WebCam Abortions

So what’s the newest innovation in the abortion world?

Simple! WebCam abortions!

Of course, Planned Parenthood calls it, “TeleMedicine”, or “TeleHealth”. Of course.

And what exactly takes place during a “WebCam Abortion”?

Well, that’s simple too! During this process, a woman merely chats with a doctor over the Internet. And if the physician is satisfied by this conversation and a glance at her medical records, he then just presses a button at his location and a drawer pops open in the patient’s room, giving her access to abortion-inducing drugs, including RU-486!

Human life begins at conception! And while the Pro-Abortion folks would tell me (no exaggeration) that it’s not life and it’s no different than throwing out a fingernail clipping, the fact is, I don’t know too many fingernail clippings that graduate high school in 18 years, if you don’t kill them. :)

So what’s next? The doctor pushes a button and then…..

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