The Church and Homosexuality!

Before beginning, let me make my position on homosexual acts and homosexuals very clear.

I do not agree with homosexual acts.

I also do not agree with persecution of people, because they’re homosexuals.

I believe that God defined marriage as being between a man and a woman.

I also believe that any sex outside of marriage is fornication and God does not condone fornication of any kind.

I believe that we should show the love of Christ to ALL people.

I do not believe that homosexuals get to redifine “Christ’s love” to mean, “loving whatever I want to do”.

Isn’t it amazing how for most people, God doesn’t seem to have any problem with the things they like to do?

I do believe in welcoming everyone into a church.

I do not believe that saying to someone, “Welcome!” when they walk into a church, means acceptance of their sin as good and the sudden approval of their sin by God.

But homosexuals should be welcomed into our churches just like every sinner is welcomed into our churches. Not for constant judgment, but to offer the love of Christ and the word of God. Frankly, I’ve got too many of my own sins to deal with, to worry about judging anyone else’s.

But to explain why the church seems so hostile toward homosexual acts as a sin specifically, it is because of some very simple reasons:

1) Homosexual sin is the only sin in which the people commiting it;

a) try to convince the church (members) that it is not a sin and that God approves of it and puts His blessing on it.

b) try to change the laws, to force the church (as a whole) into silence about it.

c) try to force the church as a whole to not only accept it into the church and its doctrines, but to also act on said approval publicly, even to the point of installing active homosexuals as church leaders and accepting so called homosexual “marriages” by said leaders and its congregants.

2) The homosexuals want to have control over what our children are taught in schools, even creating “pink zones” in said schools (look these up). They demand that books that promote homosexual relationships as “normal” become part of the cirriculum, that students be required to take “sensitivity classes, which are not just them being taught not to bully homosexuals (bullying anyone is wrong), but that these things are just fine and that there’s something wrong with them if they think otherwise. In other words, they’re being indoctrinated and that is the purpose of these classes. The indoctrination of our children into the homosexual way of thinking.

And now, some schools in their sex-ed classes are teaching students that they should “experiment sexually, to find out who they really are”. So while parents are trying to protect their children from growing up too early and teach them good values, the schools, without even first notifying parents, are teaching those same children to go out and fornicate with the same and opposite sex alike and that even though a boy likes girls, hey, maybe he’s wrong, so go explore (fornicate) young man (or girl)!

3) Homosexuals have also been trying to silence society as a whole from speaking out against homosexual acts in any way, rallying for (and so far succeeding in getting) laws that criminalize speaking out against homosexual sex acts! Laws that also make the punishment twice as bad, by labeling it as “hate speech”!

4) Homosexuals also hold “Gay Pride Parades” right down “Main St, USA”, which are nothing but a gathering of homosexuals displaying their sexual perversions publicly for everyone, including our children to see. They prance down the street, half dressed, tonguing each other and grabbing each others’ private areas, not caring that your children are watching this! Tell me, what is it in their disgusting displays that there is to be proud of?!

Name any other sin for which those who commit it, do these things!

So now, with homosexuals trying to force all of society to change and see their sin as righteousness, especially the church, is it really any wonder why the church has such a problem with this sin?

Are adulterers, murderers, liars and thieves trying to do these things and having parades promoting their sins right down Main St, all the while calling the church evil and hateful for speaking out against them and trying to ban the church from doing so?

“Woe unto him that calls evil good and good evil!” – Isaiah 5:20

I have a number of homosexual friends, who are intelligent people. And one of the reasons I call them intelligent, is because they realize and understand, that a friendship is not based on whether or not you agree with their sex life. Nor do I normally spend my time with a heterosexual friend talking about our sex lives, so why should/would I do that with a homosexual friend?

Yet homosexuals, almost as a whole, seem to think that it someones friendship must be based on this and then can’t understand where the hostility comes from!

How many heterosexuals have you met, that first require that you agree with their “bondage sex life” before they’ll get to know you?

The reality is, that the heterosexual knows it’s a perversion and so he/she doesn’t bring it up.

Homosexuals, on the other hand, do require that you accept their sex lives and not only that, but instead of hiding their perversion, shout it out loud and call anyone who doesn’t pat them on the back for it and doesn’t agree with their perversion, “a hater” and wants them locked up for daring to say anything!

The bottom line is, that ones sex life should be a personal, private matter, regardless of their preferences, not a condition of friendship!

So maybe the church has a problem with the sin of homosexual sex, because homosexuals keep trying to force approval of their sex lives on others, including legally forcing them to publicly accept it, even in schools, to teach their children that it’s a good thing! And they really can’t understand why the church speaks out against it? They don’t want to! And they can’t understand where the hostility from many in the public comes from? Really?!

The truth is, when the church speaks out against homosexual acts and the many other types of actions by homosexuals, it is not an attack. It is a response!

So why does the church spend so much time on the sin of homosexual acts, instead of say, adultery, for example?

It’s simple. I’ve never seen an “Adultery Pride Parade”. Have you?

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