness”.  They are supposedly afraid that by allowing Christian prayer anywhere, they will be “excluding other people, of other faiths”.  So they bloack the Christian faith.  Yet in all of this fear of excluding people of other faiths, no one seems to have a problem with our children being indocrtrinated into Islam, praying Muslim prayers that are said to join the Muslim faith as part of course work, at all grade levels.

So now, you would think that this would apply to every prayer, by every group, right?  But that’s obviously wrong.  The truth is, not only are prayers by other religions allowed, they are encouraged!

But wait!  There’s more!  After many local governments have tried to get rid of Christian prayers to open meetings, which has been done at a federal and local level since our nation began, by the way, in Pheonix City, apparently, all you have to do to be able to be the ones to open the City Council Meeting with a prayer, is to request to be able to do it.  So the local “Satanic Temple” made the request and is now set to open the next City Council meeting, later this month.

But here’s the part that should upset you.  Instead of the local government trying to stop it from happening, by claiming that they don’t want other faiths to “feel excluded”, the attorney for the City of Pheonix is actually defending it, claiming that because of the U.S. Sypreme Court’s decision, they cannot dictate religious viewpoints and cannot exclude a religion from praying there.  You can read it here.

So my question is this: Why is it, when it comes to Christian prayer, inclusiveness means stopping it over the objection of a huge majority, but when it comes to any other religion’s prayers, inclusiveness means letting it happen, over the objection of everyone else (a huge majorty) who doesn’t want it to happen?

This is how it is happening, 100% of the time, in 100% of the cases!  If you want anything Christian, it is banned in the name of “inclusiveness”!  Even nativities in school Christmas plays, which by the way, can no longer be called “Christmas” plays!  But if you’re a Muslim, or a Satanist, then you’re not only welcomed in to pray, but they will bend over backwards to KISS YOUR ASS by giving you anything you want, in the name of “inclusiveness”! And the government will even supply the attorney! Try to get them to do that if you’re being booted out for being Christian and wanting to pray! Rather, that same attorney will be the one fighting to get you booted, in the name of that same, so called “inclusiveness”! Apparently, you may only be “included” in the U.S., if you’re NOT a Christian!

Question: How do you “include” all religions, by “excluding” the one that is practiced by the huge majority of this country?

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