We Need the “Bullshit Guy”!

Before beginning, I want to make it clear that it is not solely blacks who are doing this stuff, but they are doing over 90% of it.  And while some sources try to be politically correct by not mentionjng that it was blacks involved in a particular incident, trust me, just search!  I don’t say anything in any article about an event, that I have not researched six ways from Sunday to verify!

Also, the following events are taken from a number of colleges and universities.  The point is that it is not localized!  It is nationwide!

A real wave of racism has taken over college campuses over the last year and it is on the part of blacks, against whites, while blacks seek ultimate power over all whites on the campuses and not only that, but they seek to silence anyone who dares to criticize anything they say or do, including both staff and students, demanding that staff who don’t immediately give them what they want resign and students be expelled.

And the worse part is, they’re getting it!  Such as when they got the resignations of more than one member of more than one administration, after marching on their homes in the middle of the night and threatening them and then demanding that the next president be black!

And when you read those two links (you really should, carefully!), the whole “Halloween” incident was crap!  Witnesses saw multiple black women at that party!  Two black women lied about it!

When these black students march on someone’s house at Midnight to wake them up and start threatening them with deadlines, or else, then they should be at the very least suspended!  And possibly arrested for making threats!  But of course, nothing happened to them, because they’re black!

White privilege, you say?  Huh?

Of course he said he’d do what he could!  There was an angry mob of blacks outside his home, threatening him and his wife!  He should have dialed 911, period!

And now let’s get a few facts straight here!

These are not oppressed blacks.  These students; these special little snowflakes, are college students, with equal access to the things that everyone else has access to.  They are simply “inventing causes”, so that they can lash out at white people.  In fact, student led liberal activism has gotten so out of whack, that students are now demanding that their professors work their classes and tests around their activism!

These are not blacks who can claim any actual racism has personally touched them on these campuses, so they invent a new form of racism.  The truth is, they look around them for anything they think they can claim is racist and then viciously attack.  If fact, not one of them has even claimed to have been verbally, nor physically attacked in an actual racist manner.  So they decided to call anything people normally say on a normal day, as racist and they labeled them, “microaggressions”.

Here’s an actual example of a microaggression.
And no, I am not kidding!

When you are in a place in which people from various locales, including from different countries are gathered, what is one of the first questions you might ask someone, as an icebreaker, out of curiousity, etc.?

“Were you born here?”

Innocent enough, right?  Especially given the amount of recent immigrants who come to America on student visas. But not according to black students!  It’s considered insensitive and racist, because that students ancestors may have lived in a place where oppression of some sort was occuring and you asking them that, may make them feel “less than”.

That’s right, these supposed microaggressions are all about the idea that some precious little snowflake might have hurt feelings.  In truth, how mentally unstable does someone have to be, to have hurt feelings over that question, let alone label it as a racist attack?

How about another example?

“How are you doing?”

You see there, because of all of the racism in the past (which none of them experienced), you are triggering emotional pain, because their ancestors may not have done so well, or they may have family suffering elsewhere.  It was not overt, hence “micro”, but it was intentional, hence “aggression”.

So if someone at school ever looks sad and you want to help, whatever you do, don’t ask them how they’re doing, because that’s racist and you might hurt them!

No, I’m not making this crap up!  I’m not that creative! 

Click on the links I’m providing in this (different color words) and see for yourself!

Hell, just Google “microaggressions”!

Sidenote: They don’t get upset when one white student asks another white student where they’re from, nor how they’re doing.  I guess “white privilege” extends all the way back throughout time and we have no feelings, right?

Or is it the more logical reason that these blacks are racists who are out to get whatever they can from whitey and want to dominate and lord over even what whites are allowed to think and say?

These black students are demanding the firing of any staff who won’t bend to their will by disciplining students and making them go through psychiatric counseling (that they write guidelines for, of course) and if they deem that it didn’t “take”, expelling the student.

They are even demanding that the police and administration fix the problem of “hurtful speech” and spend their time, money and resources tracking down those who say something that might hurt someone’s precious little feelings and that they also stop people from being able to say mean things on anonymous social media apps.  When the administration explained that that would be impossible because it’s anonymous, plus they don’t own the app, they simply weren’t hearing that!  Fix it anyway!

Even yoga lessons aren’t immune!  This time, the students’ claim was “cultural appropriation”!  I have news for them!  This is America!  It’s a melting pot of people coming here from other places!  Everything came from somewhere else, you idiots!  Needless to say, the free yoga lessons are no more!

Of course all of that’s ridiculous, but one college after another is kowtowing under!  And of course, that just makes them even more bold!

Let’s look at one of their newer demands: A segragated place where whites aren’t allowed to step foot, called; “AfroHouse” (I guess they don’t really care about other minorities).  A place separate from where other students might be, so that they won’t have to hear any insensitivities, like “How are you?”.

And on top of that, they’re demanding cheaper rent than what white students pay!  But they’re not looking for favoritism in the form of handouts, right?

It’s the blacks calling for segregation!  They even wanted a whole floor in a school building only for colored people.  No whites allowed!

No, that will never happen! You’re stressin’ over nothin’!

Really? Think so, huh?

In fact, the University of Conn has already given in and created a “safe space” for blacks to “validate their experiences on campus”. In other words, a place where whitey isn’t allowed, so that blacks can sit around and agree with each other that they’re experiencing microaggressions and tell each other from their segregated space that they demanded, how racist whitey is.

Now imagine if a group of white students made that demand!  They’d burn the whole damn school down!

They claim it’s because they want “safe spaces”, that are “safe and inclusive”.

First of all, do you know of any blacks who feel safe in all black neighborhoods?  Those are where the #1 murder rate in this nation come from (black on black killing).

Secondly, how can you label a space as being inclusive, when it’s first rule is that the majority of the campus is not allowed in?

Yet these special little snowflakes, who invent hurt feelings and call that “oppression”, claim to be about equality.  Hmmm…

And at Bowdoin College, because of a “tequila party” that some students had (mentioned in earlier link above), where some students showed up in tiny sombreros, it was felt that this “cultural appropriation” was injurious to some students and so warnings were issued and a “safe space” was created.

And take a look here at the punishment received, because some students showed up to a tequila party wearing tiny sombreros.

But of course, these are the same places where articles questioning liberal tactics are censored from the school newspapers and college journalists who turn them in are reported to the administration by the editor and then punished and they attempt to block any conservative speakers from even stepping foot on the campus, by demanding that anything they may have to say about anything be labeled as hate speech, as well as blocking any topics for discussion brought up by conseevatives, claiming they are “biased” and “make some students feel uncomfortable”.

In other words, they claim to be against bias, by being biased against anything that isn’t far left, even being so stupid as to claim that the conservative pro-life group was “against Black Lives Matter”, because one of the things they wanted to discuss was “how abortion affects African American women”.

This group was discussing it from a pro-black women standpoint, believing they are being targeted! How does that equate to being against black lives?!

It seems that now even the staff has lost their liberal minds!

And by the way, since when did “Black Lives Matter” become above being able to be questioned?! And why is a college administration taking sides on issues, when colleges are supposed to be the place where ideas can be exchanged and free speech is supposed to be taught, not hindered?

Yes folks, America!  Otherwise known as the Orwellian 1984!

But getting back to the demand for cheaper rent at AfroHouse by blacks, I guess it makes sense, considering that everyone knows that when you’re white, you don’t have to struggle to make tuition, because the tuition fairies come and sprinkle tuition money on you, erase your student loans and line up only the highest paying jobs for you!

But why even worry about that?  Just demand free tuition for black students, on top of cheaper rent! Just blacks now! No whiteys allowed!

Of course, why stop there?  You can also demand to be in control of how the universities spend their money, demanding that they take their money out of where it is (just label everything they invest in as “racist”) and demand that they instead “invest in communities”, by which they mean black communities, which means kissing your money goodbye, since the government has thrown trillions of dollars at them over the years and all they have to show for it is blacks demanding more free stuff, now including free tuition!

In fact, here’s their list of 72 Demands that they are making, which includes where these schools put their money.  Read through them for yourself and remember, these are even later, toned down versions and when they talk about something being done that sounds good, like “putting money into the community”, remember that by their own admission, they mean “for blacks”.  Also think about the time and money involved and the amount of control they want to have and remember that by their own admission, they do not care how these things will negatively impact non-black students!

So when blacks claim that they want a “fair and equal shot”, don’t you believe them, because it’s not true!  No matter what “free stuff” the government has thrown at the problem, blacks have used it right up and stuck their hands right back out there for more!  They have not been taking these opportunities as a way to get a hand up, so that they can then take over and work hard to make their own lives and communities better, but instead, look at it as another handout to take advantage of, so that they can get in line for the next giveaway!

When these things are pointed out, blacks feign outrage.  It isn’t politically correct to call them on it and they know that they can take advantage of that and hold out a couple of succesful black people and accuse us of stereotyping them and claim that it’s just a tiny minority that are troublemakers.

But we all know what a load of crap that is, don’t we.  Stereotypes exist for a reason and the truth is, it’s a large majority of blacks!  If that weren’t true, then things wouldn’t be the way they are in black “communities” (a word I don’t like using there, since it implies a common goal for good).

The problem here is, that in the interest of being politically correct, whites aren’t calling them on their bullshit!

Remember the funny guy who was in every gathering of 3 or more, that whenever someone was saying something, but they weren’t being completely honest about it, he would make a coughing sound and at the same time, he would make the cough into the word, “Bullshit!” and everyone would laugh and point their finger at the bullshitter?  Where is that guy today?  We really need that guy, so we can place him at every Black Lives Matter event, at every interview, etc., etc.!  Oh yea… And at every Obama speech!  The “Bullshit Guy” has a 100% record for calling out people on their bullshit publicly and he’s never wrong!  That’s because he picks bullshit that everyone knows is bullshit, but is too afraid to say it out loud!  But he makes it okay, by making it humorous.  Let’s all be bullshit guys!

The truth is, I think he went away, because these days, instead of the other people pointing at the bullshitter and laughing, they’re pointing at the guy who called “Bullshit!” and yelling at him, because they don’t have enough courage to say and do the right things anymore!

Speaking of stereotyping, I do have a question though; If this “AfroHouse” demand ever went through, does anybody wanna guess which area of the campus will have the highest crime rate and where campus police will end up spending most of their time?

Of course, blacks will then claim that it’s whitey’s fault and cry racism, demanding that the police keep them safe, never asking the honest question; “From whom?”, because they know what the answer would be and they’ll never admit to that!

These students are idiots, including all of the non-black students cheering them on!  But of course, they are willing to literally sign away their 1st Amendment rights and think that free stuff, getting rid of capitalism and the Communist Party are the way to make America great again! What more need be said?

Oh, okay, one more!  These are also the bright bulbs who are demanding that “Lynch Hall” be renamed, because of racism.

FYI, the building is named after Clyde A. Lynch, who was president of Lebanon Valley College from 1932 until his death in 1950.

Yea, our education system is doing a great job, huh?!

Do yourself a favor.  Keep up on this subject.  And stop reading only liberal far left fringe nut rags (literally 99% of the mainstream media, who report only what the liberals rant) that actually side with the idiots and balance it out with conservative news, where lunacy like this is actually reported!

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