The PCP Is At It Again (Oscars)!

Yup, that’s right, the “Politically Correct Posse” is at it again!  They have to find something new to bring up the “Why not blacks?” issue again!  I’m just going to abbreviate from now on and call these idiots the “PCP”, because they make about as much sense as the drug by that name and are just as bad for your mind!

Isn’t it amazing how the privileged have been trying to act as if they’re the underprivileged, when they (for example) can’t have a little gold statue to put on their mantle?  People with millions of dollars, who live in mansions, trying to compare themselves to people who don’t even have a pot to piss in and trying to convince us that they’re being “held down”?!  Please!

With that being said, here we just had the Oscars being called racist and then the SAGs demonstrating that yes, black actors can get awards (disproving the whole “racism” claim).  And so, just when you think things might die down just a bit, at least for a full day anyway, here we go again, calling the next big event “racist” before it even gets here!  Why?  Because the PCP had to take their mission somewhere new; now to the SuperBowl!

Cam Newton, the Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and a real breath of fresh air with all the crap that’s been going on here, while taking questions from the media, did a great job at keeping his composure after being asked about black quarterbacks and how they can’t seem to thrive in the pocket and how there aren’t black quarterbacks in the SuperBowl games.  You see, Cam, a black quarterback going to SuperBowl 50 isn’t having any of that!  But he kept his calm and stayed cool and composed, even though the questioning got borderline confrontational when he wouldn’t respond by towing the PCP party line, like folks did about the Oscars.  I guess the media just couldn’t understand a black man not blaming whitey’s racism for something each day and I guess they couldn’t understand why it didn’t make sense to him that he should pretend that he’s not in a great position in his life and act as if he’s being “held down by whitey”, even though he’ll be tossing the pigskin in this year’s SuperBowl!

But remember how above I said that these PCP’s are bad for your mind?  Well think it through.  Here they are, talking to a BLACK QUARTERBACK who’s going to the SuperBowl and trying to get him to talk about how racist the NFL is when it comes to black quarterbacks in the NFL, especially when it comes to the SuperBowl, figuring that he’s the guy who will agree with them!  Hello?

That’s like talking to the black CEO of a company, wanting him to agree that black people aren’t able to lead companies. :-)

Personally, I loved Cam’s responses!  Especially when he told them that color is an issue for them, but not for him.  I don’t know how anbody else read that, but the way that I took it, was like;

“Excuse me, guys?!  Can you see me???  I’M BLACK, I’M A QUARTERBACK AND I’M GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL! HELLO???”

Cam went on to point out that several other black quarterbacks have taken their teams to the SuperBowl, immediately disproving their claim!

I.e., once again, the PCP did not bother to do any research, just like with the Oscars, where blacks are, percentage wise, overrepresented, not underrepresented!  These people habitually take an event that happens today and pretend that every day before today never happened!  And this time they took it even farther, trying to pretend that later this month (SuperBowl) doesn’t exist!

And when they pushed the issue, Cam responded by telling them flat out that he just wants to be a role model for youth who have it tough, regardless of their color.  I applaud his goal of being colorblind and just wanting to help those less fortunate and to be a good role model to all youth!

He went on to say that color is not an issue here.  That it never should have been and isn’t.  The way that I read that (maybe I’m misunderstanding it), is that it’s as if Cam is asking them why it is, when they are all supposed to be gathered there to talk about football and especially the SuperBowl, they thought that the issue that should be discussed is race?  It’s like; “Guys, I’m here to talk about the game later this month, not racism, that isn’t even an issue for me!”.

In my opinion, Cam Newton is a man we should cheer!  A man who’s focused!  Who had a dream, worked hard for it and achieved it, because he did not waste time being sidelined by issues, that according to his own comments, are no longer relevant!  Speaking of football and quarterbacking, etc., he said, “We [blacks] shattered that a long time ago.”.

I think that you should take a look at the article here and read for yourself what Cam had to say.

Cam Newton is a man that I think that all children (and teens), regardless of their color, can look up to as a role model and I think that we should all appreciate having people like Cam in the world!

In closing, I will state this once again regarding my position on “race”…  It should not matter what color your skin is!  If you are the best qualified person for the job/award/medal/etc., then you should be the one to get it, period, end of story!

I will also state that we will never get past these issues, if all we do, is keep making an issue out of race!  Here we are, at the doorstep of “SuperBowl 50”, with the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers sitting in front of the media and ready to answer questions and the most important thing to them, is to try to get him to be upset at whitey for being held down???  Huh???

As Cam flat out told them, he was not held back!  He’s quarterbacking in SuperBowl 50!  If that’s an example what happens when a black man is held back due to racism, then I want to be black and held down by whtey! :-)

Look, if there is a genuine incident of racism, then of course it should be dealt with in a swift manner!  But to throw the word “racism” out there every time a white person gets the job, medal, award, etc., is simply ridiculous and it’s falsely using an issue to manipulate an outcome!  And to throw it out there when a black person got the job, etc., as was done here, is just plain stupid!  But of course, others will be so eager to appear “PC”, that they’ll jump on this bandwagon without thinking it through and how much do you want to bet that some of them will even attack Cam for not towing the PCP party line?!

FYI, these people are called “sheep”.  Better yet, “lemmings”, willing to follow the most popular idiots right off the cliff!

Trust me when I tell you that one day, this cycle will come full circle and the people who aren’t sheep will get tired of every little thing being labeled as a race issue and it will turn into the boy who cried wolf!  And then, should a real incident of racism rear its ugly head, then it may very well be ignored, as just another manipulator trying to get over and that would be truly sad and cause real harm!

And lastly, we will never get anywhere, if even typing what I just did here, is seen as “racist”, which by the way, it is!  Isn’t it amazing how today, you’re not even allowed to be at all critical of anything any black person says, or does, or you’re a racist?!  That’s ridiculous!  We have to get past this!  There can be no meeting of the minds, if only one side is allowed to be critical!  There can be no resolutions, if the only thing that is allowed to be said, is; “Whitey’s evil and I’m being held down because I’m black!” (he/she says, while sipping the $5,000 glass of wine)!  We have to be able to have a conversation and it should not be seen as racist, to say that all people are equal!  And you don’t get to cry racism every time something doesn’t go your way, which, sadly, is what it has gotten to now!

Fact: Martin Luther King Jr would be rolling over in his grave, if he saw what his message had been twisted into today! (-:

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