The LBGT and their Slippery Slope!

In out first installment of “Incredible Dumb-Asses Unite!”, the award goes to the LBGT community, for creating one very large and very confusing slippery slope, that will inevitably lead to the elimination of gender roles and even of genders themselves!

Of course, when discussing the issue of homosexual marriage, for example, the “slippery slope” argument inevitably comes up.  Of course, the homos always claim that it is a bogus argument from the right and that there is no such thing as this “slippery slope” that the right brings up.

But while with each “step” the homos claim that their push for something is sui generis, the truth is that they’ve already got their next step planned, which means that not only are they wrong, but they’re outright lying!

Now of course, some slippery slopes are unintentional, such as people suing their governments for all types of marriage, which even though they denied would happen, is happening, such as marriage to animals, to objects, etc..

But putting aside the unplanned consequences, there are the planned consequences, such as the blurring of gender lines, or should I say the elimination of them.

They go even further, requesting (which in liberal speak means, “Do it, or we’ll sue you!) that instead of being called by a singular pronoun, like “he”, or “she”, that they be called non-gender specific terms (agender) and even by pronouns that denote more than one person, such as “they” (bigender). They have a whole list of them, including terms like; “ze”, “sie”, “e”, “ou”, “ve” and as I said, “they”.

Not only will this lead to the obvious confusion, but it will also lead to simple statements to someone, being considered “discrimination” and the result will be people not even being sure how to address another person, even going so far as people having to address a single person as “they”!

Now how could anyone possibly know to call a single person, “they”?! And yet, watch the “theys” get offended when they’re not called “they” and those who don’t call them “they” to get into trouble with their employers, schools, etc.. I can already see people getting fired, because they didn’t call some homo in a dress “they”!

Think I’m kidding? Well, they’re certainly not kidding in San Francisco! Even the dictionary will probably be changing (see link above)!

Imagine that! Now, starting in these schools, someone will say “they” and the person they’re talking to won’t know if the speaker meant more than one person, or some guy in a dress who likes to be called “Sally”. You won’t know if the person was talking about one person, or multiple people. “They joined the team” can mean either that multiple people joined the team, or that “Sally” (the guy in drag) did.

Confused yet? If not, you will be when you’re listening to someone and you have to keep interrupting them to ask what they meant by “they”.

And remember that you won’t really have a choice in the matter, because the person gets to decide if they want to be addressed as; “you”, “ze”, “sie”, “e”, “ou”, “ve” and as I said, “they”.

Each person gets to decide what they want to be called.

For example, “Sascha Fleischman… is biologically male, but identifies as agender and favors ‘they’ as a pronoun”.

And of course, the push for this flat out stupid idea is coming from the LBGT community! And since it’s the leftist vocal (tiny) minority, of course they’ll get listened to and we’ll all have to learn new ways of addressing people, because the right, especially Christians is too cowardly to speak out!

These people call themselves “genderqueer”. They claim that they are neither male, nor female. Rather, they claim, they are an androgynous hybrid, or a rejection of both. And so they consider themselves to be “agender”, or “bigender”, or “third gender”, or “gender-fluid” (whatever they want to be at the moment.

Based on that last one, you’ll need to get minute by minute updates from them on how they wish to be addressed, or face the consequences.

So if these “people” have their way, you’d better watch what you say to them!

Unless of course, you actually have enough guts to say what you know is true and put a stop to this crap! I know I won’t be calling anyone a gender that they’re not!

Like I said, the LBGT “community” gets the very first “Incredible Dumb-Asses Unite!” Award!

After all, this is pretty dam dumb! :)

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