That’s the Punishment for Rape?!

I came across yet another article about a woman being gang-raped by a group of men in another country and once again, the punishment did not fit the crime.

The article starts out by saying;

“Hundreds of women took to the streets of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, in a protest march after a teenager was gang-raped and the punishment for the alleged perpetrators was mowing the lawn at a police station. The online activist group Avaaz said a 16-year-old, named only as Liz, was gang-raped in June and is now in a wheelchair.”

You should stop reading right now and imagine for a moment that your daughter (if you don’t have a daughter, then your sister, or mother, etc) got raped and not only were the perpetrators caught, but sentenced.

Sounds like there was at least a pretty nice result to this terrible crime, huh?

And the sentence? …..

To mow the lawn in front of the police station. Maybe 30-60 min work, divided by the number of men in the “gang”. So what’s that; 5-10 min worth of work by each man, as punishment for a rape?

Wow! Now how would you feel about that? And how do you think the victim; your young daughter, sister, etc., feels?

Well, that’s how many, many young women in these other countries feel!

And the government can’t figure out why the public is outraged? Really?

This has been happening a lot, in a lot of places, where little or no value is placed upon women as a whole.

Don’t get me wrong, any rape is an outrageous act. But this one I find especially disgusting, considering that the girl ended up in a wheelchair and the punishment these rapists received.

Can somebody please tell me, how any government can say to its people that women have so little value in their eyes, that if a group of men gang-rape a young, teenage girl and leave her in a wheelchair, that their punishment should be to mow a lawn? Please explain that to me, because I have absolutely no idea how thoughts like that can actually exist in someone’s head.

I know that in my eyes, my wife and any other women in my life have value. And I know that I could never live in a country where raping them meant that you had to mow a lawn.

“More than 1.3 million people have signed an Avaaz petition calling for the prosecution of the alleged rapists, and an investigation of the police who freed the suspects.”

It is great that women’s activist groups like this one have been beginning to form in various countries where the law does not seem to be doing its job. They have actually been getting something done about these situations. And it is especially great when the public at large cries out against these injustices with them.

I know that I for one, am sick and tired of reading stories like this one, in which groups of men are raping women with impunity! It disgusts me!

And what also upsets me, is when even in one-on-one attacks, men are raping women in subways and in alleys, while people who are sitting right there just watch and do absolutely nothing!

How do these people live with themselves? How do they look in the mirror after that and not be so disgusted with themselves, that they vomit?

But you know what? It is also partly the publics fault that these things are done so brazenly, right there, out in the open. Think about it. A subway car, full of people, against one man. And no one does anything to help her? 20 or more against one and no one can step up, be a man and help her?! Please!

At least these women are doing something about it. But the men in the places where these things are happening should be ashamed of themselves for not doing a thing to help these women feel safe walking down a street, in their own cities, where they live!

This is our society! And we have to remember that criminals can only get away with what they can get away with. And how much they can get away with, is determined by the society that lives and works there and the criminal justice system that deals with perpetrators such as these men. Unfortunately for this poor young girl, both society and the justice system failed her. Just as they fail for women in any of the countries on Earth like this one.

So unfortunately, because of the inaction of society, they can get away with violating a woman any time and anywhere they feel like it, even inviting others to join in.

“Come one, come all! Let’s have some ‘fun’!”.

That is disgusting! It is sick! But I’ll wait until the end of this post to tell you what I think should happen to these men and all those like them.

The police say to let them handle it. But that recommendation doesn’t take into account the fact that the police only get involved after a rape has happened already. They can’t help anyone while it’s happening!

And they seem to lack enough understanding to realize that making the rapists mow a lawn, does not equate to “handling it” in the eyes of the people. I mean, does that sound like justice to you? No, of course not! And people want justice, one way or another.

So if the legal system wants the public at large to let them dole out the justice required in these cases, then they have to actually start doling that out when the criminals are arrested!

But in spite of all of this, I am hoping that in addition to crying out for justice for this girl, that these women’s groups will be there for this young lady in other ways as well. That it will be about more than just justified outrage. That they will help her to find her own voice again, or anew.

And who knows, maybe with this new voice, she will be able to talk about this issue and her experience with other young ladies, to educate them and make them aware of what they can do to be as safe as possible and to help stop this awful, violent and most personal violation from happening. To get their governments moving on these issues. Often, the best healing is to have a voice and speak out.

So I am praying that one day, this girl’s anger will turn into an outward expression of the compassion that she most assuredly feels for the other innocent victims that this has happened to and sadly, will happen to.

I am hoping that this womens group, there and in other places, in their efforts to express their outrage at these horrible crimes, don’t forget that she and others will need support from all of us, men and women alike, in more ways than just our outrage. Let not let the persons they are get lost and forgotten in the shuffle.

My point is balance. Outrage and healing. But of course, healing is hard when there’s no sense of justice.

So as for the men who commited this crime, what do I have to say about them? What is my opinion on what would be true justice for this young girl?

Well that’s quite simple! Throw them in prison and make sure the other inmates know exactly what they did!

You see, even in prison, rape, especially of a girl that young, is looked down upon severely! And the inmates carry out their own sense of “justice”.

Let’s just say that they will learn in short order, exactly what it feels like to go through what they put that young 16 year old girl through!

And hey, who knows? Maybe there, in prison, God will find them and reach down on them and change their hearts and save their souls. I hope that does happen! Just as I do for everyone who does not know the Lord Jesus Christ.

But there is still an accountability for these men that must be met, as well as with all men everywhere that do this sort of thing!

Justice must be served! And I’m sorry, but mowing a lawn is not it!

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