So Much for Claims of Oscars Racism!

Well, after the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, it seems that the claims of racism have to be tossed out the window! Blacks won big at the SAG Awards! And I mean BIG!

But the excitement that we saw over the Oscars only goes to show that people are basically stupid and always looking for a chance to seem “politically correct”, looking to kiss up to whatever the politically correct passion project of the day is! Now had people, white and black, just waited a couple of days, then we could have saved the headlines for a subject that actually matters in the scheme of life, instead of sweating over whether or not some whiney actors and actresses got a little golden statue to put on their mantles.

In my opinion, the smart people were those who were not black and not white. Why? Because they weren’t dumb enough to rant and rave over it. But then again, many of them are immigrants, or children of immigrants, who came from places where the headlines are not about whether or not you can see a pimple on Madonna’s thigh during her latest concert. They came from places where you work hard and you will be rewarded and where they don’t cry out about every possible offense, because people didn’t kiss their asses for a night!

Me? I don’t really give a crap what color the winners are. I just want the best actors to win, period, end of story. For example, I was extremely happy to see “Idris Elba” win for “Luther”! I love that show! In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a show that was on the BBC, in which Idris plays an Inspector over in England and it’s a really great story and he just does a superb job with it! Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be a series in the sense of going on for however many years. I thought it was going to be and that I had found a new “In My Top 10 Shows” and “My Favorite New Show” and it wasn’t until a couple of seasons went by, that I found out that it had a time limit on it. I was thoroughly bummed!

On the other side of the coin, it saddened me to see the white actors doing nothing that night but spending their time kissing up to black actors, as if their own goodness as human beings depended on how much and how often they praised “diversity”, which for some reason in Hollywood, only means blacks.

For example, here we are, with blacks winning most of the awards and people like “Laura Prepon” (most famous for “That 70’s Show”) saying; “This is such an honor! Look at this stage. This is what we talk about, when we talk about diversiry.”.

Hmmm… So by Laura’s very own words, somehow, before this year, people shouldn’t have felt “honored”? And diversity, again, by her own words (“this is what we talk about, when we talk about diversity”), “diversity” is only occuring when most of the winners are black? So with 13% of the population being black, diversity at the SAG Awards is only happening when 70%, or 80%, or whatever it was of the winners are black (again, notice the lack of any other ethnicities and no one seeming to care about that)?

Do you remember what I said in my last article, when I said that you simply cannot hand awards for people practicing their craft, based on percentages? That “fair” in that context can only mean those who gave the best performances receive the awards and that it may mean some white, some black, or mostly white, or mostly black, or all white, or all black? Well, it looks like that’s exactly what happened, doesn’t it. :-)

The reality is, that when it came to the Oscars (movies), the stars who did the best job in that realm were white this year. And when it came to the SAG Awards (TV), the stars were black. And here’s my question: So what? Who even cares what color they were, as long as they entertained us, which is what they set out to do after all, isn’t it?

But let me fire a shot across the bow of the whiners by asking a simple question; Now that the SAG Awards went mostly to black people, do you think we’ll see any of the black “sour grapes, whiners” and the whites who tried to ride their coattails and get some love from them for it, eager to show just how much they are NOT prejudice, complaining that the SAG Awards were “not fair”, because 13% of the population is black, yet most of the awards went to blacks?

I highly doubt it. :-)

In fact, what has happened, is that People magazine has taken political correctness one step further! Thier latest headline is;

“How Did the SAG Get It So Right, While #OscarsSoWhite?”

So if lots of white people win, it’s racist. But if mostly black people win the awards, then they “Got It Right”. And as People puts it in the article, it is a “rich celebration of diversity”.

What “diversity”?! We’re talking about an award ceremony where most winners were black and some were white. What about other ethnicities? So now “diversity = mostly black”? And “getting it right = the less white the better”?

Exactly when does this crap stop? When you’re only allowed to win an award if you’re black (it has been proposed) and you call that “fair” and “diversity”?

Diversity equals a range of ethnicites! But diversity is not what you look for in art based awards. You cannot put percentages on art! As I said in my other article, that would be like requiring that awards be given to blacks at least half the time for “Best Painting of the Year”. Forget that that would mean that the best painting is probably NOT the one that will win each year, because we have to worry about “diversity first”. I mean, as long as we pacify any blacks who yell “racism”, no matter when, or where, or for what reason, that’s all that matters and that’s what makes us good people, right?

The truth is, that in the arts, you simply cannot mete out awards based on color. That truth is, that in the arts, “fair” means giving the award to the artist who did the best at their craft and anything else is “unfair” to those who did the best job, which by the way, is what the awards are supposed to be for, are they not?

But hey, to hell with truth! We have diversity, which of course, means mostly blacks win, because that’s how you “get it right”!

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